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  • The Eclectic Design Look & How to Get It

    The eclectic design style is something that you either love or hate. I like to acquaint it to jazz music in that it's cacophonously beautiful and layered, weird and wonderful. Here we share some tips on how to perfectly pull off an eclectic space in your home.

    Rooms decorated in the eclectic design style including living and dining rooms


    As you can see in the amazing inspiration images above from Eclectically Vintage, layering plays a huge role in creating a space with eclectic home decor. Layering can exist in so many different parts of your design. Layering rugs is so chic and easily achievable. Start off with a basic jute or neutral rug and lay a fun, patterned rug on top to add character and style. 


    Anyone who has told you that mixing patterns is a no-no simply needs to see these images. Florals with geometrics with stripes and toiles - all mixed perfectly and working with each other in beautiful harmony. The trick to getting this look right is sticking to a similar color palette. If your colors are pastel, stay with pastels, or if you're going for bold graphics, keep all your patterns bold and geometric. One thing with the eclectic look is a lot of volume, so don't be afraid to turn it up.


    In eclectic design you will never see one note of texture. Often there will be fur, jute, leather, linen, cotton, velvet and stone. That is just how eclectic people roll. They are not afraid to mix textures together to create depth and interest within the space. The key is difference that compliments with a touch of flair.

    Image Source: Eclectically Vintage

  • Cottage Style Home Decor: Get the Look

    Cottage style home decor in a living room

    When you think of cottage style home decor what comes to mind?

    Chippy wood, farmhouse patterns, painted furniture, white ware platters, vintage wood floors, baskets and bins and grain sack fabrics are all staples of cottage style home decor.

    But it's so more than that.

    It's about scrabble games and baskets of fresh flowers and the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven and friends and family celebrating over a glass of sweet tea.

    Cottage style home decor is all about making a house into a home.

    Want to introduce a little cottage into your decor?

    Here's a few tips to get you started.

    Balls made of twine in a white ware bowl in a cottage style living room

    1.  Painted furniture

    Cottage style home decor is all about individuality and nothing is as unique as creating your own painted furniture masterpiece.

    Start with pieces from the thrift store or estate sales and paint a design to match your own decor.

    If painted furniture projects seem a little overwhelming, there are a great variety of painted furniture designs available in different patterns and colors. Like this beautiful antiqued console table with a hand-painted scrolling leaf motif.

    Re-purposed metal baskets used as storage and decor

    2.  Unusual storage options

    With cottage style home decor, storage can be fun and unique.

    Store office supplies in an old post office box or blankets in an over-sized basket or dishes stacked in a glass cloche next to an oval mirror.

    Repurpose and think outside the box when it comes to organization and storage for your home

    Antiqued breakfront displaying white dishware

    3.  Mix in the old with the new

    Cottage style home decor is a blending of the present with the past.

    Start with linen chairs with nail head trim and layer in a tufted ottoman and white ware dishes.

    Complete the look with a natural fiber rug and a little bit of history like vintage architectural pieces or even a stylish industrial ceiling fan.

    Wooden cottage-style love seat under shelf displaying flowers in mason jars

    4.  Finish the look with fresh flowers

    Nothing says cottage style home decor more than adding in fresh flowers.

    Fill urns, like this small urn in a distressed antique white finish, baskets and mason jars with the flowers of the season.

    You can also bring a little of the outside in with branches, leaves, grasses and reclaimed wood for a unique addition to any space.

    Whether it's chippy wood, painted furniture, woven baskets or vintage floors, cottage home decor creates a welcoming atmosphere.

    It's warm, inviting, goes perfectly with sweet tea.....

    .....and transforms a house into a home.

    Photo credits:  Thistlewood Farms

  • Global Decor Inspiration

    My style is eclectic.

    It’s a mix of old and new, high and low, vintage finds, antiques and global décor that I’ve picked up in my travels.

    I love nothing better than surrounding myself with objects that have meaning and that means my home will never be cookie cutter.

    Here are some of my favorite ways to add unique personality to any room.

    Global decor in bedroom with multi-color intricately patterned area rug

    Intricately patterned rugs from the Middle East add color, pattern and personality to any room. Use the rug as a jumping off point for the color palette by choosing two or three colors to scatter around the room.

    Bedroom with a Suzani hanging on wall behind the bed

    In Persian, suzani means needle and they were typically made by Central Asian brides as part of their dowry. Today, vntage suzanis have a time worn character that is perfect for displaying on a wall or draping over a sofa or bed to add texture and color.

    African baskets form a gallery wall in a rustic dining room

    Hand woven African baskets create an interesting gallery wall full of texture. They also make an interesting conversation piece.

