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  • Painting Ideas - Jewel-Toned Walls

     Painting Ideas - Jewel-Toned Walls

    It's almost summer time, and this blogger loves bright, summery colors! I am celebrating jewel tones today and giving you painting ideas for bright colored walls in your own home to make them look designer fabulous.

    Prepare your eyes for some major color explosion and inspiration as we discuss how to paint walls in jewel tones.

    Apartment Therapy and Better Homes and Gardens offer us some beautiful images of brightly colored interiors done right.

     Bright Blue Bedroom and Hallway

    Bright blue is a daring color to choose, but if you commit, commit all the way. Vintage homes with light wood floors are a great palette for light blue walls accented with whites, creams and pops of more saturated colors.

    Layering blues like with the headboard of this adorable bedroom brings depth to the wall color, while a bright white chair rail makes the hallway look crisp, clean and contemporary even though it is a vintage-inspired look.

     Painting Idea - Faux Wainscoting in Bohemian Kitchen

    This fun, bohemian kitchen embraces color in so many wonderful ways. As far as painting ideas go, faux-wainscoting is a great way to go.

    The green faux-wainscoting here reminds me of bright and fresh herbs, while the multicolored rugs and accent fabrics bring in flair and spice.

    This adorable kitchen should show you that you can mix all kinds of color and it can still be fabulous; if you're going to go there, why not go all the way?

     A Favorite Jewel Tone is Deep Purple, Like in This Home Office

    My favorite jewel tone accent is probably deep purple. It packs such a powerful punch while still feeling very feminine and delicate.

    I also love how deep purple goes so well with turquoise and gold, and can be accented so easily.

    What is very important in both of the rooms above however, is the major appearance of white. A deep jewel tone like purple needs the contrast in order to work as well as it does.

    A white pendant light or modern office chair adds the contrast the room needs.

     Turquoise and Teal Walls are Stunning Colors for a Bedroom

    Teal and turquoise are stunning and should definitely be explored if you're looking to add some fresh color to your space.

    Again this base color works very well with bright, loud accents. Whether in a kid's room or a grown-up's room, the color translates well to any space and brings character, fun and freedom.

    What are your favorite jewel-toned colors?  How do you incorporate them into your interiors?  Leave your comments below!

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  • Front Porch Design Ideas

     Front Porch Design Ideas

    I grew up in a house with a front porch. It was the place where everyone always seemed to congregate. Neighbors would stop over for impromptu get-togethers. The porch was the place to be.

    My front porch is nothing like the one I grew up with. It’s small with only room for friends to sit on the front steps.

    What it lacks in size, it makes up for in curb appeal with classic hanging ferns, antique urns filled with seasonal flowers and attention to small details like a vintage style mailbox and enamel house number.

    It doesn't matter if we have a wrap around porch or a postage stamp sized landing, we can add curb appeal with our front porch design and here are some of my favorite ways to cozy up a porch.

     Add an Outdoor Rug to your Front Porch Design

    When decorating a porch, think of it as an extension of your interior. Mix and match styles, wood tones and even consider adding an outdoor rug to anchor a seating area.

     Swinging Daybed with Decorative Outdoor Pillows

    This swinging daybed takes the porch swing to the next level. A fun color adds style and piles of outdoor pillows add comfort.

     Add Outdoor Curtains for Texture and Privacy

    Add outdoor curtains to your front porch design to add privacy as well as texture and color. They will also keep you cool on a hot summer day.

     Stenciled Painted Porch Floor with Outdoor Furniture

    If floors aren't in the best shape, consider stenciling on a fun pattern and color for a low maintenance rug.

     Dining Area with Wicker Chairs on Front Porch

    If space allows, add a small table and chairs for a casual place to dine al fresco.

     Large Pendant Chandelier Over Sitting Area on Front Porch

    Go bold with an over-sized chandelier that creates a fun, casual atmosphere.

    So while I sit on my front steps watching the world go by, I’ll dream of one day having a porch just like the one I grew up with.

    Image Sources: 1st image: Eclectically Vintage, Images 2-6: Better Homes & Gardens

  • 7 Home Office Design Tips

    More and more people are working from home these days, and home office design is definitely reflecting that trend.

    Home offices aren't just a place to pay your bills or play never-ending rounds of solitaire anymore. If you work from home, chances are that you will be spending most of your day there, so why not create a stylish and comfortable workspace?

