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  • Outdoor Space Design - Outdoor Wall Lights

     Outdoor Space Design - Large Outdoor Wall Lights

    We just spent the last few days getting the outside of our house ready for summer and working on our outdoor space design.

    The back porch is spruced up and fluffed.

    The garden beds are weeded and mulched and full of blooming flowers.

    The house is scrubbed cleaned and ready to greet long summer days of sweet tea and my summer reading list.

    But the best part?  We added new outdoor lighting.

    Now those summer evenings in the country shine a little brighter.

    Looking for outdoor lighting for your spaces?  Here's a list of the best outdoor wall lights.

     Urban Barn Light

    This urban barn light has farmhouse written all over it.

    The galvanized metal and industrial styling fit well with both contemporary and vintage decor.

    And the best part?

    Priced at under $80.00, it's such an affordable option.

     Bronze Carriage House Light

    Carriage style outdoor lighting?

    Yes, please.

    This carriage house light with its bronze detailing and frosted glass panels features LED lighting.

    It's perfect for entry way lighting as well as a single light over a garage or work space.

     Bronze Metal Cage Outdoor Light

    This bronze metal cage outdoor light is created with vintage flair.

    Industrial vintage is on-trend again (did it really ever go out of style)?

    This light would be perfect on a back deck or porch.

     Rugged Industrial Outdoor Wall Light

    And now my favorite of the outdoor wall lights on the list.

    I want to take this rugged industrial light out on the town.

    Every detail is perfect.  From the heavy silver back plate to the industrial-style shade, this light would be a welcome addition to any home's outdoor space design.


    Summer is in the house.

    So enjoy the long lazy days and sweet tea and shine your light a little brighter this season.

    Photo Credit:  All images via Lamps Plus

  • Outdoor Decorating Ideas - Serene Outdoor Fountains and More

    Watch as Lamp Plus' design expert Lesley Myrick answers a viewer's question and provides some outdoor decorating ideas.

    Her suggestions include outdoor rugs and pillows as well as peaceful outdoor patio fountains:

    Speaking of peaceful outdoor patio fountains, did you know that water is the ancient Chinese symbol of prosperity and abundance?  Wouldn't you like a little of that in your life?  Now you can by simply adding an indoor or outdoor patio fountain.

    Be sure to read more on the Style Illuminated blog for more decorating ideas, tips and inspiration from Lamps Plus' contributors and the Lamps Plus team!

  • Decorating with Weathered Wood

    Decorating with Weathered Wood

    Looking for an elegant new design trend? I have two words for you, weathered wood, or, as designers sometimes call it, distressed wood.

    I can’t get enough of this look and just designed an entire kitchen with wood cabinets in this finish.

    Belgian Pearls and Aesthetically Thinking had fabulous pictures of weathered wood interiors that I covet. There is something so warm yet so contemporary about this trend that I hope it remains popular forever.

    Weathered Wood Paneled Rooms

    There are a few ways to approach weathered wood. The first is to incorporate the wood as an actual architectural element such as paneling, a ceiling treatment or cabinetry.

    The second is to infuse your home with weathered wood decorative items and lighting.  

    If you love the look and want to do more than just accessories, I would consider paneling a fireplace or feature wall. Hence, not totally committing to the look but being brave nonetheless. If it’s the decorative route for you,

    I’m a fan of weathered wood tables and shelves as well as weathered wood table lamps that can have real presence.

    Natural Wood Decor

    While weathered wood can seem cozy, if used in rooms with many windows it can “read” bright and light like in the images above.

    Another fantastic idea is to create a pergola or some type of outdoor room with distresed wood. Outdoor lights or sconces attached to posts or lattice roofs will allow you to enjoy the space well into the night.

    Weathered Wood Accessories

    1. The Feiss Lumiere Flat Dark Oak Outdoor Wall Light has a terrific barn feel.

    2. I love the heft of the Crestview Collection Dokota Rustic Tall Table Lamp.

    3. The Feiss Lumiere Weathered Oak Mini Pendant Light would look amazing in a covered outdoor dining space.

    4. The Set of 2 Zuo Cole Valley Beige Chairs have a timeless shape but feel very current.

    5. Use the Uttermost Alejo Aged Wood Pedestal on either side of a doorway or in a foyer to display lighting or decorative objects.

    6. By placing several Uttermost Stratford Weathered Wood Etagere in a room you can almost create the look of a paneled library.

    Photos: Belgian Pearls, Aesthetically Thinking.

  • Ombre Design for Interiors

     Ombre Design for Interiors

    I am a huge fan of the ombre design trend, in fashion, style and of course interior design. It reminds me of a watercolor interpretation of a happy, flowing moment.

    While Ombre has been on trend for a while, a resurgence of the trend in other facets of style have made it more prevalent in interior design.

