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  • Outdoor Porch Design

    With spring in full bloom and summer around the corner, lets discuss your outdoor porch space. Everyone loves an indoor/outdoor space that feels more like a part of the house than a separate entity. 

    Whether you have a full on outdoor porch or a sunroom with large windows this space is about to become the number one spot for the season. 

    Casual Outdoor Porch Design

    Grand views are always a plus for your outdoor space, but definitely not necessary. Above we see beautiful lake views as well as residential street views and both are equally dreamy.

    These spaces opt for comfort and family time without being too 'designed' or too 'country'.

    They are contemporary and clean with attention to details like color coordinated outdoor pillows and stylish outdoor lighting.

     Spend Summer Nights with the Family on These Porches

    These country cabins are the epitome of long summer nights with family. The muted tones perfectly compliment the natural surroundings.

    Above everything, the furniture and space planning is perfect for game night with the whole family.

     Traditional Mixed with Modern Style Porches

    The two sunrooms above take elements of the traditional home and intermix them with modern sensibility and design.

    Bright white walls feel fresh and current while pops of oranges and reds ground and unify the space.

    In a sunroom adding a casual and chic modern ceiling fan can bring the feel of the outdoors in, even when it may be too hot or too cold to open the windows.

     Your Outdoor Porch Can Become a Second Living Room

    If details are your thing, these last two porches are for you. Every detail is meticulously thought through as the space is created so that the outdoor porch becomes a second living room.

    Both even feature a grand outdoor fireplace to keep warm on cool spring nights.

    Image Source: Midwest Living

  • Outdoor Patio Fountains

      A Beautiful Three-Tiered Outdoor Patio Fountain

    Outdoor patio fountains can transform backyards into works of art with the beauty of a sculpture combined with the calming effects of a waterfall.

    With a range of styles and materials, there’s a fountain for everyone.

    Here are some of my favorite peaceful outdoor patio fountains.

      A Selection of Outdoor Patio Fountains from Lamps Plus

    1 – A tabletop fountain is perfect when you’re short on space, and this Buddha has the added benefit of color changing LED lights.

    2 – Water cascades down this fountain's copper leaves creating a restful sound.

    3 – A bed of river rocks are the backdrop on this urban style fountain.

    4 – Water flows from the mouths of three lions on this whimsical metal fountain.

    5 – I love the lion’s head and the classic design of this two-tiered fountain.

    6 –  The three dramatic tiers on this fountain would make an impressive focal point in any traditional garden.

    7 – This contemporary copper fountain stands an impressive 7 ½ feet tall and is calming in it’s understated simplicity.

    Choose a fountain to fit your taste and budget then sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the serenity that a patio fountain brings to any space.

    Source Image: Better Homes & Gardens 

  • Energy Efficient Lighting (That Actually Looks Good)

    We all know energy efficient lighting is a good thing. But sometimes the designs are just...



    (There. I  said it.)

    Thankfully as technology advances, so do the looks of these energy efficient fixtures. In honor of Earth Day, I've rounded up a few of my favorite light fixtures and lamps that are good for the environment. Plus - they're not ugly! In fact, they're gorgeous

    Energy efficient chandeliers, ceiling lights, and lamps from Lamps Plus

    Shop these styles, clockwise from top left:  

    Black Diamonds Giclee Glow Pendant

    Mr. N Accent Lamp

    Walnut LED Pendant;Railways Crisscross Pendant

    Contemporary Brushed Nickel Ceiling Light

    LED Brass Swing Arm Wall Lamp

    White Flower Arc Floor Lamp

    Leather and Chrome Desk Lamp

    Walnut and Beech Desk Lamp


    If you like what you see, there's more: Lamps Plus carries 5000+ energy efficient products.

    Happy Earth Day!

  • Creating a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

    distressed bench with decorative pillows and shelf above with flowers

    Gone are the days of ordinary kitchens and boring design.  Even the farmhouse kitchen has taken on a modern flair with style.

    In most houses, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

    It's where homework is done and stories are shared and families gather around the table for a meal full of laughter and a day well-lived.

    Need a little decorating pick-me-up for spring?

    Here are a few tips for creating modern farmhouse kitchen style.


    1.  Dress it Up

    It's a fact.  Kitchens aren't just for cooking anymore.  Kitchens are for conversation and gathering and celebrating the day.

    Introduce a little modern style into your kitchen with tufted ottomans and a pair of linen chairs lined with nail heads.