    Here are seven home office design tips to get your wheels spinning as to how to design your own in-home space:

    1. Why Be Typical?

     7 Home Office Design Tips
    Break out of the “typical” office layout mold and place your desk where it makes you happy, like facing a beautiful view or even in the middle of the room.

    If books and bookcases inspire you the way they do me, why would you want to put your back to them?

    I would still avoid putting your back to the door – if you startle the way I do, not having your back to the door will spare you some heart attacks!

    2. Make it Homey

     Use Dining Chairs and Table Lamps to Make Your Home Office More Cozy
    It’s a home office, so why not add some homey pieces or accents to your design? For example, you can substitute a stylish dining chair or side chair for the typical desk chair. Or you can bring in a beautiful table lamp in place of a task light.

    3. Bring in Some Green (or Pink, or Purple)

     Home Office Design Tip - Bring in Flowers or Plants
    Add some flowers or a plant to the mix to brighten up your space. If fresh flowers on the regular are not a possibility, or if you have a black thumb (like me) try silk ones instead.

    4. Stay Inspired

     Inspiration Boards are Great Additions to a Home Office
    Keep yourself inspired by hanging artwork or creating an inspiration board.

    5. Be Clutter Free

     Home Office Storage Ideas
    Keep the clutter of office supplies and piles of folders/paper in check by using baskets, bookcases or cabinets to keep yourself organized.

    6.Let the Light In!

     Home Office with Lots of Natural Light
    Natural Light brightens your mood and it also alleviates eye-strain. Plus, what doesn’t look better in natural light?

    7. How About Another Place to Sit?

     Add Alternate Seating to Your Home Office
    Add comfortable seating or an additional work surface for when you have meetings or guests.

    A banquette, sofa or cozy chair can be a nice break for when you are tired of looking at a computer screen.

    In the end, what you want is to design a space that you want to spend a lot of time in -- what do you do to make your home office yours?  Share your home office design ideas in the comments below!

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  • Laundry Room Storage Ideas

    Laundry Room Storage Ideas

    Let's talk about laundry room storage ideas...

    Fifty years ago laundry rooms were meant to be kept behind closed doors.

    Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.

    And never show your dirty laundry to any one.

    But today?  Today, laundry rooms have come a long way.  There are beautiful and clever ideas for the laundry room that will make it the first stop on the house tour.

    Need some inspiration?

    Here are some simple laundry room storage ideas:

     Laundry Room with Built-In Cabinets

    1. Build It in

    Building around your washer and dryer is an easy way to customize your laundry room space.

    Add trim and vintage architectural pieces to bookcases to create the look of built-ins for a fraction of the price.

    Then add track lighting to make laundry a breeze.

     Unique Containers for Attractive Laundry Room Storage

    2. Unique Storage Containers

    Think outside the box when it comes to those boring storage containers.

    Add woven buckets and bins and jars and vintage locker baskets and even a chalkboard for your grocery list.

    One fun idea is to add a vintage tea cup or silver measuring cup to scoop your laundry detergent with.

     Laundry Closet with Stacked Washer/Dryer and Shelving

    3. Stack 'Em Up

    Why not consider a stackable washer/dryer set?

    They are easy to tuck away in a bathroom or hallway area, create a stylish laundry room with built-ins and a place for everything.

    Store towels and linens and laundry supplies with style.

     Laundry Room with Brightly Colored Storage and Area Rug

    4. Add a Little Color

    Shout out your laundry room with bright and bold pops of color.

    Begin with a brightly colored indoor/outdoor area rug (great for spaces where moisture may be involved), brilliantly hued window treatments and colorful storage bins.

    Finish off the look with a stool or bench for practicality and a fun addition to the room.

    Your laundry room can become a showplace with a few simple additions to the space.

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    With an extra load of style. 


    Photo Credit:  Photo 1:  Thistlewood Farms  Photo 2:  Better Homes and Gardens  Photo 3:  Thistlewood Farms  Photo 4:  Better Homes and Gardens  Photo 5:  Better Homes and Gardens

  • Quick Nursery Updates

    Quick Nursery Updates

    Quick nursery updates can have major impact on a minor’s room. Whenever I am looking for cheerful interior images I visit House of Turquoise, and was happy to find fun pictures of playful nurseries.

    The one common theme was that they all had several key elements: comfortable seating for parents, colorful decorative accents with visually stimulating shapes, and storage for essential baby needs.

