A Ceramic Blue Table Lamp

In this month's installment of Zodiac fun, we wish a happy birthday to Sagittarius. Spontaneous, optimistic, witty and energetic, these folks are the life of the party! Let's see if we can't dig up a couple items these free-spirited folks will love.

Dear Sagittarius -- We know you love to travel, but now's not the best time. Besides the dollar being weak, we all know you're just trying to avoid the family holiday celebration. Again. Instead, give the fam a hand this year with some ideas for gifts you won't hate.

Sagittarius has the wanderlust, so hopefully a decorative world globe will keep them temporarily amused. At the bottom you'll see poor Atlas still has the weight of the universe on his shoulders. By the way, this punishment was handed down by Zeus, a figure Sagittarius is closely associated with.

The birthstone for this sign is beautiful turquoise. I found this shapely blue urn table lamp to appease our dear Sagittarius. And we have more blue table lamps for you to explore.

Finally, Sagittarius' element is fire. Crafted at blistering temperatures over open flame, blown glass is truly a wonder of design. We have a great selection of art glass lighting and decor products including this red hot mini pendant. Happy Birthday Sagittarius!!

Next month ... prudent and methodical Capricorn.

Post Update: some of the designs written about in this post are no longer available. Use the site links above to browse our latest designs.