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  • Art Inspiration Series - Monet's Colorful Spring Gardens

    For my last installment of the art inspiration series we are hitting it hard with the master of the garden, Claude Monet. His depictions of gardens stemmed from his love of gardening himself  and the expressive, moving pieces he created are an easy inspiration point for interior design.

    Interiors, like fine art, balance color, composition and perception to create a visually pleasing final product. Using Monet's Water Lilies (1914-1915) as our inspiration today we get to dive into deep, rich colors and subtle, reflective surfaces as we use this piece for our home design inspiration.

    Monet's Water Lilies

    Some of Monet's most famous subjects were the now infamous water lilies he painted over and over again. They float freely with no constraints, appearing as being both present and reflections all at once. The deep, dark color palette magically intoxicating, with hints of bright, light pops.

    Creating this look in your home design means injecting rich hues, powerful color choices and soft lines. 

    Furniture, lighting and wall art inspired by Monet's Water Lilies from Lamps Plus

    True to Monet's piece, the major elements of your room should pack the most colorful, rich punch. A teal nailhead accent chair makes a strong statement in your room, while simultaneously being an approachable, comparable color. 

    The swirling aqua glass pendant light not only flows and floats like water, but the aqua color is so rich and vibrant. Beautiful glass pendant lights are an excellent way to bring a soft, flowing glow into a space.

    The faint hints of white and red flowers atop the lilies are small but utterly important. They inject contrast and depth to the image, and the same can be done for your interior design.

    Sophisticated mirrored wall sconces like the polished nickel double wall sconce hint at contrast while also having that reflective quality you see in Monet's piece. And the final addition of floral canvas wall art brings subtle, soft color contrast to your overall design.

    Be sure to check out my other posts from the Art Inspiration Series about Caillebotte's Colorful Spring Gardens and Parson's Colorful Spring Gardens

    Image Source: Allison Rosenberg

  • Unique Double Vanities for your Master Bathroom

    When you think of a master bathroom, you think of a double vanity. One in which you and your significant other can have your own space to carry out your daily routine.

    When most people think of a double vanity, they usually think of one furniture piece with two sinks and two bathroom mirrors above, however you have to free yourself of this traditional standard.

    Double vanities can be arranged in a number of ways, and these amazing inspiration images from Architectural Digest will inspire you to change up the way you think of a double vanity.

    master bathroom with two pedestal sinks and two mirrors in antique frames

    The antique-lover will surely swoon over the above image. Classic antique styling with the bathroom mirrors adds a fun, mismatched twist that makes this space so chic. Splitting the sinks awards you your own space, even when you don't have much space to spare.

    Vanity in bathroom with turquoise wallpaper

    Clean deco lines and a ridiculously cool teal wallpaper make this master bathroom a contender for one of the coolest I have seen lately. While these may be just decorative bowls on each side, imagine plumbing them as vessel sinks with a gorgeous, tall faucet. Anyone would want to freshen up in this beautiful space.

    luxurious master bathroom with soaking tub and large modern brass chandelier

    For a classic space that is equal parts masculine and feminine, contemporary and classic, look no further than this huge master bathroom above.

    If you have the space, and storage isn't a huge concern, consider splitting your sink areas with a petit built in bench. It can be used for styling as it is above, or a place to take a load off when you need a seat whilst staring out the window of your massively beautiful bathroom.

    Bathroom with wall treatment to resemble marble, two white pedestal sinks and antiqued wall sconces

    What better way to make a punch with your design style than to plaster your walls in amazing marble slabs. These walls do all the talking, while the rest of the bathroom is kept substantially subtle.

    Individual pedestal sinks float in front of the marble and offer separation while almost disappearing. The brass faucet accents make me immensely happy.

    Rustic bathroom with exposed wood beams and vintage-look double vanity

    This industrial, reclaimed bathroom makes me want to take a trip to the woods and never ever leave. You can tell that these vanities are custom made with the homeowners in mind as there is immense attention to detail.