    Quick Nursery Updates

    I started to see a large number of soft ottomans or poufs in the nursery pictures. They make total sense. First, they are great for weary feet, but also good for babies who are about to start pulling themselves up and are forgiving if babies tumble over.

    I also love the large number of colorful table lamps that are sporting shades with bright patterns. Who needs a mobile if your lighting can provide visual interest for hours!

    Girl Nurseries

    Most of the rooms also had a cozy arm chair. I would buy a neutral club chair that could be moved to another part of the house when the nursery becomes obsolete.

    If you wanted to make it baby-appropriate, use bright pillows or throws to add pizzazz. Like textiles, ceiling lights can also add a visual pop, whether they are boldly shaped or use colorful shades like the lamps we discussed above.

    Nursery Storage

    Don’t forget storage. Putting baskets on shelves or repurposing a cabinet is a quick and inexpensive way to decorate a nursery.

    You may want to even recycle old nightstands as evidenced in the lower right picture. Paint them a fun color and voila, the perfect place for diapers and extra bedding.

    Nursery Decoration and Accessories

    1. Jazz up a lamp or swing arm light with the Retro Pink Tapered Lamp Shade.

    2. I like the Colonial Mills Blue Ice 3-Piece Nesting Basket Set for extra storage on shelves and in closets. It’s a colorful way to stay organized.

    3. Overhead nursery lights should be playful like the Christopher Kennedy Swag Style Infinity Shade Plug-In Chandelier.

    4. The Rachel Classic Natural Slipcover Armchair is timeless and can end up in a den or living room when you no longer need to spend as much time in your children’s room.

    5. The Fuchsia Pink Wavy Stripe Square Pouf Ottoman is fun and functional.

    6. The Robert Abbey Delta Sunset Yellow Ceramic Table Lamp keeps things stylish for mom and dad and visually interesting for the babe.

    These nursery updates are not only east to achieve, they are also flexible and can grow along with your child.

    Photos: House of Turquoise.

  • Stylish Ceiling Fans for the Hot Summer Days

     Stylish Ceiling Fans for the Hot Summer Days

    The hot summer days are quickly approaching, which means longer days and wonderfully warm evenings. Stylish ceiling fans are a great alternative to the fortune you could spend on A/C.

    Gone are the days of bulky, granny looking fans. Todays ceiling fans are modern, sleek and stylish. With open floor plans come larger rooms with the opportunity to have air flow in and out through the space with ease.

    A ceiling fan helps this natural process and is more economical than blasting AC all day and night. I mean who wouldn't want to live in the bedroom above from Ark Pad?

     There are Ceiling Fans to Go with Most Styles of Decor

    Besides being gorgeous spaces, what do the three images above have in common? Ceiling fans of course!! Have I proven to you yet that ceiling fans can be both stylish and functional?

    The bedroom on the left from Sumich Chaplin takes advantage of the vaulted ceilings and cape cod style to install a chic ceiling fan. There are wonderful advances in fabulous mid-century ceiling fan design that can be nearly invisible yet incredibly stylish.

    The center image from Ryan Street 7 Associates is the ultimate in glamorous and beautiful bathroom style.

    Marble, natural woods, large windows to the outdoors and an oversized, modern ceiling fan blowing a slow cool breeze will actually transport you outdoors as you forget you're even in an enclosed bathroom.

    Both nature lovers and modern enthusiast can appreciate the look of this gorgeous space.

    On the right, this gorgeous living room from Indulgy makes full use of the high ceilings. Stylish industrial ceiling fans can blend with many styles of interior decor and create a fun statement in a space.

    The metal cage of this ceiling fan and the metal paddles are retro and approachable yet transitional enough to changeover along with the space when you want to redesign the furniture.

    As you can see, there are stylish ceiling fans to go with just about any style of decor, so try one out for yourself and stay cool this summer!

    Image Sources: Ark Pad, Sumich Chaplin, Ryan Street & AssociatesIndulgy

  • Looking for a Showstopper? Try an LED Chandelier

    Where should you start when you are looking for a fast DIY makeover? 

     Looking for a Showstopper?  Try an LED Chandelier

    A delicious bowl of fruit is outshined by the Ramona LED chandelier by Possini Euro Design that has fifteen frosted glass orbs extending from its chrome arms.

    Designers usually say paint your walls, change out throw pillows, and de-clutter. I have another easy quick fix that you can literally do in under an hour.

    Change out an old ceiling fixture for a dramatic LED chandelier.

