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  • 5 Tips for Kitchen Lighting

    Kitchen Lighting from LAMPS PLUSThe biggest mistake made in kitchen lighting is trying to illuminate the entire kitchen with one ceiling light – I should know, I do it too!

    In looking for new kitchen lighting, I made this list of quick tips to keep in mind.

    1. Use a mix of lights. Like any room, a kitchen should have a mix of lighting types; task lighting over work areas, accent lights on details, mood or decorative lights on dimmers.

    2. Under-cabinet rocks. Under-cabinet lighting is highly effective in the kitchen. It puts light directly on counter work surfaces, and it can serve the dual use of mood lighting at late night.
    3. Use a dimmer. Dimmers offer flexibility. You can brighten lights for cooking, then lower them for dining.

    4. Watch the height. Pendant fixtures over a kitchen island or work area should hang no lower than eye-level when standing. This allows for a clear view between you and guests or other room areas.
    5. Scale is everything. Too small a pendant light or overhead light can throw off the design look for the entire room. The bigger the space, the bigger the lighting fixture or kitchen ceiling fan needs to be.

  • Thumprints Table Lamps

    Thumprints Contempo with Ivory Shade Table LampThumprints Marilyn Table LampWe've just added a new line of table lamps by Thumprints. The vision of Little Rock-based artist and designer Allison West, these lamps offer a unique and sophisticated contemporary look.

    West views her lighting as pieces of functional art, and has fashioned them from hand-blown glass, glazed ceramics, and fine silks and fabrics.

    Many feature hand-made elements, so no two lamps are exactly alike and every one is a unique piece of art.

    Pictured here from the Thumprints line is (on the left) the Contempo Table Lamp and (on the right) the Marilyn Table Lamp. Or click to view all Thumprints table lamps.

  • Dallas Market Overview Video

    Dallas Market LogoResidential Lighting editors give a quick overview of the recent Dallas International Lighting Market. Click the following link to view: Plugged In - June 2009 - Dallas Market

  • Digital Photos See the Light

    Digital Photo Desk LampIt's pretty amazing where digital screens are popping up these days. This innovative desk lamp design is case in point. 

    It combines a digital photo viewer with a contemporary halogen desk lamp. The viewer will store around a 1,000 photos and can be used with both PCs and Macs.

    When you get tired of looking at family pics it also has a built in digital clock and calendar. A pretty neat little package!

    These make a great office accessory or back to school gift. Check out the details here: Digital Photo Desk Lamp or browse all desk lamps.

  • It's a Coat Rack...It's a...

    Flow Bent Wood Torchiere Floor LampActually, it's not a coat rack. In fact it's a very cool torchiere floor lamp design. The lamp is fashioned from slat-like pieces of bent wood with the light source concealed in the center. A dimmer lets you easily set the lighting output. Maybe it's more sculpture than lamp!

    The Flow Torchiere Floor Lamp.

  • Light Show LED Ceiling Fixture

    LED Light Show Ceiling LightIt may look like part of the Matrix, but it's actually a high-tech ceiling light design!

    The fixture combines rows of LED lights (including the color LEDs pictured here) along with four halogen bulbs. The LEDs can be run in a variety of sequences, and can be combined with the halogens as desired.

    We've posted a video about it on the light's product page; just click the link to visit the page and view the video. Light Show LED and Halogen Ceiling Fixture. Or browse all our LED lighting. Look to see more of use of LEDs in ceiling lights and fixtures in the future.

    Update: We are temporarily sold out! This item just flew off the shelves, so the link to the product page does not work for the moment. We apologize, and should have the fixture back in stock in about 4 weeks.

    Update on the Update: We're back in stock! Click the links above and take a look.

  • Dwell On Design Los Angeles Home Tours

    Dwell On Design Home Tour Photo from Apartment Therapy







    As part of the recent Dwell On Design event in Los Angeles, the magazine sponsored tours of some noteable L.A. homes. Blog Apartment Therapy attended and has posted two wonderful photo slideshows of the event. Check out the swank contemporary style! Click on a link to read and view: Dwell on Design: Westside Home Tours, Part 1; Dwell on Design: Westside Home Tours, Part 2. Photo thanks to Apartment Therapy.

