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  • Inviting Black and White Design

    Black And White Design

    Black and white design for the home.

    There is always something chic, hip, somewhat exotic and edgy while always stylish, about black and white. For those who think it might be a little to modern and minimal for you, I am here to say NO!  Explore the photos below from Fancy to see how to make warm, inviting spaces from prominently black and white design.

    White, clean kitchen design is perfect for pendant lighting.

    This modern, light and airy kitchen uses gorgeous knotty wood flooring and bamboo countertops to bring warmth to an otherwise modern space. Adding a wood element like this is a great way to warm up a minimal black and white space.

    This kitchen would look even better with the addition of some black or white kitchen pendant lights!

    Black And White Decor

    Relaxed and modern home design.

    If you're lucky enough to have a backyard like the home above, I envy you! The abundance of nature all around flows inside the home due to the larger than life windows, adding an inviting, comfortable feel to a black and white living room.

    Chunky throw blankets, interior plants and a natural wood stool go further to bring the outdoors in and make this space warm and inviting, unlike a lot of modern spaces.

    Modern Living Room

    Stylishly modern family room.

    This simple, effortlessly cool family room makes the grey scale stylish and hip. The walls, doors, trim and ceiling all remain a clean, bright white, while variants of grey spatter the room, and small black accents pop among the subtle design.  

    If you don't want to be too drastic with your black accents, adding a few bold throw pillows or a black wall mirror brings depth to the airy space.

    Black Kitchen Design

    Black kitchen design.

    When you have a rich floor color such as the amber wood floor above, mixing in black and white accents can make the space feel current and cool.

    Crisp white walls and minimalist light furniture are contrasted with a bold, black kitchen that brings fun, modern style to the vintage space. Cool wall art adds pops to the monochromatic walls.

    Image credits: Fancy!

  • Contemporary Mexican Style Home Ideas

    Contemporary Mexican Style Home Ideas

    Chic contemporary Mexican style terrace.

    Contemporary Mexican style embodies the earthy qualities found in the organic, Mexican landscape coupled with the current vernacular of modern interiors. Coco Cozy featured a modern Mexican home that I immediately fell for...hard.

    I love the rough hewn textures that warm-up the simple lines of the residential design. Wide open rooms and patios make the space feel airy and large, while natural timbers, stone and warm terra cotta colors infuse the home with a cozy atmosphere.

    Mexican Style Interiors

    A spacious contemporary Mexican home.

    These interiors reflect the beautiful marriage of modernity and tradition. Modern chandeliers play off chunky wood and stone walls, while crisp-lined furniture has warm and inviting upholstery. This elegant balance works in both interior and exterior spaces as long as you keep things simple.

    I happen to love the oversized weave style pendants in the courtyard and think a smaller version would look great in a kitchen. Hanging pendants are a great option for kitchen style lighting

    This simple aesthetic doesn't embrace any window treatment, however I would only advocate for this if you are not in proximity to neighbors. 

    Mexican Style Decor

    The modern look of today's Mexican style home accessories.

    1. The industrial Lacey Round Black Chandelier is the perfect counterpoint to warm color, wood and stone.

    2. Add warmth to your kitchen with the Shaker Basket Weave Mini Pendant.

    3. The Howard Elliott Small Stepped Natural Wood Pedestal reflects the timbers in the home featured above.

    4. The Halsen Cognac Armchair combines modern design with warmth of the Mexican landscape.

    5. The Classic Home Bermuda Terra Cotta Area rug echoes the color of the Mexican earth.

    Photo credits: Coco Cozy

  • Autumn Flavors for Fall Decor Inspiration

    Autumn Flavors For Fall Decor Inspiration

    Fall inspiration, using apples.

    If you're searching for fall decor inspiration, look no further than the seasonal flavors of Autumn! Interiors finds informed by the fruits and spices of fall evoke the cherished traditions and fond feelings that accompany this time of year.

    For example, you can channel the fun of a trip to the orchard for some apple picking into your decor, as in this image from Local Milk. Or, you could incorporate the farmhouse wood finishes by selecting a handsome wood chandelier design for your dining room.

    1. A throw pillow in the burnished hue of a ripe red delicious apples evokes the feeling of Fall. 

    2. Store your Fall fruit bounty on the counter with an fruit-themed decorative bowl.

    3. The weathered finish of this wood mirror recalls the nostalgia of old apple buckets.

     Fall inspiration, using pumpkin.