    A showstopping chandelier can completely change the tone and style of any room. It’s a design element that won’t go unnoticed.

    If you are shopping for that ‘red carpet moment’ design feature of a chandelier that makes your friends gawk in delight, head over to the LED options. Combining fierce style options in energy efficient designs, the LED chandelier will give you huge returns via longevity and money savings.

    My top picks for oh-my-wow LED chandelier options offer more than just substantial size, they also add functional art to your home. The materials, interacting shapes, and how the light filters through the fixture provide a endless visual delight. It would be tough to get bored with any of these beauties.

     A Selection of LED Chandeliers from Lamps Plus

    1. Delightful in its expression of mathematical linearality, the LBL Roka Collection’s gold LED chandelier celebrates the abacus with golden glass beads. I swooned.

    2. This is a good kind of tantrum. This LED bronze light fixture from Corbett’s Tantrum Collection is 18-inches wide and has an opal acrylic diffuser. With so many delightful elements and angles, it offers a different view from every spot in a room.

    3. The six rings around the chrome column on Elan Sirkus’ 20 1/4" wide LED chandelier are adjustable and the light fixture is dimmable, a feature I love.

    4. Anything named Tango catches my attention, and this LED light fixture lives up to its spunky name. Made from hand-crafted iron and finished in bronze and silver leaf, the single LED provides a delicious glow and mesmerizing visual texture. Perfect for almost any room.

    I’d love to know what you think about statement chandeliers. Add a comment below about your favorite picks. Happy designing. -T

    Image Source: Lamps Plus

  • Stylish Furniture and Accents for an Outdoor Oasis

    Spending more time outdoors is a favorite activity for all, so take the time to spruce up your outdoor oasis with furnishings and accessories in a welcoming and stylish ensemble. Don't forget that Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the start of summer and it's just around the corner!

    All shades of blue are on trend this year, but blue will never go out of style. Blue is calming, reminding us of cool waters, and sophisticated when layered with neutrals, white, and textural additions like different fabrics, finishes and other materials.

     Stylish Furniture and Accents for an Outdoor Oasis

    Consider these chic finds for introducing a touch of blue to your backyard oasis:

     Chic Blue Furniture and Accessories

    Introduce a playful geometric pattern with the Navy Dunkin Pillow, or a pop of teal with the pair of Woven Blue Outdoor Chairs.

    Stay cool in the shade with a navy Outdoor Market Umbrella and prop your feet up on the navy stripe Square Pouf Ottoman.

    Relax in the classically shaped navy Adirondack Chair spiced up with a Leopard Outdoor Pillow.

    The tropical trend is on the rise, influenced by the countries on the Mediterranean Sea where tourists flock all summer long.

    Even if you don't live in a coastal or desert climate you can recreate the exotic look of this stylish loggia.

     Exotic Stylish Loggia

     Exotic Furniture and Accessories for the Outdoors

    Create a cozy gathering space with the 3 Piece Outdoor Wicker Seating Set; if live palm trees don't thrive in your climate zone, consider a faux Palm Tree instead.

    In covered areas, pull up the Distressed Cocktail Table and set a trio of green Lantern Candle Holders on top for ambiance.

    The beautiful pattern in the Caspian Indoor/Outdoor Rug mimics the look of an intricate tile floor.

    No matter your location, every outdoor space can benefit from a water feature. The sound of trickling water is soothing to all, and shapely outdoor garden water fountains create a natural focal point in any landscape.

     Outdoor Garden Fountain in Courtyard

    Find the perfect accent for your outdoor oasis among these favorites from contemporary to traditional:

     Contemporary to Traditional Outdoor Garden Fountains

    Dark Sphere Floor Fountain; Domanico Three Tier Floor Fountain; Asian Garden Fountain; Relic Nebbia Equinox Fountain; Mill Cast Stone Circular Fountain

    Find these accents and much more in the Outdoor Décor collections at Lamps Plus!

    Image Sources: 1st Image: Amy Elbaum Designs  2nd Image: Southern Living  3rd Image: Lisa Esposito Design

  • Just Say No to Light Pollution

     Just Say No to Light Pollution

    Have you ever looked up at the night sky and not been able to see the stars? Yep, that's some serious light pollution. 

    Too much or unwanted light shining into interior rooms or light that creates a glare bright enough to temporarily blind people is also considered light pollution.

    Here are some solutions to combat the problem:

    Point Your Lights Right

    Be careful where or how you point your lights.  After you install them, adjust how they are aimed at night to avoid problems.

