Just for fun, I'll be doing a monthly series on the signs of the Zodiac. Each month I'll pick out a couple items that fit the sign. Let's take a closer look at Scorpio, shall we?

Dear Scorpios ... Your outlook for the month is somewhat hazy. Well, not so much hazy, but dim. Consider a couple of stylish new table lamps to brighten up your month!

Haeger Potteries Table Lamp Picture










Scorpios' birthstone is topaz, so the Topaz Veranda Ceramic table lamp from Haeger Potteries is perfect. Scorpios are determined, tenancious and perservering -- qualities that have kept the Haeger Potteries brand at the forefront of ceramic crafts for over 130 years.


Passion Arc Table Lamp











Scorpios are passionate and intense, just like the Passion Arc desk lamp! With a bold red shade and languidly contoured frame, this design is dripping with drama. Also available, the Passion Arc floor lamp.


Lovers Talk sculpture










Scorpio is deeply committed to relationships of all kinds. The Lovers Talk sculpture represents Scorpio's loyal and devotional side. Next month ... free-spirited and enterprising Sagittarius!