Umbrella LED Light PictureEnjoy perfectly lit family dinners in your backyard! Patio umbrellas shade you from the sun during the day. However, they do not traditionally have a practical function in the evening and their comforting, shielding shape goes unappreciated.

Adding a light to the inside of a patio umbrella is a great idea but it requires that the attachable light can be battery operated to avoid dangling cords and dangerous exposed wiring.

Umbrella LED Light PhotoLED bulbs are a perfect design solution to this limitation. They require minimal electric power and can run on standard AA batteries. LED bulbs do not radiate heat and can therefore safely be attached to a canvas or cloth umbrella.

Grouped together in this Umbrella Patio Light from Westinghouse, LED bulbs can light up a table top so that your family can enjoy a well-lit meal. You may find other uses for the umbrella light, as well, it fits on any 1 1/3" to 1 2/3" wide pole.

Post update: the umbrella light mentioned in this post is currently sold out. But you can browse our selection of  LED lighting designs for our newest products.