    Try to direct as much light as possible down towards the ground.  Some outdoor lighting comes with reflectors and shielding to make sure that light only goes where you want it to go. 

    Dark Sky lighting fixtures were designed specifically to prevent light pollution.  Many municipalities and Home Owners Associations (HOAs) are now requiring Dark Sky lighting to combat the problem.

     A simple way to reduce light pollution originating from inside is to close your curtains at night – easy, right?

     A Selection of Dark Sky Light Fixtures from Lamps Plus

    1. Vanira Place Outdoor Post Light

    2. Sage Ridge Dark Sky Outdoor Hanging Light

    3. Hinkley Luna Dark Sky Titanium Outdoor Wall Light

    4.  Kichler Energy Star Outdoor Wall Sconce

    5. Hubbardton Forge Airis Mesh Outdoor Wall Light

    6. Ripley Collection Dark Sky Outdoor Pendant Light

    Keep Your Wattage Down

    High wattage bulbs create harsh light and don’t improve aesthetics or safety - low wattage bulbs provide plenty of illumination and safety concerns are met with well-aimed lighting. 

    Believe it or not, you can actually see more in soft lighting than you can in spotlights because you can see beyond the point of illumination.  Also, your eyes will take less time to adjust at night with lights that have lower wattage bulbs. 

    Pay attention to fixtures’ wattage recommendations so you don’t end up contributing to a light pollution situation.  Dark Sky lighting uses lower wattage bulbs and the light is directed only where it is needed.


    Use Light Efficiently and Effectively

     Motion sensors, timers, and dimmers (both indoor and outdoor) are great for controlling your outdoor lighting.  I firmly believe that you can never have too many dimmers!  This actually is one of the easiest and most effective ways to combat light pollution.

     Motion Sensor Lights from Lamps Plus

    1. Tilo Smart Lighting Oil-Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Wall Light

    2. Bayside Mission Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

    3. Fallbrook Black Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Light

    4. Franklin Smart Lighting Oil-Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Wall Light

    5. Square Black Finish Motion Sensor Outdoor Ceiling Light

    6. Motion Sensor Antique Copper Outdoor Light


    If you are interested in learning more about Dark Sky lighting, please read these other articles by Lamps Plus:

    A Guide to Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting

    Questions With: International Dark Sky Association, Part 1

    Questions With: International Dark Sky Association, Part 2

    Image Source: archdaily

  • Dining Room Updates

    Dining Room Updates

    Dining room updates can be done quickly, and most importantly, inexpensively.

    Quick fix decorating does not mean you will sacrifice style or sophistication, rather it’s a way of refreshing a room with a simple plan and limited budget.

    House Crush featured several dining rooms that were quite contemporary, all incorporating an Eames-Style dining chair and looks that can quickly be copied to create a cool dining space.

    Eames Dining Chairs in Contemporary Dining Rooms

    Creating a contemporary dining room will require three basic items: seating, a table and modern lighting.

    Naturally, you will know best what colors and styles speak to you, but the contemporary dining room can incorporate traditional materials in a new way if you were concerned about the space looking too cold.

    These rooms all have fun versions of mid-century dining chairs. Some have arms, some are colorful.

    I’m a purist and would probably choose all white, but that’s my insane need for a clean aesthetic and symmetry at play.

    Modern Dining Room Design

    The other two elements are a basic table and great lighting. Most of the tables featured are simple, clean-lined in either basic wood or metal.

    I think tables should be plain. It’s the tableware, linens and accessories that will give it personality. Also, most of these dining rooms have a wonderfully stylish light source that illuminates the table.

    Take a look at the selection of items I think could create a great quick-fix dining room at a reasonable price.

    Decor for Dining Room Updates

    1. The Lite Source Olwen 3-Light White Fabric Round Pendant Fixture is a fresh take on the basic drum fixture.

    2. If you want something “of the moment” the Europa 1910 Edison Bulb Bronze Multi Light Pendant will fit the bill but not break the bank.

    3. Like the timeless Eames variety, consider the Set of 2 Azzo White Plastic Side Chairs.

    4. I love the clean, but detailed, design of the Possini Euro White Flower Pendant Chandelier.

    5. Your three squares will taste much better, or at least look, better on the Montana Matte White Rectangular Dining Table.

    As you can see, dining room updates can be achieved with a few wallet-friendly changes, like lighting, seating, or tables.  How will you update your dining room?

    Photos: House Crush.

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