    Living room with global decor including a leather Moroccan pouf and Chinese-style coffee and side tables

    Sometimes a room just needs a fun finishing touch like a brightly colored Moroccan pouf.

    Try looking at your home in a new light to see where you can add an unexpected, one of a kind piece to add personality.

    For more inspiration, check out the Global Decor section of Lamps Plus' Shop-by-Trend feature.

    Image Sources: Better Homes & Gardens; Better Homes & Gardens; Martyn Lawrence Bullard; Jute Home; Better Homes & Gardens

  • How to Select the Perfect Dining Room Chandelier

    Transitional wood chandelier over dining table

    So, you're ready to buy a chandelier for your dining room. With 1000s of chandeliers to choose from, how do you know which one is right?

    There are a few steps to finding the perfect chandelier for your space. 

    Before you even start looking, decide on a style. Are you going for a more contemporary look? Possibly traditional? Somewhere in-between?

    Crystal chandeliers tend to be more traditional, while those made of chrome and glass will create a more modern vibe. Do you like the industrial look? Try a chandelier made of iron. These material suggestions aren't rules written in stone, there are always exceptions!

    Think your decision through and make sure you really like the chandelier - it's an extension of your style and lighting is an important detail in your design.

    Next up is the size. Scale is very important when it comes to chandeliers. A too-small chandelier will get lost in a large room, and a too-big chandelier will overpower the space.

    Watch the video for tips on how to buy the chandelier that is just right for your dining room:

    Here are two different ways to decide the correct size of your chandelier:

    How to measure for a chandelier using a room's dimensions

    How to choose a chandelier using your dining table size

    If you want to know more about choosing chandeliers and what to look for when picking one for a room other than the dining room, read our Tips for Buying Chandeliers.

    Image Source: Lamps Plus

  • Unique Double Vanities for your Master Bathroom

    When you think of a master bathroom, you think of a double vanity. One in which you and your significant other can have your own space to carry out your daily routine.

    When most people think of a double vanity, they usually think of one furniture piece with two sinks and two bathroom mirrors above, however you have to free yourself of this traditional standard.

    Double vanities can be arranged in a number of ways, and these amazing inspiration images from Architectural Digest will inspire you to change up the way you think of a double vanity.

    master bathroom with two pedestal sinks and two mirrors in antique frames

    The antique-lover will surely swoon over the above image. Classic antique styling with the bathroom mirrors adds a fun, mismatched twist that makes this space so chic. Splitting the sinks awards you your own space, even when you don't have much space to spare.

    Vanity in bathroom with turquoise wallpaper

    Clean deco lines and a ridiculously cool teal wallpaper make this master bathroom a contender for one of the coolest I have seen lately. While these may be just decorative bowls on each side, imagine plumbing them as vessel sinks with a gorgeous, tall faucet. Anyone would want to freshen up in this beautiful space.

    luxurious master bathroom with soaking tub and large modern brass chandelier

    For a classic space that is equal parts masculine and feminine, contemporary and classic, look no further than this huge master bathroom above.

    If you have the space, and storage isn't a huge concern, consider splitting your sink areas with a petit built in bench. It can be used for styling as it is above, or a place to take a load off when you need a seat whilst staring out the window of your massively beautiful bathroom.

    Bathroom with wall treatment to resemble marble, two white pedestal sinks and antiqued wall sconces

    What better way to make a punch with your design style than to plaster your walls in amazing marble slabs. These walls do all the talking, while the rest of the bathroom is kept substantially subtle.

    Individual pedestal sinks float in front of the marble and offer separation while almost disappearing. The brass faucet accents make me immensely happy.

    Rustic bathroom with exposed wood beams and vintage-look double vanity

    This industrial, reclaimed bathroom makes me want to take a trip to the woods and never ever leave. You can tell that these vanities are custom made with the homeowners in mind as there is immense attention to detail.

    I love how each piece of the vanity is separate, from the sink to the faucet to the mirror and topped off with wall sconces.

    Rustic bathroom with exposed wood beams and ceiling, hand-carved wood vanities and soaking tub under lantern chandelier

    The classic country cottage master bathroom is a lesson in how to work with wood. The amazing, old roof served as inspiration for the hand carved vanities and beautiful, wide plank flooring. Reversing the direction of the flooring where the tub lies perfectly lines up with the separation of the vanities and adds a subtle design detail that is on point with the look of this space.

    Image Sources: Architectural Digest

  • Trend Alert: Bar Stool Style

    A group of industrial looking barstools

    I remember when I was younger coming home from school, dropping my backpack beside the front door, perching on a stool at our kitchen island and drinking milk and dipping Oreos.

