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  • Citizen Decorating: Check Out Our Talented Customers

    We are always grateful when you take the time to submit photos with a product reviews. Here are a few favorites:

     Energy Efficient Light Bulb

    In the recessed lighting category, "GIl R" used our energy efficient bulbs to brighten their kitchen without creating additional heat. They did a good job of placing the recessed fixtures to highlight their workspaces without being too rigidly patterned. Congratulations GIl R, this kitchen is very inviting.

     Mission Style Outdoor Wall Light


    "Jack the Illuminator", a customer from Washington State, sent us two great-looking photos of his outdoor lights. One for the day and one for night. Thanks Jack! They look great. 

    George Kovacs Arc Floor Lamp

    "RLwoman", from Florida, sent us a photo of her contemporary living room. Nice work! Both the table lamp and the George Kovacs arc floor lamp you picked look amazing. 

    Thanks to all!


  • Update Old Lamps with a New Finial

    Bird Lamp Finial

    Looking to get a little extra life out of your existing table lamps? Add a new lamp shade on top, or try updating the look of the lamp shade finial.

    The finial is the crowning ornamental detail at the top of the shade, and adding a new design can totally remake the look of a lamp. It's also a quick and easy switch to make.

    You can choose a new decorative design, add a look that harmonizes with the lamp body, or go for a finial style that accents other decor elements in your room.

    Green Ball Table Lamp Finial

    We like this kiwi green finial for contemporary lamps, or choose a whimsical figurine like this bird's nest finial for more traditional lamp designs.


  • Fall Back - Lighting Tips for Daylight Savings Time

    Antique Wall Clock Photo

    The end of daylight savings time is here, so don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour this Saturday.

    With the clock change and shorter days, we offer these lighting tips to keep your autumn and winter days glowing without your energy costs growing.

    1. Make the switch to low wattage compact fluorescent bulbs. Today?s CFL bulbs are available in a wide range of colors, plus they use up to 80% less energy and last 20 times longer than normal bulbs.

    2. Change dark lamp shades to lighter ones to allow more light into the room.

    3. Consider lighting products that feature full spectrum capabilities, which provide cost-efficient illumination that is very close to natural lighting we enjoy throughout spring and summer.

    4. Add a dimmer to your existing lighting.  Dimming your lights an average of 50 percent will cut home electricity usage a whopping 40 percent over time. It will also make your bulbs last 20 times longer, saving you the hassle of frequent and sometimes expensive bulb replacement.

    5. Place your floor lamps in corners so you will have two walls to reflect the light back into the room.  This is an easy way to create a brighter atmosphere without having to use extra light.

    6. Because the nights are longer, consider enhancing your landscape lighting so that you can enjoy your yard at night.  Use transformers with a timer and photocell to help you save money by lighting your yard more efficiently.


  • Two Quick and Easy Tips for Organic Style

    Zebra Stripe Chair Picture

    People are paying greater attention to our environment these days, and, similarly, decorators are getting more inspiration from the beauty of nature. Organic design captures the colors, curves, and textures of the great outdoors. Here are two ways to bring a bit of nature's beauty into your home. I've got a couple more tricks up my sleeve ... stay tuned for more in upcoming posts.

    Animal Prints - Zebra stripes, cowhide, and mock-croc create intriguing furniture, rugs, and decorative home accessories while adding undeniable pizzazz to a room. Use animal prints as a playful accent to add life and pop to any setting. We love this zebra print chair.

    Natural Fiber Area Rug Photo

    Natural Fiber Rugs - Rugs of all styles are being made from eco-friendly materials such as sisal, jute and bamboo. This jute rug was inspired by beautiful patterns in coral reefs. A great fit for chic, contemporary and Asian-themed rooms, too.


  • Lighting by the Stars -- Horoscope for Scorpios

    Just for fun, I'll be doing a monthly series on the signs of the Zodiac. Each month I'll pick out a couple items that fit the sign. Let's take a closer look at Scorpio, shall we?

    Dear Scorpios ... Your outlook for the month is somewhat hazy. Well, not so much hazy, but dim. Consider a couple of stylish new table lamps to brighten up your month!

    Haeger Potteries Table Lamp Picture










    Scorpios' birthstone is topaz, so the Topaz Veranda Ceramic table lamp from Haeger Potteries is perfect. Scorpios are determined, tenancious and perservering -- qualities that have kept the Haeger Potteries brand at the forefront of ceramic crafts for over 130 years.