    Then finish off the space with a distressed hutch filled with milk glass and white dishes.


    2.  Light it Up

    Toss out the boring utilitarian lighting and think outside the box when it comes to lighting for a space.

    Choose drum shade chandeliers with sparkling crystals or a unique table lamp with a one-of-a-kind shade.

    Lighting is an easy place to have fun and introduce a modern edge to your space.


    3.  Details, Details

    Creating a warm and welcoming space is all in the details.

    Introduce personality and character with unique accessories like these distressed metals leaves arranged in a vintage wooden box.

    Add a little personality.  Stack vintage cookbooks and add family photos or mementos to create a space uniquely designed for your family.


    4.  It's All in the Furniture

    Sometimes modern farmhouse style starts with something as simple as a classic farmhouse kitchen table.

    Next, layer in vintage monogram linens, striped upholstered chairs and a patterned rug to add warmth and texture.

    Finish off the space with a contemporary light fixture and classic accessories.

    Whatever the space.....whatever your design aesthetic.....creating a warm and welcoming space is what makes a home a home.

    It's always important to remember, combining a little bit of old with a little bit of new....

    ....never goes out of style.

    Photo Credits:  Thistlewood Farms

  • The Outdoor Living Room

    Outdoor Living Room

    The weather is finally nice and we are ready to spend more time outside. You don’t really need much outdoor space to make it stylish, just the right decor and lighting.

    Lonny has a wonderful category of beautifully decorated patios and yards that will be complete springtime inspiration.

    It’s amazing how you can create a beautiful outdoor living room with specially made decor that can withstand the rigors of the elements.

    Outdoor Fabrics

    Never sacrifice style, even outside! Inspired by striped awnings of old, bold striped outdoor fabrics and cushions are great for the outdoor living room. The look is fresh and cheerful, and almost glows at night.

    Speaking of night, make sure you have plenty of outdoor lighting for after the sun sets. Everybody should be able to enjoy your space long into the night, and with a combination of outdoor lights and candles, the party need not end.

    Outdoor Patio Design

    I’m a huge fan of a built-in banquette sofa for outdoor living rooms. Here are some wonderful examples.

    The trend these days is to arrange seating around a feature such as a toasty warm fire pit. If you create a fire or water feature, people will be tempted to stay long and feel quite relaxed.

    Make sure your cushions are soft and that there are plenty of decorative pillows. If you had to choose between either an outdoor dining or sofa configuration, choose the sofa...people can always eat on their lap!

    Outdoor Home Decor

    1. The Kichler Elba LED Bronze Outdoor Wall Light has been a timeless design style since the 1970s.

    2. You can’t go wrong with the Sunbrella Striped Black 18" Square Outdoor Decorative Pillow.

    3. If you have a covered patio, consider the simple, transitional styling of the Camden Energy Efficient 19" High Outdoor Hanging Light.

    4. The Tassi White Ceramic Garden Stool can function as seating or surface space for a drink, dish or candle.

    5. I love the modern take on the classic outdoor chair with the Alyso Cove Woven White Outdoor Chair Set of 2.

    6. Whether placed on the ground or on a table the Zeke Small Wood Steel and Glass Candle Lantern is a fresh take on classic candle lanterns.

    There are so many fantastic furniture and home decor options made specifically for outdoor living that you can find pieces that will go with just about any design style!

    Photos: Lonny.

  • Beautiful Floral Living Rooms

    I have always and will always love bright color combinations, layered patterns and bold statements. While it's not everyone's cup of tea, it brings joy to my life and a smile to my face.

    With spring peeking in, I thought I would embrace my true love and feature some beautiful floral living rooms from House & Garden. These spaces will hopefully convert anyone reading into color-loving 'bold-ist' like me!

    beautiful floral living rooms

    The jewel tones of the two living rooms above pull at my heart strings. Yet its the mix of amazing floral patterns that I really love.

    As you will notice in both living rooms, the floral patterns are at the forefront and every other accent is a solid color. This will help to make keep the room looking chic and not make you and your guests dizzy.

    I love the addition of the floral accent rug in the image on the right. Make sure when you are layering floral patterns you switch up scale - the large scale of the rug works perfectly with the smaller scale floral pattern on the sofa and the throw pillows.

    On the left, that beautiful, bold wallpaper breathes life into the room, while the fuchsia drapes and jewel-tone accents bring fun and femininity to the space.

     room with floral accent rug

    These next two floral living rooms are a more simplistic application of this beautiful look. Again the large scale area rug makes a lovely feature, while the creamy walls subdue the space.