    I was bursting at the seams to tell my mother about the day.

    And she would pause what she was doing and lean over the counter and make me feel like I was the most important person on earth.

    The kitchen is, was and always will be the heart of the home.

    The place where stories are told and algebra problems are solved and the challenges and triumphs of the day are discussed in great detail.

    Need an easy kitchen furniture update?

    Here's some fun, unique and creative suggestions for both standard height bar stools and stylish counter bar stools in a variety of decorating styles.

    Adjustable industrial wood barstool with metal base

    1.  Farmhouse Style

    This industrial wood bar stool is a the perfect balance of industrial style and farmhouse utility.

    Pair this piece with a barn wood table and a pitcher of sweet tea.

    Enjoy the laid-back comfort and effortless style that is all things farmhouse.

    Contemporary adjustable acrylic barstool

    2.  Contemporary Style

    This clear acrylic bar stool with it's sleek lines and contemporary styling is the perfect accent for a contemporary kitchen or space.

    It's an inexpensive design option that packs style along with a clear, acrylic seat and shiny chrome base.

    Add it to a space with a furry white rug, chrome fixtures and white leather seats for a classic contemporary space.

    Adjustable walnut bentwood barstool with faux leather seat

    3.  Transitional Style

    The gleaming silver base and unique wood cut-out back of this adjustable bar stool are at home in a variety of decor and design styles.

    The faux black leather seat combines effortlessly with the rich tones of the walnut wood and an adjustable base.

    This bar stool is the perfect transitional piece for contemporary, as well as more traditional spaces.

    Traditional barstool of warm wood with a vintage metal reproduction base

    4.  Traditional Style

    The clean lines of this traditional bar stool combines warm wood with a vintage metal reproduction base.

    The piece is bar stool height, swivels and features a contoured back for comfort and usability.

    This stool would pair perfectly with a vintage oak counter and grain sack pillows.

    Brown linen upholstered tufted barstool with distressed legs

    5.  Upholstered Style

    This tufted, brown, linen upholstered stool has tiny buttons and slightly curved arms and distressed wood legs.

    Add upholstered style to your space with the clean, traditional lines of this bar stool.

    This stool would be the perfect accompaniment for a bar or table in a great room or game room in a home.

    So gather the scrabble board, grab the homework and put the oreos and milk on the counter.

    The bar stool is ready to take its place at the table.

    Whether farmhouse, traditional, upholstered, contemporary or transitional, a bar stool is an easy, inexpensive option to add style to your space.

    Photo Credit:  Photo 1:  HGTV

  • Find Room Design Ideas on!

    Find Room Ideas - Lamps Plus Shop by Room

    Have you ever decided to design or re-design a room and felt stumped and can't figure out where to start? Shop by Room may be the help you've been looking for!

    Urban living room design ideas with items available for purchase from Lamps Plus

    Lamps Plus has hundreds of inspiring room ideas for you to peruse. Find ideas for these rooms in Shop by Room:

    • Bathrooms
    • Bedrooms
    • Dining Rooms
    • Entryways
    • Hallways
    • Kitchens
    • Living Rooms/Great Rooms
    • Offices
    • Outdoor Living

    Many of the items featured in room scenes are available for purchase.

    Shop by Room regularly adds new images and products to inspire you, and the best part is that we do all the work and you get all the credit!

    Be sure to check out the Lamps Plus YouTube channel for more design tips and ideas.

  • 5 Tips on How to Style Bookshelves

    Bookshelves have universal appeal, necessary for storing books, of course, but also a place to display art and collected things.

    Bookshelves are more stylish when the arrangement is considered and not just an afterthought.

    Make the most use of your bookshelves as a practical storage solution, but also visually appealing with these five tips:

    1. Allow for white space:

    Bookshelves look best when they're not overcrowded. Resist the temptation to overfill them for the sake of convenience and instead allow for purposeful gaps in order to create a more attractive arrangement and to give the eye a place to rest.

    White built-in bookshelves with colorful books and objects

    2. Include Artwork

    Bookshelves aren't just for books! Take the opportunity to include favorite framed works of art or photographs and vary the size and placement.

    Dove gray built-in bookshelves displaying framed artwork

    3. Color it Up:

    Bookshelves are another opportunity to introduce color into your home, painting the backs transforms the ordinary shelving unit into something special and provides a focal point for your favorite things on display.

    White bookshelf with brightly painted backs

    4. Hang Mirrors or Artwork:

    The frames of your bookshelves are not to be ignored. Consider a unique work of art or mirror to suspend on your bookshelves for added dimension and another layer of interest.

