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  • LED Light Show Fixtures

    A Light Show at the Touch of a Button! Create your own lighting drama with advanced LED light show ceiling fixtures. With an included remote control, these lights can change to create a number of mood-setting light effects. LEDs Plus Halogen Bulbs Multi-colored LED bulbs can be lit statically...
  • Schoolhouse Style Lighting

    Endearing Nostalgia Schoolhouse lighting has a subconscious, sentimental appeal for many of us. Childhood hours spent daydreaming at school on a rainy afternoon beneath the golden glow of a pendant light are evoked with this understated style. An office, kitchen, or bath takes on a retro style...
  • Tips for Lighting Your Kitchen

    Kitchen Lighting - Getting the Right Ingredients Creating a design plan for your kitchen lighting is like cooking a great meal: to begin, you need the right recipe and the proper ingredients. To make sure you cook up the best lighting scheme for your kitchen, get help from a lighting professional...
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