    Below we will dissect the ombre trend and show you some jaw dropping images from Art Architecture Design to inspire you to bring some ombre into your home decor.

    Ombre Design and Wall Paint

    The boldest way to incorporate the ombre effect in your home is with paint. While it takes some skill to achieve a flawless ombre effect, the end result is eye catching and beautiful.

    Make sure to use a bold color - you don't want to invest all your time in this statement element for very little payoff.

    The rooms above go one further and bring in the color in accent furniture and accessories as well, which, when done right can be really successful. 

     Ombre Draperies are Statement Textiles

    Drapery is a wonderful place to explore the ombre design trend. Stylish drapery trends are leaning towards statement textiles that are a part of the design rather than a silent accompaniment.

    Whether you go for a moody blue or candy coated pastels, you can clearly see that these gorgeous drapery panels are the perfect thing to bring a fun, fresh and modern feel to any space.

     Monochromatic Ombre Design

    The last application of ombre I wanted to explore is 'monochromatic ombre'. What I mean by that is a room that utilizes the blending, bleeding effect of ombre while keeping within one main color palette.

    This is very effective with dark greys or blues and gives ombre a very modern feel.

    A cluster of mini pendants or monochromatic throw pillows make great accessories to your larger ombre installation.

    As you can see, there are many ways to incorporate the ombre trend into your interiors.  How would you do it?  Go bold with paint or subtle with a monochromatic palette?  

    Leave your answers in the comments below!

    Image Source: Art Architecture Design

  • Novelty LED Lights Make Any Room More Fun

     Novelty LED Lights Make Any Room More Fun

    If you are thinking that novelty LED lights are something just for a funny present for a bachelor or college grad, you might want to peek at these more sophisticated novelty lamps.

    Novelty in this case is just unconventional or unusual. Think Betsey Johnson. If she were to design LED novelty accent lamps, these might be what she’d dream up.

    They are the perfect way to celebrate a hobby, create a fun conversation starter, or just a way to bring an element of whimsy into your home.

    If you have a novelty accent lamp in your home, I’d love to know what your friends think. -T

    Check out a few of my favorite novelty LED lights below!

     A Selection of Novelty LED Lights

    1. The Amazing Hover lamp is truly amazing. The shade floats above the base using electromagnetic technology. Shown here in black, there are several color options available.

    2. So a Jellyfish LED lamp might sound silly, but you can’t convince me that it isn’t mesmerizing. It’s art that also is a functional and energy-efficient light source. About 11 ½ inches tall, it’s perfect for a desk or side table in a living room. It’s a true conversation starter.

    3. The literal interpretation of the light bulb as a light is quite charming to me. At 14 ½ inches tall, this oversized Light Bulb can bring an element of whimsy into any room. With a color that’s changeable by remote, it’s a fun light to show off to guests and especially kids.

    4. The Maya might look like the size of a cookie jar, but it’s not. This LED novelty light is 35 inches tall, and can be used indoors or outdoors as you can see in the image. Available in several colors, it’s an easy accessory that can be used to create a fun mood no matter where the party is located.

    5. If you are looking for a subtle but still fun accent lamp, the Aurelio might be perfect for your home. At 13 inches tall, the round LED accent lamp can easily look like another art object on a table or shelf when not lit in one of the four color options.

    6. Art aside, this LED chess set is a fun way to add light to a game room or family room. The pieces glow blue or white when they are on or near the board taking game night to an entirely different level.  This LED chess set is definitely a novel light.

  • Home Decor Color Trend - Cobalt Blue

    A very "on-trend" color right now is cobalt blue, it's been all over the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 fashion runways so you know it's only a matter of time before it starts popping up in interiors everywhere.  

     An Example of How to Use Cobalt Blue in Your Interiors

    You can use cobalt to make a big statement, like designer  Miles Redd did in this entryway.  How fabulous are those lacquered blue walls?!  It's definitely not for the faint of heart!

    Cobalt Blue Chairs and Kitchen Island

    If you want to make an impact with cobalt, but aren't quite ready to paint your walls in such a brilliant hue, you can do what the designer did above.  

    The blue dining chairs pick up the cobalt blue of the kitchen island for a strong, but not an over-the-top, effect.

     How to Layer Shades of Blue in a Room

    You can also bring this blue into your design scheme by layering it in with other shades of blue home decor.

    For example, in this bedroom different shades of blue, including cobalt, are brought in via the patterned toss pillow, headboard, table lamp, wallpaper and linens.

     Contemporary Room with Cobalt and Other Shades of Blue

    Here is another example of layering in cobalt alongside other blues.  Cobalt can stand on its own, but it looks equally as beautiful alongside other shades in the blue family.

     Single Chair Upholstered In Cobalt Blue Provides a Pop of Color

    Are the above examples still too much of a commitment to this vivid blue shade?  Add a punch of color with a single piece of furniture as seen in the picture above.