    Perhaps you have treasured memories of choosing a jack 'o' lantern at the pumpkin patch, or baking that sweet pumpkin flavor into your favorite treats as seen on A Daily Something?

    1. Echo the warm hues of fall gourds with a pair of wool cushions in toasty orange.

    2. A ceramic pitcher keeps warm syrup at the ready at the breakfast table.

    3. The woven pattern of a copper wall mirror recalls the gridded pockets of pumpkin waffles.

    Fall inspiration, using hot cocoa.

    Finally, who can say no to an afternoon with friends, chatting over steaming cups of hot chocolate—topped with cinnamon of course—as spotted on This Is Jules?

    1. A patterned pillow brings to mind the swirling surface of a cup of cocoa.

    2. Serve up your favorite hot beverage in one of these ceramic mugs.

    3. Cinnamon sticks, which come from the bark of the cinnamon tree, have a similar texture to this reclaimed wood mirror.

    With a little Autumn flavor inspiration, you'll soon have a home as toasty and warm as your favorite fall treats!

    Image credits: Local MilkA Daily SomethingThis Is Jules

  • Makeover Your Entryway With LED Lighting

    Light up your home’s entryway this Fall with an outdoor LED light fixture. Whether it’s for safety, reliability or just style, it's always the perfect time of year to think about updating your entryway light.

    Makeover Your Entryway With LED Lighting

    There's a checklist to follow when shopping for LED entryway lighting and I'll walk you through it.

    A light fixture by an entry door is an essential design element for a safe and welcoming home. As our daylight hours are shrinking and kids are coming home later from after-school activities, that entry door becomes more like a revolving door of busyness.

    Updating to a reliable and efficient entryway light might become even more important.

    For example, this outdoor LED wall light has a bronze finish and frosted cream glass, with an output of 1,300 lumens which is equivalent to a 100-watt incandescent light bulb. It’s available in sizes from 12, 15, and 19 inches, so you can pick a size that works for front, back or side doors.

    Hickory Point Outdoor LED Light

    The Hickory Point outdoor LED light

    As you start shopping for your new LED entryway light, let’s break down the technical features so you know what to look for. We'll look at the first three today and then review the rest in follow up posts

                              1. Reliability                                4. Security                              7. Solar Light 

                              2. Color Temperature                 5. Dark Sky Light                    8. Dimming        

                              3. Style                                         6. Up And Down Light             9. Wet Rated            


    Whenever I’m asked why LED light fixtures and light bulbs, my reason is reliability. This is especially important in places where it’s difficult to replace light bulbs (high ceilings), or in places like an entryway where it becomes a safety issues.

    LED's are my favorite for entryway lighting since there’s no need to worry about the LED light bulb burning out for 20+ years.

    Color Temperature

    Remember to choose the fixture that is right for you and what you want to illuminate. Everyone has a different opinion about what color of light (color temperature) is best for their home.

    You've heard friends say things like: ‘That light is too blue,’ or ‘Those new light bulbs give off a yellow light that makes everything look weird.’ While those comments are completely justified, it’s not a reason to cast-off LED light bulbs all together. You just have to know what temperature (color) is right for you.

    Color Temperature Affects The Color Of Light Dispersed

    When shopping for LED lights, you should know this - The lower the temperature, the warmer the light.

    The color temperature of sunlight is about 5500K and it ranges all the way down to the low temperature of candlelight at about 1000K. 

    Hard to visualize? Think about the filters we use on Instagram and photo editing programs, you can change the ‘white balance’ on an image to see how images look a little bit warmer or cooler.


    While specifications can narrow a search for the perfect outdoor LED wall light, style is still an important factor when choosing between the final options.

    Luckily, the selection of outdoor LED light fixtures offers such a range of style choices. I’ll be surprised if you can’t find the perfect look for your home’s entryway.

    LED Outdoor Lighting

    A. LBL Zari 11" High Silver LED Outdoor Wall Light B. Dwell Country Rust 13 3/4" High LED Outdoor Wall Light C. Pier 60 Bronze 14 1/2" High LED Outdoor Wall Light

    A. Lighting is often described as jewelry in a home, and this fixture is spot-on. A silver finish, the wall sconce has sophisticated detailing. And it’s dimmable!