    I love how each piece of the vanity is separate, from the sink to the faucet to the mirror and topped off with wall sconces.

    Rustic bathroom with exposed wood beams and ceiling, hand-carved wood vanities and soaking tub under lantern chandelier

    The classic country cottage master bathroom is a lesson in how to work with wood. The amazing, old roof served as inspiration for the hand carved vanities and beautiful, wide plank flooring. Reversing the direction of the flooring where the tub lies perfectly lines up with the separation of the vanities and adds a subtle design detail that is on point with the look of this space.

    Image Sources: Architectural Digest

  • Find Your Outdoor Dining Style

    Selecting an outdoor dining table can be a daunting task. There are so many out there to choose from, and in addition to that you have to consider how well the pieces will weather in the elements.

    Luckily we have broken down some of the most popular designs styles for our round up of outdoor tables from Lamps Plus where you are sure to find one that suits your taste and style. 

    Cast iron bistro set on stone terrace with topiaries

    This dainty and detailed cast iron bistro set transports me right to a French bistro in the countryside. This set is perfect for smaller spaces where you want to pack a big design punch as so much detailing is worked into every inch. For a more feminine, intimate vibe this is perfect for you. 

    Brown faux wicker dining set with table and four dining chairs

    If you like a minimal, modern look, a classic wicker dining set is perfect for you. Wicker furniture has been popular now for some time and with good reason. This set is durable enough to stand up to many seasons of use, and the streamlined minimal lines make it adaptable to a wide range of tastes and styles.

    Sky blue and white metal retro dining set in backyard setting

    For all the flea market frequenters out there - if you cant find the perfect authentic vintage dining set, this retro sky blue and white metal dining set is the perfect substitution. The funky shape of the chairs paired with a bold color create a fun and interesting patio set that you'll enjoy showing off all summer long.

    Eucalyptus wood 4-piece round table dining set on poolside wood deck

    Another classic choice for your dining set is wood. Eucalyptus and teak are the most popular wood choices for outdoor tables because of the hard nature of the wood, however the wood will need some conditioning season after season so make sure not to neglect it.

    This 4-piece dining set with a round table in Eucalyptus wood has a rich, warm feel for those looking for a contemporary but natural style.

    What is your outdoor dining style?

    Images: Lamps Plus

  • Global Decor Inspiration

    My style is eclectic.

    It’s a mix of old and new, high and low, vintage finds, antiques and global décor that I’ve picked up in my travels.

    I love nothing better than surrounding myself with objects that have meaning and that means my home will never be cookie cutter.

    Here are some of my favorite ways to add unique personality to any room.

    Global decor in bedroom with multi-color intricately patterned area rug

    Intricately patterned rugs from the Middle East add color, pattern and personality to any room. Use the rug as a jumping off point for the color palette by choosing two or three colors to scatter around the room.

    Bedroom with a Suzani hanging on wall behind the bed

    In Persian, suzani means needle and they were typically made by Central Asian brides as part of their dowry. Today, vntage suzanis have a time worn character that is perfect for displaying on a wall or draping over a sofa or bed to add texture and color.

    African baskets form a gallery wall in a rustic dining room

    Hand woven African baskets create an interesting gallery wall full of texture. They also make an interesting conversation piece.

    Living room with global decor including a leather Moroccan pouf and Chinese-style coffee and side tables

    Sometimes a room just needs a fun finishing touch like a brightly colored Moroccan pouf.

    Try looking at your home in a new light to see where you can add an unexpected, one of a kind piece to add personality.

    For more inspiration, check out the Global Decor section of Lamps Plus' Shop-by-Trend feature.

    Image Sources: Better Homes & Gardens; Better Homes & Gardens; Martyn Lawrence Bullard; Jute Home; Better Homes & Gardens

  • Lighting Up Your Outdoor Living Room

    I am a big believer in the idea that an outdoor patio space should be considered an outdoor room. A place where lazy summer days and warm summer nights are spent with family and friends. And that outdoor living room should be as comfortable and welcoming as any other room in your home. Complete with a sofa and comfy chairs and even outdoor floor lamps.