    Small decorative vases filled with wild flowers and antique floral paintings complete the look for a space that exudes a wonderful, vintage softness.

    Another way to incorporate a beautiful, understated floral pattern is to repeat the same pattern in different applications.

    As you see in the bottom image above, this modern take on shabby chic style is beautiful and approachable. Wallpaper, drapery and accent pillows in the same fabric really tie the room together and create a whimsically floral living room space.

     living rooms with chaises

    These vignettes of chaises are the perfect way to end the round-up. They really show the many ways you can introduce the floral look in your space.

    On the left we have a mid-century inspired look while on the right we have an antique-inspired and feminine style. Both layer pattern, color, texture and style in the best ways, and both truly speak to the innate sense of spring.

    How will you include spring florals in your living room?

    Images: House & Garden

  • Modern Outdoor Lighting for Today's Home

    Modern Bronze Outdoor Lighting For Today's Home

    A bronze finish can make any modern outdoor lighting fixture feel more luxurious

    Bronze LED outdoor lighting designs can sound uber-traditional, but like most everything, it’s how you use it that sets its fate.

    Lighting designers and tech experts are exploring LED technology, pushing design lines and functionality, while using the traditional lighting materials to contain their innovations. Bronze outdoor lighting has not been left behind, there are so many new options—beyond the classic look of a bronze lantern--for incorporating stylish bronze into a modern outdoor living space.

    With its substantial presence, a deep hue of bronze can help ground a space and add a soothing air to a modern décor intention.

    The classic lantern will always have a place in some homes, but for modern design enthusiasts, let’s take a look at what’s on the contemporary LED lighting menu in bronze

     Modern Bronze Outdoor Lighting Options

    1. The Kichler Ceysa in bronze adds a hint of sensuality with its curved LED lighting lines on a simple rectangular form.

    2. Hinkley Lighting’s Vento LED outdoor wall light is perfectly modern with a hint of chic texture in its hammered copper plate.

    3. More than just a simple modern bronze form, the WAC Janus LED wall light also offers the option of mounting vertically or horizontally. LED lighting continues to raise the bar.

    4. Hinkley’s Cascade LED outdoor wall light pairs the rich bronze finish with a delicate amber etched organic rain glass.

    5. If you love the lines of the lantern, but want a modern interpretation, Hubbardton Forge’s Double Axis LED fixture might be the perfect fit. With Mission-style lines the wall light has a sleek bronze finish.

    As you can see, LED outdoor lighting designs in a bronze finish doesn't only come in traditional designs, there's something for the modernist too!

    Image source: Lamps Plus

  • Keep the Breezes Flowing with Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    Whether your porch is enclosed or exposed, outdoor ceiling fans are definitely necessary when temperatures creep above a comfortable 80 degrees and we want to relax in or close to the great outdoors.

    Porches and verandas are a fine place to linger longer and ceiling fans serve the purpose of circulating air to create a cool breeze on those warmer summer days and nights.

    Covered porches are not always fully protected from moisture and sometimes a fan will be exposed to winter storms or summer rain. In such locations, opt for outdoor wet location fans certified for dampness which will withstand the elements.

     Keep the Breezes Flowing with Outdoor Ceiling Fans
    The following outdoor ceiling fans with lights are certified for damp spaces. The Bronze Casa Province offers contemporary lines and walnut blades; the brushed nickel Minka Concept is a modern hugger model for low ceilings. You'll get a wider air flow with the unique design of the Fanimation Metro Gray fan, and introduce farmhouse appeal with the industrial style Minka Aire Galvanized fan.

     Outdoor Ceiling Fans with LightsIf you seek circulation only and have provided for lighting elsewhere with overhead options or sconces, consider outdoor ceiling fans without a light for your porch or outdoor room to keep the breezes flowing.

     Traditional Veranda with Outdoor Ceiling FansThe three blade Matthews Irene fan makes quite a statement, as does the multiple cherry blade Predator Fan with a bronze finish. The Casa Vieja is a classic shape for traditional spaces,and the brushed nickel Concept I Wet fan is another contemporary option for outdoor spaces.

     Outdoor Ceiling Fans Without LightsDesert climates or tropical spaces with hot, humid weather benefit from the constant circulation of air. Capture the exotic look of this closed in porch scene with ceiling fans that possess woven or palm leaf inspired blades.