    Need some more ideas on how to bring cobalt into your interiors?  Look no further:

     A Round-Up of Cobalt Blue Lighting and Furnishings from Lamps Plus

    1.  If you're ready to go for a big impact, try a cobalt blue sofa.

    2.  If the sofa is too bold a maneuver for you, add a cashmere throw in the hue.

    3. Table lamps are a great way to bring color into a room, like this cobalt gourd lamp.

    4. Don't forget that there are many levels in a room -- this chandelier with cobalt blue shades will bring a pop of color to the upper part of a room.

    5. This cylinder table lamp with a lattice pattern is great for subtly bringing in this blue into your design.

    6.  The Selby Bright Blue Hall Chest with gold accents would be perfect in a hallway as a console table or in a small dining room as a sideboard.

    Blue is incredibly versatile and can add depth and richness to a design scheme.  Cobalt blue, in particular, creates a cozy and inviting feeling, while being elegant at the same time.

    Image Sources: 1st Image: Hampton Hostess 2nd Image: Carla Aston Designed 3rd Image: Carla Aston Designed 4th Image: Curbly 5th Image: Laura U Interior Design

  • 5 Easy Steps to Design Indoor Ceiling Fans

     5 Easy Steps to Design Indoor Ceiling Fans

    Need some airflow in your space? Indoor ceiling fans may be the answer you’re looking for.

    Are ceiling fans really an interior design don’t? We're inclined to disagree.

    Ceiling fan design has come a long way from the outdated wobbly ones you remember from your first apartment (or latest fixer-upper.)

    Lucky for you, you can design your own indoor ceiling fan on Lamps Plus:  

     Choose your Motor and Motor Finish

    Step 1. What Size and Motor do you Want?

    Choosing the size and motor for your ceiling fan is your first step. The motors come in a range of finishes for you to choose from based on the model you selected.

    Finishes include brushed steel, rust, white, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, chrome and espresso.

     Ceiling Fan Blades Come in a Variety of Finishes

    Step 2: What Kind of Blades do you Prefer?

    The next step is to choose your fan blades – blades come in a variety of finishes and shapes.  Available blade finishes depend on the model of motor you selected in Step 1.

     Step 3 - Decide if You'd Like to Add a Light to Your Ceiling Fan or Not

    Step 3: Light or No Light?

    Here’s your chance to decide if you’d like a light as part of your ceiling fan or not.
    The available light kits vary based on the motor you chose in Step 1.

     How to Control Your Fan's Operation

    Step 4. Decide How You’ll Control Your Fan

    When it comes to operating your fan, you have several options.

    You can operate indoor ceiling fans with an an old-school pull-chain, a wall control system, a hand held remote or a combination of the two.

    There is also an option to control fan operation via an existing wall switch.

    Step 5: Choose an Optional Extension Pole

    If your ceilings are 10 feet or higher we recommend an extension pole. For safety reasons, fans should have a minimum of nine feet between the floor and the blades.

    And that’s it! It only takes five easy steps to build your own ceiling fan!

    If designing your own fan is not your thing, there are plenty of beautiful indoor ceiling fans available on Lamps Plus

     There are Plenty of Beautiful Indoor Ceiling Fans Available on Lamps Plus

  • Outdoor Living - Patio Accent Tables

    Outdoor Living - Patio Accent Tables

    Patio accent tables are an integral part of a stylish outdoor entertaining or lounging space. The great thing about accent tables are that they tend to beversatile and  easy to move..

    Apartment Therapy has pictures that feature a wide range of outdoor patio accent tables, including both contemporary and classic versions.

    Outdoor Decorating

    For anybody who likes to entertain or who takes advantage of warm weather months, accent tables reign supreme.

    They are a functional design element that can be used alongside club chairs for cocktails in the evening or used next to lounges during the day to offer a place for lotions, cool drinks, books and tablets.

    Outdoor Furniture

    While functionality is key, you still must be mindful of material choices. Teak wood looks great but will be heavier than some metals, but metals can get extremely hot if left in the sun.

    So considering the placement and application of your tables is important. Ceramic stools are now a popular option for outdoor entertaining. They do look chic and do double duty - offering extra seating as well as a small amount of surface space near chairs and lounges.

    Eclectic Outdoor Decor

    Small spaces and balconies can also play host to outdoor accent tables. I like glass top, woven or fretwork top tables that all have a lighter feel in smaller outdoor living applications.

    Because balconies are usually modest in size, you can splurge on outdoor designer touches like stylish outdoor fabrics, seating and one-of-a-kind outdoor lighting.