    Year round outdoor floor lamp glowing on patio
    All-weather outdoor floor lamps provide light of course, but they also bring a lot of charm and definitely make your outdoor living room feel more 'lived in'. If you aren't sure what the perfect type of outdoor floor lamp might be - I am sharing a few unique and fun ideas that you can find right here at Lamps Plus.

    Light Up the Night with a Tree

    Something fun that also provides a little light and definitely a lot of ambiance - how about this fun Cherry Blossom LED Tree?

    LED tree outdoor floor lamp
    Much easier to place this light on your patio than to spend hours stringing lights while on a ladder - and this one is easy to tuck in spots where you may not have a tree to light up.

    Bringing the Indoors OUT

    I am totally in love with lighting outdoors that makes it feel like your patio is a room - and the Phoebe Al Fresco Outdoor Floor Lamp from Robert Abbey does just that. The size and shape will make your patio feel like an outdoor oasis - and the shade is available in a variety of colors to match whatever style and color theme your patio has going on.

    Stately column outdoor floor lamp with coral shadeSun Powered

    Something that may be a concern for you when it comes to outdoor lighting - a lack of outdoor outlets. So in the case that you do not want to run oodles of extension cords from the house to your patio - think solar. Sun power is good - and it is definitely good for lighting up the patio with a bamboo look solar powered floor lamp.

    Bamboo look solar powered outdoor floor lamp
    And that very first lamp that I shared - that is the all year long Beach Outdoor Floor Lamp is a lamp that can withstand all kinds of weather - including rain and snow. And that definitely makes it a favorite for those open air patios and for enjoying year round.

    Year-round outdoor floor lamp with aluminum base

    No matter if your patio is covered or open to the stars - or if you have power available - there is an outdoor floor lamp that is perfect for you and your outdoor living room. Which one is your favorite?

    Images: Lamps Plus

  • A Living Room with a View

    One thing people sometimes forget to take into consideration when designing their interiors are their exteriors.

    If you are lucky enough to have a home that is surrounded by lush vegetation, a vast lake, crashing waves or tall trees this should be celebrated and incorporated into your design. 

    Often times your living room is on the first or ground floor, but every now and again you get an elevated view with such spectacular visuals that can not be ignored.

    Dwell gives us some amazing living rooms that truly celebrate their exterior surroundings.

    Contemporary living rooms that take advantage of outdoor views

    OK now that you are drunk on amazingly beautiful design inspiration, here are some keys to create the perfect living room with a view:

    1. Minimalism with Furniture

    As you'll notice above, the furniture in a living room that celebrates the exterior views is very minimal. High quality, stylish sofas are paired with vintage-inspired accent chairs and minimal coffee tables to create a palette for the vistas to shine.

    2. Monochromatic Palette

    Whether its lush trees, vast lakes or a barren winter wonderland, your living room furniture and accessories should let the exteriors become the focal point.

    Who needs loud, vibrant art when you look out on the tops of bright green tress. Keeping the palette of your furniture clean and simple truly lets nature's palette come center stage.

    3. Streamlined Architecture

    While the architecture of the home is not always something you have control over, keep in mind that the less going on architecturally, the more the eye forgets its there and can truly see the outside as part of the inside design.

    Large windows uncluttered with decoration and detail simply frame the views you are lucky enough to have.

    4. Unobstructive Lighting

    You will notice in the living rooms above, there is almost no sign of dominant lighting. These rooms rely heavily on the large windows to drench the space with natural light for as many hours a day as possible.

    Even when the sun goes down, the lack of light helps to keep the space exuding that indoor/outdoor feel. Recessed lights or minimalist, well-designed pendant lights are your best bet to complete the space.

    Images: Dwell

  • Gather Around an Outdoor Fire Pit this Summer

    Have I told you that I am a big fan of entertaining outdoors? From hosting dinner parties to relaxing on the patio to enjoying the beauty and ambiance of an outdoor fire pit in the orchard.