    Brown and red ikat chairs in front of white bookshelf with basket storage underneath

    5. Be Wild & Free:

    There's no requirement that you need built-ins to have stylish bookshelves. As an alternative, consider a freestanding unit and style it with the same design principles. Balance your display with a mixture of books, collectibles, and artwork in interesting balanced arrangements.

    Gray-green chaise in front of industrial-style free-standing wood and iron etagere

    Find a wide variety of living room bookshelves for your home at Lamps Plus. These four wood versions will add warmth to your abode and can be tucked anywhere along a wall for added style and storage.

    Selection of free-standing wood bookcases from Lamps Plus

    Pictured: Carmeno 3 Shelf Espresso Bookcase; Stratford Weathered Wood Etagere; Pemberton Barnside 5 Shelf Bookcase; Uttermost Silver and Walnut Etagere.

    Books and things collected over time add personality and charm to any home. With a little thought and careful placement, your bookshelves will serve your storage needs and also be attractive to all those who visit!

    Image sources: My Domaine; Better Homes and Gardens; VT Wonen; Better Homes and Gardens; My Domaine.

  • Lighting in Small Bedroom Design

    A Narrow Bedroom with Modern Wall Lights

    Lighting in small bedroom design is one of the easiest design projects, ever. My new obsession is Remodelista which had fabulous pictures of smaller scale bedrooms that showed a wide array of lighting options that could be applied to your own home.

    Smaller Bedrooms with Small Scale Lighting

    Let’s face it, bedrooms can serve a multitude of functions and having the right lighting is key. Small bedrooms with small nightstands should naturally have beautiful table lamps that don't take up much space. But, if you have a super wee bedroom, you may wish to think outside the box.

    If surface space is scarce try hanging modern pendant lights from the ceiling. Not only is it unexpected, it’s a good way to light the room and take up very little space.

    Various Ligthing Solutions for Small Bedrooms

    Two other options are space savers as well as functional. Floor lamps are a great option in small bedroom design if you don’t have room for bedside tables, as are swing arm lamps. Floor lamps take up virtually no room and will offer better overall lighting, while the wall lights will create better task and reading light.

    After making sure the room is super stylish, your overall goal should be a combination of various light sources which is very easy to make happen even if your bedroom is short on space.

    Modern Lights for Bedrooms

    1. Whether on a desk or nightstand the contemporary Lite Source Halogen Counter-Balance Arm Desk Lamp is modern yet timeless.

    2. No worries if you have no room for bedside tables, look up with the George Kovacs Clear Glass Mini Pendant Light.

    3. Try the sleek Sputnik White Reader Touch LED Floor Lamp in lieu of bedside tables and lamps.

    4. A bedside table lamp like the classic Arteriors Home Kristie White Glass Bottle Table Lamp is a good looking basic.

    5. Free up nightstand surface space if you mount the plug-in Regina-Andrew Arc 21" Metal Wall Sconce.

    Photos: Remodelista.

  • Unique Kitchen Island Design

    Kitchen island design with bar height stools and glass pendants

    A vital part of  the design plan when it comes to your kitchen is the kitchen island design. When I renovated my old house, the number one thing on my wish list was creating my dream kitchen.

    To me, that meant classic style including marble counters, wood floors and a farmhouse sink, all centered around an island where my friends and family could gather.

    Almost anything goes when designing a kitchen island. Whether you decide to go with classic materials or a taller island where you can gather lots of bar height stools there is something for everyone.

    An antique chest of drawers converted into a kitchen island

    An antique chest of drawers adds character to this white kitchen as well as extra storage.

    A double-sided kitchen island with chrome and wood bar height stools

    A double-sided island allows for an easy flow of conversation and can replace the need for a kitchen table.

    A portable stainless steel cart used as a kitchen island

    Don’t think you have enough space for an island? A stainless steel cart on wheels can be moved in and out of the kitchen as needed and the open shelves are perfect for storing everyday items.

    Unique kitchen island design with a live-edge wooden counter and turquoise base

    The kitchen island design above is the focal point of the kitchen with a live edge counter and a pop of fun color.

    A square, white-washed kitchen island with extra-large scale linen pendant above

    Islands can take on any shape to fit the space, as can be seen from this small square island with a dramatic light fixture centered above.

    A narrow white table-like kitchen island with turned legs and lower shelf for storage

    Can’t find it? DIY it and build your dream island to perfectly suit your needs.

    How would you design your dream kitchen island?

    Image Sources: Eclectically Vintage; DIY Showoff; Better Homes & Gardens; Dear Lillie; The White Buffalo Styling Co.; Country Living; Rain on a Tin Roof

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