We are always grateful when you take the time to submit photos with a product reviews. Here are a few favorites:

Recessed Lighting Kitchen Image














In the recessed lighting category, GIl R used our energy efficient bulbs to brighten their kitchen without creating additional heat. They did a good job of placing the recessed fixtures to highlight their workspaces without being too rigidly patterned. Congratulations GIl R, this kitchen is very inviting.


Daytime Outdoor Lights 








Evening Outdoor Lights










Jack the Illuminator, a customer from Washington State, sent us two great-looking photos of his outdoor lights. One for the day and one for night. Thanks Jack! They look great. 

George Kovacs Contemporary Living Room












RLwoman, from Florida, sent us a photo of her contemporary living room. Nice work! Both the table lamp and the floor lamp you picked look amazing. 

Thanks to all!