    Outdoor Accent Tables

    1. If you want something bright and cheerful, I like the Retro Alabaster White Powdercoat Round Outdoor Side Table.

    2. I like getting double duty from garden seats like the Throne Copper Patina Earthenware Accent Table.

    3. Tables like the Eucalyptus Natural Outdoor Side Table are timeless.

    4. The Set of 3 Rectangular Indoor-Outdoor Nesting Tables will allow you ample table top surface that takes up very little space when put away.

    Photos: Apartment Therapy.

  • Painting Ideas - Jewel-Toned Walls

     Painting Ideas - Jewel-Toned Walls

    It's almost summer time, and this blogger loves bright, summery colors! I am celebrating jewel tones today and giving you painting ideas for bright colored walls in your own home to make them look designer fabulous.

    Prepare your eyes for some major color explosion and inspiration as we discuss how to paint walls in jewel tones.

    Apartment Therapy and Better Homes and Gardens offer us some beautiful images of brightly colored interiors done right.

     Bright Blue Bedroom and Hallway

    Bright blue is a daring color to choose, but if you commit, commit all the way. Vintage homes with light wood floors are a great palette for light blue walls accented with whites, creams and pops of more saturated colors.

    Layering blues like with the headboard of this adorable bedroom brings depth to the wall color, while a bright white chair rail makes the hallway look crisp, clean and contemporary even though it is a vintage-inspired look.

     Painting Idea - Faux Wainscoting in Bohemian Kitchen

    This fun, bohemian kitchen embraces color in so many wonderful ways. As far as painting ideas go, faux-wainscoting is a great way to go.

    The green faux-wainscoting here reminds me of bright and fresh herbs, while the multicolored rugs and accent fabrics bring in flair and spice.

    This adorable kitchen should show you that you can mix all kinds of color and it can still be fabulous; if you're going to go there, why not go all the way?

     A Favorite Jewel Tone is Deep Purple, Like in This Home Office

    My favorite jewel tone accent is probably deep purple. It packs such a powerful punch while still feeling very feminine and delicate.

    I also love how deep purple goes so well with turquoise and gold, and can be accented so easily.

    What is very important in both of the rooms above however, is the major appearance of white. A deep jewel tone like purple needs the contrast in order to work as well as it does.

    A white pendant light or modern office chair adds the contrast the room needs.

     Turquoise and Teal Walls are Stunning Colors for a Bedroom

    Teal and turquoise are stunning and should definitely be explored if you're looking to add some fresh color to your space.

    Again this base color works very well with bright, loud accents. Whether in a kid's room or a grown-up's room, the color translates well to any space and brings character, fun and freedom.

    What are your favorite jewel-toned colors?  How do you incorporate them into your interiors?  Leave your comments below!

    ImageSources: 1st image: Apartment Therapy 2nd image: Better Homes and Gardens 3rd image: Apartment Therapy 4th image: Better Homes and Gardens 5th image: Better Homes and Gardens 6th Image: Better Homes and Gardens 7th image: Better Homes and Gardens 8th image: Better Homes and Gardens 9th image: Better Homes and Gardens 

  • Front Porch Design Ideas

     Front Porch Design Ideas

    I grew up in a house with a front porch. It was the place where everyone always seemed to congregate. Neighbors would stop over for impromptu get-togethers. The porch was the place to be.

    My front porch is nothing like the one I grew up with. It’s small with only room for friends to sit on the front steps.

    What it lacks in size, it makes up for in curb appeal with classic hanging ferns, antique urns filled with seasonal flowers and attention to small details like a vintage style mailbox and enamel house number.

    It doesn't matter if we have a wrap around porch or a postage stamp sized landing, we can add curb appeal with our front porch design and here are some of my favorite ways to cozy up a porch.

     Add an Outdoor Rug to your Front Porch Design

    When decorating a porch, think of it as an extension of your interior. Mix and match styles, wood tones and even consider adding an outdoor rug to anchor a seating area.

     Swinging Daybed with Decorative Outdoor Pillows

    This swinging daybed takes the porch swing to the next level. A fun color adds style and piles of outdoor pillows add comfort.

     Add Outdoor Curtains for Texture and Privacy

    Add outdoor curtains to your front porch design to add privacy as well as texture and color. They will also keep you cool on a hot summer day.

     Stenciled Painted Porch Floor with Outdoor Furniture

    If floors aren't in the best shape, consider stenciling on a fun pattern and color for a low maintenance rug.

     Dining Area with Wicker Chairs on Front Porch

    If space allows, add a small table and chairs for a casual place to dine al fresco.

     Large Pendant Chandelier Over Sitting Area on Front Porch

    Go bold with an over-sized chandelier that creates a fun, casual atmosphere.

    So while I sit on my front steps watching the world go by, I’ll dream of one day having a porch just like the one I grew up with.

    Image Sources: 1st image: Eclectically Vintage, Images 2-6: Better Homes & Gardens

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