     Enclosed Porch with Exotic Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    Find Koa wood and a contemporary curved three blade design in the Minka Aire Light Wave fan; or choose the all white sculptural leaf shaped Monaco Studio fan. Introduce a tropical vibe with the woven blades of the Fanimation Windpointe fan,and feel the breezes with leaf shaped blades of the Minka Aire Gaugin fan.

     Tropical-Inspired Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    Not only do outdoor ceiling fans keep the air moving on those warm summer days and nights, they are also a great addition to your outdoor living design.

    image sources:1st image: rauser design, 2nd image: cooper johnson smith architects, 3rd image: haut haus

  • Get the Look: A Spring Floral Living Room

    A bright and bold spring floral living room from Manuel Canovas

    Over-the-top floral living room design by Manuel Canovas

    "Florals. For spring? Groundbreaking." - Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

    So, decorating with florals for spring may not be groundbreaking (as Ms. Priestly sarcastically noted). But florals are beautiful, fresh, and a welcome burst of color.

    From fuchsia and violet to teal and electric blue - there is no shortage of color in nature this time of year, and these vibrant hues can breathe life into a living room the same way fresh flowers breathe life into a tired garden after a long winter.

    This living room design from Manuel Canovas is definitely not for the faint of heart (hello, watermelon curtains!), but elements of this space can be translated into your home in a more subtle way.

    If this space has too much pattern and color for your taste, try introducing just one floral-patterned pillow into your living room on an accent chair, or try swapping out a beige lampshade for a pink one.  

    Decorating with bold floral patterns doesn't have to be intimidating, and small decor updates can be swapped seasonally. When cool weather falls again, simply tuck your spring accents away for another year. 

    But if you love this over-the-top spring floral living room design? Ignore Miranda Priestly, and get the look at Lamps Plus:

    Get the Look: A Spring Floral Living Room

    Turquoise Sofa BedFloral 22"x10" Lumbar PillowAthena 20" Floral Decorative PillowEros Pink Color+Plus LampCoral Pink Throw PillowLarge Floral Print PillowMid-Century Coral Linen Chair

    What floral pattern will you bring into your living room this year?

    Image: Manuel Canovas.

  • Organic Style Rooms

    Organic Style Rooms

    Organic style rooms are not limited to using rough hewn materials with a dose of hippie-chic tossed in to make things feel authentic. Rather, today’s organic-styled rooms are modern, crisp and welcoming. Lighting can be one of the most creative endeavors in such rooms and will illuminate all things natural. Domaine Home always has the most inspiring modern room pictures and this post is the lucky recipient of their dedication to featuring stylish rooms. 

    Modern Spaces with Organic Decor

    Balance is key to the organic style room. Heaven knows you wouldn't want everything to be literally made of hemp if your goal was to create a beautiful natural space. These rooms show a lovely balance of organic items like the natural rush and wood dining chairs countered by both organically shaped lights and modern pendants. There is a play of soft and hard, light and dark in all of these rooms.

    Rooms Featuring Natural Wood Decor

    Again, these rooms display a good balance of light and dark, soft and hard. If you have hard, wooden walls, ceilings and furniture be sure to add plenty of rugs, pillows and cushions to soften the space as well as dark materials like the black floor lamps and iron sconces seen above.

    Beach Inspired Rooms

    The beach house is one of my favorite organic looks. Whitewashed rattan and natural woods are hallmarks of this aesthetic as are watery blue accents. The best light obviously comes from the light of a sunny day, but you can’t go wrong by adding modern picture lights as seen on the left or the simplicity of a natural wood table lamp.

    Lights with Organic Materials

    1. Although modern the Cerno Mica Oiled Walnut LED Pendant Light sports great walnut detailing.

    2. The Lite Source Reaves Rattan Metal Pendant Light embodies classic organic lines and materials.

    3. I like the modern framing married to the earthy rope of the Uttermost Corda Textured Black Rust Pendant.

    4. Amorphic curves in the Arteriors Home Joss Neutral Glass Table Lamp makes this modern-organic.

    5. The Collapsible Bamboo Rice Paper Lantern Floor Lamp is timeless, Asian-inspired and reads organic from top to bottom.

    6. Slim and versatile, the Lite Source Linterna Bamboo Polished Steel Floor Lamp is a true space saver and infuses a bit of nature into any room.

    As you can see, there are many ways to design an organic style room without having to incorporate macrame!

    Photos: Domaine Home.

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