    Passion Arc Table Lamp











    Scorpios are passionate and intense, just like the Passion Arc desk lamp! With a bold red shade and languidly contoured frame, this design is dripping with drama. Also available, the Passion Arc floor lamp.


    Lovers Talk sculpture










    Scorpio is deeply committed to relationships of all kinds. The Lovers Talk sculpture represents Scorpio's loyal and devotional side. Next month ... free-spirited and enterprising Sagittarius!

  • Chairside Chat

    Mackenzie Mirrored Accent Table

    One item from our furniture selection has proven surprisingly popular - the chairside table. They're perfect for fitting in between two chairs or recliners without taking up a lot of space like a conventional end table would. 

    Make yourself comfortable - these tables have shelves, drawers, and magazine racks for extra storage.

    This magazine rack version has extra storage and a grand look.

    A wedge shape fits easily almost anywhere.

    A country-cottage, handpainted table adds warmth to a room.


  • Ooh La La! Limoges Porcelain Wall Sconces

    Limoges Collection Leaves Wall Sconce

    Looking for a stunning wall sconce, created from fine materials, skillfully crafted, unique but not flashy, intricate but not gaudy, available in a range of designs to fit your particular taste?

    Meet the Limoges Collection of porcelain wall sconces.

    Limoges Collection Waves Wall Sconce

    Named for the French city famous for fine porcelain, there are several exquisite designs to choose from. Perfect for traditional and updated decors, too.

    Browse our selection of Limoges designer wall sconces here.


  • Materials Spotlight: Five Things You Didn't Know About Glass

    Art Glass at LAMPS PLUS

    I pulled these surprising tidbits from an in-depth article on the physics of glass which appeared in the New York Times:

    1. How glass transitions from a liquid to a solid form is an unsolved riddle that still incites fierce debate within the scientific community.

    2. That story about old glass window panes being uneven because their molecules are still in motion is false. Medieval glass makers just didn't have the technology to make even glass panes.

    3. The shape and structure you end up with after cooling glass varies with how long you allow it to cool down and transition to a solid. It can either shatter immediately or become the durable, sturdy glass you see everywhere around you.

    4. The scientific definition of glass includes all kinds of plastics and ceramics. Scientists see glass as any amorphous solid, meaning that the molecules are scrambled chaotically.

    5. There is ongoing academic research into the nature of glass that involves simulated computer models and experiments with vibration frequencies.

    Check out our selection of blown glass, to enjoy the fluidly solid, chaotic beauty up close. Seems like, the more you know about the things around you, the more amazing they become.

  • Get the Look: Table Lamps Inspired By Nature

    There's no doubt that "natural" is in. Not only are we looking for green products that tred lightly on the environment, but we also want decor accents that have been inspired by and reach out to nature. This includes colors such as golds, greens and browns, and the use of natural materials like wood and stone.

    The table lamps below perfectly express this trend with designs drawn from ocean and earth.

    Browse our table lamp selection for your own inspiration.

    Mother of Pearl Lamp Picture

    Water: Mother of Pearl Orb Table Lamp; mother of pearl tiles create a shimmering effect (above).

    Abalone Table Lamp Picture

    Water: Abalone Table Lamp; a divine look from Candice Olson.

    Earth: Bristol Creme Malfi Table Lamp; a hand-crafted ceramic lamp design by Haeger Potteries.

    Frederick Cooper Mackenzie Marble Base Table Lamp




    Earth: Mackenzie Table Lamp; this lamp uses a beautifully textured piece of marble.


    Marius Marble Night Light Table Lamp at



    Earth: Marius Table Lamp another rich earthen look in marble by Uttermost Lighting

    Nautilus Shell Table Lamp





    Water: Nautilus Shell Table Lamp; seaside style with a faux nautilus shell.

    Post Update: sorry, but some of the designs written about here are no longer available. Browse our complete table lamps selection for all the latest looks and styles.

  • Jonathan Adler Ten Commandments of Chic

    One of my favorite blogs, Elements of Style, hipped me to celebrity designer Jonathan Adler's cheeky and fun "10 Commandments for a Happy Chic Home." Adler's zest for decor is contagious. His particular love of orange is perfectly in-line with this year's color trends.

    We've got some great Jonathan Adler lighting and furniture, and just for fun I peeked around for some fun orange pieces, too. Enjoy!

    Orange Peel Table LampFlowing Pumpking Area RugOrange Parallels Swag Pendant

October, 2008