    Outdoor metal fire pit in orchard with wicker chairs and candles
    Being outside among nature and the fresh air is a favorite thing - especially during summer when the days stay light longer and seem to invite you to linger just a bit.

    Fire pit areas are super easy to incorporate whether your yard is large or small. They can be tucked into a corner with just a couple of chairs or placed in the center of your yard with a seating group for friends and family to enjoy. And one of my favorite looks for traditional or modern outdoor fire pits - is metal.

    Metal adds another layer of charm to a fire pit area - and this Copper Kettle Tub Fire Pit with that shiny metal and pretty ring accents on the sides is definitely a stunner. I can see this in a very serene space with a calming outdoor fountain running in the background.

    Copper metal fire pit withe large ring accents

    For smaller spaces - the Barbados Copper Fire Pit, measuring just 18" across, is perfect. Definitely one that you can tuck into a spot in the smallest of yards.

    Small hammered metal fire pit
    And for those larger, more indulgent spaces where you really want to gather a ton of chairs around - I am in love with this Glendale Round Steel Fire Pit with a tile surround. Measuring at 40" across - it will leave plenty of spots for chairs for friends and family.

    Large powdercoated steel fire pit with tile surround on patio
    From classic style to simple and sweet to knock your socks off - there are so many different options and styles of outdoor fire pits available at Lamps Plus. And they are a perfect way to wind down at the end of a summer day, and enjoy an evening by the fire out under the stars.

    I think I am ready for a few s'mores - what about you?

    Images: French Country Cottage; Lamps Plus

  • Create the Perfect Outdoor Conversation Seating Area

    The long summer nights beckon us to linger outside for hours on end. Making sure there is stylish outdoor conversation seating arrangements outside help to keep you and your friends and family comfortable all night long is a necessity.

    There are many elements that come together to create the perfect conversational setup including furniture, accessories, lighting and accents. Lets take a look at what it takes to create the ideal layout to enjoy summer all night and all season long.

    Outdoor conversation seating area with outdoor fire pit in the center

    I seriously just want to hang on this patio for the rest of my life. Beautiful rustic yet streamlined pieces come together seamlessly to create a look that anyone can appreciate and everyone will love.

    The addition of styling elements like outdoor accent pillows and a serving tray help to make this space feel as cared for and meticulously designed as the interior rooms in your home. Lets break down the look so you can easily recreate it in your own backyard.

    Two of the most important elements in the space are the outdoor fire pit and the tiered outdoor fountain. The interesting swap of a faux stone floor fountain inside the outdoor fireplace and a slate and steel fire pit as the anchor for the furniture arrangement creates interest and excitement in the space. 

    Arranging the outdoor furniture in a circle around the fire pit makes it easy to communicate with everyone in the group as well as add additional seating or rearrange if necessary. Adirondack chairs in a natural finish are a timeless and durable design that can blend with any style aesthetic.

    The ultimate addition to any outdoor space to make it feel the most like an intimate interior room is the addition of hardwired outdoor lighting. Slate and bronze outdoor sconces are contemporary but not cold. The modern lines and weathered finish mean the outdoor lights will age beautifully and illuminate your conversations long into the night.

    What elements do you combine to create a stylish outdoor conversation seating arrangement? 

    Image: Lamps Plus

  • Art Inspiration Series - Caillebotte's Colorful Spring Gardens

    When I heard about an art exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts in London that focused on spring garden depictions, I knew I had to visit. The pieces were so inspiring because of their bright colors, beautiful subject matter and stunning interpretations. 

    Some amazing artists were featured in the exhibit and I chose three of my favorites for an Art Inspiration Series taking these pieces and translating them into beautiful interior design that anyone can achieve in their own home. For the first installation we take a look at Gustave Caillebotte's Nasturtiums, 1892

    Gustave Caillebotte's Nasturiums painting in a carved gold picture frame

    Caillebotte's piece caught my eye because of the brilliant, pink background. It almost feels like pop art way before its time intermixed with soft, swirling floral features. The vines pop off the pink background and become the focal point. The soft pink background feels ethereal, and the little orange flowers add depth and contrast.

