Contemporary Bar Stools

A Comfortable Seating Option

Bar stools and counter stools offer a comfortable seating option for kitchen counter areas, pub tables and dining rooms.

Ranging from traditional to modern, bar stools come in a wide range of styles and looks.

What's the difference between a bar stool and a counter height stool? Check out our YouTube channel video, then read on for more information:

Bar Height vs. Counter Height

Bar stools and counter stools are often talked about as if they were the same thing, but they actually refer to two different sizes of stools.

Bar height stools generally have seat heights that are around 30 inches high (29 to 31 inches as a rule) in order to fit under table tops with a height of 40 to 42 inches.

Counter stools have a seat height of 24 to 26 inches high for table surfaces that are 36 inches high. Pair counter height stools with 35 to 37-inch high tables.

   Swivel Bar Stools

We recommend measuring the height of your counter or table before ordering.

Once you know your surface height, you can narrow your product search to either bar height or counter height models.

For extra tall table or counter surfaces you’ll either need an adjustable bar stool design that can accommodate your need or an extra-tall bar stool.

These have seat heights of 33 to 36 inches and will work with tables 44 to 47 inches high.

Contemporary Adjustable Bar Stools

Adjustable Bar and Counter Stools

Of course, these bar and counter heights may exist only in a perfect world. Your own table or counter height may be higher or lower than the norm.

For these variations, adjustable bar stools  may be best.

This type of barstool has a seat mounted on an a hydraulic column.

At the touch of a lever you can change the seat height, a great plus for smaller children or when trying to accommodate guests of varying heights. 

How Many Barstools Will I Need?

The answer to how many stools you’ll need depends on how big a counter space you have and how many guests you are trying to make room for.

The hospitality industry standard is to allow for 26 to 30 inches between the centers of each bar stool.

Allow 15 inches from the end of the counter, then measure 26 to 30 inches from the center of the first stool to see where the second will be placed.

Outdoor Swivel Bar Stools

Barstool Options

Aside from adjustable barstools and counter stools, there are other options and features you might want to consider before you buy.

Armless bar stools allow for easier access and offer a more modern, streamlined look.

Swivel bar stools have a seat that rotates, allowing guests to easily sit and exit the counter areas.

Like armless barstool designs, backless bar stools offer easier access and a contemporary look. For a more traditional bar setting, or for greater comfort, a stool with a back and arms may be more appropriate.

You might also want to look at different materials, such as metal, wood or leather to find barstools that best match your home decor.


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