    B. If you're going for a more rustic, industrial look, this LED light might be for you. It has a country rust finish, and looks more like art than a traditional fixture. With 800 lumens (comparable to a 60-watt incandescent) it gives off enough light to make it functional. And it’s dimmable!

    C. Outdoor wall lights don’t have to be lanterns or have a security-style look to them. This LED light fixture has a geometric pattern that adds visual interest to your entryway.

    Stay tuned for our next post where we discuss more elements to look for when choosing LED lighting....

    Image credits: My Fix It Up Life

  • Turmeric Colored Details For Your Home

    Turmeric Colored Decor

    While turmeric is technically a spice, the color makes for a vibrant home accent that is a wonderful transition from Summer to Fall. Mix and Chic is such an upbeat blog that I had to go there for some color inspiration. Just as turmeric packs some punch in recipes and fine dining, so too does this color affect the overall feeling of a room.

    Orange Painted Rooms

    It’s amazing to think how color can amp up the energy of a room, but turmeric colored decor can do just that. I love how this color can act as an exclamation point when carefully used within a white or neutral space as seen above.

    Additionally, using orange paint as an accent can highlight an architectural detail or draw attention to an otherwise overlooked spot in your home.

    Orange Colored Home Decor

    Turmeric can also be used to warm-up a space. From a cozy throw or pillow to a colorful shade on chic designer lighting, this hue also embodies the essence of Fall and the change of seasons.

    Infusing a room with turmeric is also not necessarily an expensive prospect. A small detail like trim on curtains or even flowers will not set you back that much money but will look rich and designer-done.

    Orange Colored Interior Decoration

    For the more daring, you may want to consider investing in turmeric colored cabinetry, artwork or stylish mirrors. These statements are longer lasting and show your commitment to spicing-up your interiors. 

    Orange Decorative Objects

    1. Add some punch with a Cayenne Outdoor Pillow.

    2. Illuminate with style using the Robert Abbey Pumpkin Triple Gourd Ceramic Buffet Lamp.

    3. A daring kitchen should include the Possini Euro Strada Amber Art Glass LED Mini Pendant Light.

    4. I love the warm and cozy feel of the Hilton Wingback Burnt Orange Faux Leather Accent Chair.

    5. If you want the exotic look of Morocco, the Laguna Greek Key Orange Pouf Ottoman is perfect.

    6. The Howard Elliott Oakvale Orange Wall Mirror is a playful way to dress up a monochromatic wall.

    Photo credits: Mix and Chic

  • Radiant Orchid For Outdoor Design

    Radiant Orchid

    We haven't forgotten Pantone's color of the year, have you?! Radiant Orchid is perfect for outdoor decor, even if Summer is coming to a close.... Use this mood board above from The Sweet Occasion as inspiration.

    If you haven't paid attention to your outdoor design yet, you should, no matter what time of year it is. You can start with purple outdoor furniture and lots of planters to ensure a stylish outdoor design.

    Outdoor Furnishings

    Here's some specific ideas to help you embrace the color of the year:

    1. Set of 4 Zuo Silvermine Outdoor Purple Bay Chair

    2. Set of 4 Zuo Repulse Outdoor Purple Bay Chair

    3. Big Wave Purple Round Outdoor Folding Table

    4. Resort Sawyer 25450 Purple Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

    5. Grape Ikat 24" Wide Surya Pouf Ottoman

    Image credit: The Sweetest Occasion

  • Modern Asian Interiors Decor Tips

    Modern Asian Interiors

    A warm and modern Asian style dining room.

    Modern Asian interiors are a clean and simple interpretation of one of the most beloved interior design schemes around. I found a selection of interior images on Lonny excels when it comes to putting together.

    While Asian homes have always been about simplicity, restraint and elegance, the export trade has turned decorating with Asian items into an explosion of pattern and color.

    Chinoiserie wallpaper and fabric features a riot of colors and the overuse of blue and white porcelain has is dire. I say stick to the basics if you want to be true to this style and if so, you will naturally create a modern space.

    Asian Decor Ideas

    You can use pops of color to achieve an Asian-inspired home.

    While these rooms appear to be architecturally contemporary, there are colorful Asian-style touches that are rooted in classic design but are thoroughly updated.