    When translating this into interior design, you have to make sure not to make too many bold color statements. Choosing the green color to make the statement with a beautiful fabric sofa and allowing the other colors to round out the accents makes this beautiful spring-inspired living room come together beautifully.

    Spring-inspired living room design scheme with styles from Lamps Plus

    Choosing your sofa first sets the stage for creating the rest of the room. This green velvet button tufted sofa is so striking, yet the velvet texture allows it to have the same soft feel as the vines in the painting.

    Contrasting the leaves in the piece are little stems that help to offset the power green color. Just the same, this jute and wool area rug lays a base for your design that is neutral yet still has depth and texture.

    There is no denying the importance of the pink background in our inspiration image. Hanging a detailed wall mirror against a white wall is unusual and interesting, just like our art piece. This pink bone inlay mirror is delicate yet full of intricacies.

    And in a final nod to a slight feel of early pop art in this piece, I decided to let the orange flowers translate into a funky orange owl table lamp. The lamp doesn't become a focal point, but rather adds an important layer to the overall color palette.

    Images: Allison Rosenberg

  • The Perfect Outdoor Dining Set

    When it comes to finding the perfect outdoor table and chair... and sifting and sorting through option after option... you may find yourself asking... does the perfect one exist?

    Charming outdoor dining area under the trees

    Well, today I am going to delve into the world of outdoor tables and talk about some of my favorite options for them.

    From things like gorgeous acacia wood... to modern wicker all the way to gorgeous retro style - because somewhere out there you will find some of THE most perfect outdoor dining sets.

    One of my favorite looks on the patio is gorgeous detailed metal table and chairs, like the Floral Blossom Dining Set. They have some of the most intricate and delicate details with scrolls and flowers often times molded into the frames. And metal sets can evoke English Cottage style on a patio with a charming elegant look and feeling.

    Metal dining set with intricate details on slate patio

    They come in all shapes and sizes - from seating for 8 to seating for 2 with a bistro set, like the La Fleur Bronze Outdoor Bistro Set below.

    Metal bistro set on brick patio surrounded by plants

    I am a huge fan of vintage style furniture - and Orson Outdoor Dining Set is retro perfection. I love the bold green and white - but it is available in a variety of colors to add your perfect vintage flair to your yard.

    Retro dining set in bright green in a backyard

    And for another option- wooden table and folding chairs

    Outdoor dining set with folding wood chairs on stone patio

    The Amazonian Milano Patio Dining Set will add charm to patios of all shapes and sizes. A favorite look is this style on simple pea gravel for a European elegance.

    Wood patio outdoor dining sets, like the DeAngelo Extendable Table Dining Set, are another one of my favorite styles. I love the classic feeling they have - and they are at home on a formal patio or an informal patio style - which makes them perfect for nearly any style.

    Eucalyptus wood 11-piece outdoor dining set

    Of course with so many choices, I would be forgetting a huge option if I left out all-weather wicker chairs and tables. A modern and yet classic style that is perfect for so many styles - from coastal to traditional.

    All-weather wicker outdoor dining set poolsideAnd I have to be honest, this might be a new favorite- this very classic Antigua Rattan Patio Dining Set.

    So charming and so many beachy possibilities. Paired with  a tropical look -  it is a little slice of beach side dining right in your backyard.

    Tropical rattan dining set under outdoor ceiling fan

    Add a stylish and functional outdoor patio umbrella - to provide some pleasant shade - so you can enjoy dining outdoors even when the sun is at its strongest.

    No matter what your favorite look or style is - there is a ton of options for finding the perfect outdoor dining set for you over at Lamps Plus. What is your favorite style?

    Image source: French Country Cottage; Lamps Plus

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