Remodeling with a Chandelier Light Fixture

Tips for Planning a Lighting Scheme

It's often the last element considered when remodeling, but lighting can have a hugh impact on a new room space. Here are some basics to keep in mind when embarking on that new redecorating project.

When you're decorating it is important to consider the practical purpose of the lighting in each room:

    • Ceiling fixtures are best used for general lighting. 
    • Chandeliers also create a general lighting atmosphere. 
    • Dimmers can add drama to any room featuring a chandelier. Don't be restricted to using this fixture in the dining room. 
    • Entryway chandeliers and hanging fixtures, such as those used in a foyer, will offer general lighting that will create a comfortable level of lighting.  

A Remodeled Kitchen Area with Hanging Pendant

  • Pendant lights are a versatile way to create task or general lighting. Consider hanging several pendants at various heights over your favorite reading chair for a stylish accent. 
  • Portable lamps will create general, task, and accent lighting, but have the added bonus of being mobile. 
  • Table lamps, floor lamps, and torchieres come in all shapes and sizes to complement any style.
  • Recessed lighting hides away in your ceiling while offering general, task, and accent lighting. 
  • Track lighting is flexible enough to offer each form of lighting and has become a very stylish choice. 
  • Wall-mounted fixtures will provide general, task, and accent lighting.


Modern Mini Chandelier Photo

Tips for Shopping for Decorative Lighting

  • Find an ALA Certified Lighting Consultant (CLC). He or she can make sure that you choose not only a great decorative lamp, but also one that serves its purpose of lighting the space properly.
  • Bring in an example. A picture from your favorite magazine can make it easier for a salesperson to visualize your needs.
  • Know your budget. The costs of lighting vary; so remember to keep an open mind in case the pendant you're in love with would break the bank.
  • Bring in swatches, paint chips, and other examples of the room where the lamp will be located. That will make it easier to coordinate with your decor.
  • If you can't find exactly what you want, consider having it custom made.

Help with Your Remodeling Project

Our trained lighting specialists are here to help! Call us at 800-782-1967, contact us, or visit your local Lamps Plus store for more helpful lighting tips and advice.

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