    Rice paper lighting style reflect timeless screens, and bright pops of red are reminders of Feng Shui symbols of power and love. You can include colorful table lamps for the perfect color pop.

    Asian Style Accessories

    Monochromatic contemporary interiors with Asian style art.

    Crisp white walls are another ingredient of the modern Asian interior. Furniture is kept simple and the cushions monochromatic. Naturally color does play a role but more supporting than lead.

    While I still love color, simple white shades and super-contemporary lights work beautifully in this interior.

    Asian Style Bedrooms

    Warm and cozy bedrooms with Asian artistic touches.

    If you intend to keep your rooms monochromatic, you may wish to incorporate Asian art or carved rectangular mirrors to breakup the look.

    Simple natural-themed patterns on a silk throw or pillow will truly make a statement as will a figural lamp that can look quite sculptural on an unadorned table, placed up against a white wall.

    Asian Home Decor

    1. The bright Glenarden Rectangular Red Wall Mirror captures many of the Feng Shui elements.

    2. Like the silk found in a kimono, the Red Dahlia Grey Pillow would look beautiful on a bed or sofa.

    3. Looking for a modern take on Asian bamboo? The Rivoli Navy Porcelain Table Lamp is just the thing.

    4. I like the mix of Asian and high glamour in the Safavieh Rory Silver Leaf Accent Table.

    5. The Varo Black Yarn Wrapped Table Lamp has a time-honored modern Asian and quite lyrical shape.

    Photo credits: Lonny

  • Cottage Chic Lighting Ideas

    Cottage Chic

    Have you ever wanted to live in a doll house? Well, that's essentially how the cottage chic style can make your home feel.  

    It's an interior design style where furniture, lighting and decor are elegantly distressed to create an antique appearance. Some pieces are in fact antique, but even the newer elements appear old in a charming way. The look is quaint, comfortable and vintage. It usually involves a soft color palette, soft textures and a graceful aesthetic.

    Cottage Chic Home Style

    Cottage chic chandelier style idea.

    One of the prettiest ways to dress up a cottage chic home is with elegant, transitional style chandeliers like this pretty living room above from Dreamy Whites.

    This charming look is not only perfect for your quaint home, but also for entertaining. Vintage chic weddings located in barns are very popular. They create a casual environment while still allowing everything to feel pretty. This space from Amy Neunsinger is a perfect example.

    Barn Style Entertaining

    Vintage chic barn style entertaining with a delicate chandelier.

    These chic spaces include chandelier styles that are never overdone, they're minimal and understated, like in this kitchen below from Harrison Design Associates.

    Grey Chandelier

    This Quorum La Maison Grey Chandelier features candelabra style lights, perfect for the vintage chic look.

    Vintage Style Kitchen

    Vintage style kitchen with chic lighting.

    There are some departures from the cottage chic decor that can lean toward "Victorian". This would include a darker color palette and elements that are not quite as delicate. For example, take a look at this living below from Amy Neunsinger.

    Shabby Chic Chandeliers

    For a more Victorian take on the cottage style, try this damask pattern chandelier or cage style chandelier.

    The darker wall color, slightly heavier furniture and lighting take this look from cottage to Victorian.

    Chic Living Room

    Chic style living room with Victorian feel.

    You can also style your outdoor patio with cottage chic decor. Take the bird cage style chandelier one step further since the outdoors is perfect for bird cages. This outdoor space from My Romantic Home is so pretty.

    Quorum Birdcage Chandelier

    This Quorum birdcage pendant light is perfect for a chic outdoor patio.

    Lots of pretty flowers and a little outdoor furniture make this location perfect for afternoon tea and relaxing with a good book.

    Vintage Chic Patio

    Chic patio with birdcage style chandelier.

    So, never give up your dreams of living in a doll house, it's quite possibly actually!

    Image credits: Sandy FosterDreamy WhitesAmy NeunsingerHarrison Design AssociatesAmy NeunsingerMy Romantic Home

  • Trend Alert: Decorating With Houndstooth

    Decorating With Houndstooth

    Houndstooth  (n.)  "a large overall checked pattern with notched corners typically used in cloth for fabric or suits."  

    ~adapted from the Oxford Dictionary.

    Typically a menswear fabric, houndstooth can be used to decorate furniture as well. Like these stools recently featured in Lonny magazine.

    But why stop at stools?

    Houndstooth is everywhere these days. You can even find it on stylish table lamps, like these two below. Or lots of fun pet products too.

    Table Lamps

    Natural Light Houndstooth Woven Abaca Table LampBuddy Miniature Terrier Table Lamp

    Used on sofas and chairs and curtains and rugs and throws and walls....houndstooth is a current trend for this fall.

    Decorating with's some ideas and suggestions for adding it to your decor.

    Decorating With Houndstooth Fabric

    1.  Add a little color

    Why not?

    Nothing updates a traditional pattern more than pairing it with a bold vibrant color like pink, as in this seating arrangement featured in Apartment Therapy.

    Start with accent seating and layer in the houndstooth texture, like this arm chair to create a twist on a tradition.

    Accent Chair

    Crystal Keltic Oreo Houndstooth Upholstered Armchair

    Pattern Decorating Tips

    2.  Go bold

    A brilliantly patterned houndstooth rug anchors an eclectic mix of decor in this room featured in Apartment Therapy.

    Using pattern and color on the floor creates a visual that is playful and fun.

    Carry the theme further by echoing the pattern with textiles and furniture in the room.

    Houndstooth Upholstery Ideas

    3.  Create a mood

    Houndstooth fabrics are a great way to create a mood in a room, as in this space featured in Traditional Home.

    Pair the fabric with leather and smoky gray walls to create a warm welcoming space with traditional flair.

    Then add a some textured pieces, like a patterned ottoman or cashmere throw to complete the look.

    PoufAnaei Large Keltic Oreo Houndstooth Pouf OttomanChocolate/Creme Houndstooth Cashmere Blend Throw Blanket

    Decorating A Dining Room

    4.  Start with simple

    Here's how I used houndstooth in my dining room at Thistlewood Farms.

    I started with a basic small-patterned houndstooth fabric and added it to the dining room chairs.

    A little of the fabric paired with a floral patterned rug and neutral walls really brings the room to life.

    So whether it's bold or simple or full of color or a basic neutral.....houndstooth works in any decor.

    Menswear fabric.

    It's not just for suits any more. 

    Image credits: Lonny MagazineApartment Therapy Apartment TherapyTraditional HomeThistlewood Farms

  • Cozy Fall Decorating Tips

    Cozy Fall Decorating Tips

    It’s boot wearing, leaf crunching, spiced cider drinking weather. It’s time to transition our home decorating ideas from Summer to Fall. 

    Here's a few Fall decorating tips:


    As the days get shorter and we find ourselves in the dark earlier, quality light fixtures in our design becomes even more important. You can add a vibrantly colored jewel toned lamp for warmth and color.

    Another sure fire way to bring on a cozy fall home is by lighting a roaring fire and raising a glass in a toast.

    Fall Decorating With Textiles

    Get Cozy

    Crisp fall weather calls for places to curl up. Stacks of accent pillows and cozy throws are perfect for curling up with a hot chocolate and a good book.

    Colors For Fall Decorating

    Quick Change

    Swap out you wall art with warmer colors or consider displaying a collection of pressed leaves.

    Nature In Your Home Decor


    Instead of a vase full of flowers, cut a few vibrantly colored branches and add them to your favorite pitcher or display a basket full of firewood on the hearth. Fill a big wooden bowl with gourds, pumpkins or pears for a simple centerpiece.


    Think suede, velvet, and nubby knits on a sofa and layer bedding to create levels of warmth and color.

    Rustic Accents For Fall


    Incorporate natural wood accents to add character to any room. Whether it’s an antique dresser turned into a media cabinet, a tree stump used as a unique side table, or a chunky wooden tray to set on top of an ottoman, the natural tones of wood will warm up your space instantly.


    Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked pie but you can fake it with a heavenly scented Fall candles.

    Window Treatment


    If your windows are bare or covered in sheers, hang heavier drapes with more color and textures while keeping the cold at bay.


    Switch out any coastal accessories and display more earth-toned pieces in interesting textures like copper or tarnished silver.

    Red Home Decor

    Image credits: HGTVDesign SpongeMidwest LivingBetter Homes and GardensA Beautiful MessBetter Homes and Gardens, Lamps Plus

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