  • The Modern Fan

    The Modern Fan Co. Velo Ceiling Fan at LAMPS PLUSWe've recently added a number of swank Modern Fan Company ceiling fan designs to The company is known for their cutting-edge looks that celebrate all things modern. I like the Velo ceiling fan (pictured), the Pharos ceiling fan and the Vaxcel ceiling fan. Take a look and pick one for yourself!

  • Walt Disney Wall Art

    Walt Disney Wall Art at LAMPS PLUSWalt Disney Alice in Wonderland Wall ArtWe've recently added a number of fine art prints (in our wall art category) from the Walt Disney Signature Collection.

    These prints are based on elements of classic Walt Disney movie art, animation cels and sketches, and come beautifully framed. Each has a plaque of authenticity and a print code on the back.

    They're not your typical Disney product, but they are very grown up and very beautiful. Take a look for yourself: Disney wall art.



  • Questions With: Dick Idol

    Dick IdolOver the past several decades Dick Idol has become recognized as a true icon in the world of outdoor sporting. We talked to him about his art and his popular lines Dick Idol Lighting and Dick Idol Home Decor.

    Favorite design inspiration:
    The Great Outdoors, of course! For thousands of years man has been inspired by nature and has collected nature’s trappings to display in his indoor haunts…antlers, wildlife mounts, unique rocks, fossils, feathers. As was the case with our ancestors, I also find these elements very much a part of my own designs.

    How he works:
    I often get an inspirational “spark” from observations of nature. Simple things like the color of a mountain stream, how the light shines over a rocky shore, or the details on an antique fishing creel. I also love visiting historic sites like mountain lodges and then translating those settings into new Dick Idol table lamp designs.

    Favorite item in his house:
    I’ve surrounded myself with all kinds of collectibles…it’s difficult to name my “favorite”! But a relatively recent addition is a handmade grandfather clock that three artisans created from whittled twigs, worn painted tramp art and river stones. I love it. It brings to mind visions of an old mountain lodge nestled in the north woods.

    Item he won’t part with:
    An antique 18-foot birch bark canoe made in the 1890s by the Ojibwa Indians, which hangs in my studio. This old fur trade-era often inspires me; its warm, golden-aged patinas and hand craftsmanship from the days of only simple tools and craft work.

    His inside secret:
    I’d have to say it’s really living the outdoor lifestyle. Since my early teens I’ve been involved in the great outdoors. My love and appreciation of the unique art and design elements contained within nature, my understanding of wildlife and my feeling for past generations that handcrafted their homes and dwellings – all this shapes my life and art.

    Hot new design trend:
    “Rustic Elegance”.  It’s a rustic feeling in home furnishings that has transitioned itself from the primitive lodge look to a more refined look. The style retains many rustic design elements, but has a comfortable, more contemporary look that works in almost any home environment today.

    Dick Idol Glacier Table LampBiggest design mistake people make:
    People often forget to keep a central theme and harmonious color palette running through their rooms. I’ll often work with warm golden colors and earthy reds that complement a more natural rustic look. For example, one of my most popular lighting collections is “Glacier Mountain”. This collection incorporates a softly lit amber light with subtle pine cone designs. This compliments and sets off many of the colors in nature and helps to create a rustic elegance in a home.

    Question he’s asked most often:
    How do I get a job like yours?!

    Decisive moment is his career:
    A turning point in my career was on a trip to High Point, N.C., when the realization occurred to me that the outdoors was not only a lifestyle segment but was a very large category and was basically without a dominant individual brand personality that people could identify with.

    I’m interested in all kinds of historic and antique items as well as art that deals with the “outdoor lifestyle”. Favorites are the Fur Trade/discovery of the West era, wildlife, art and any other unique item in that period, including Indian snowshoes, birch bark canoes and antlers. These have influenced such designs as the Old River Canoe Table Lamp and the High Country Antler Chandelier.

    Dick Idol High Country ChandelierAs a child wanted to be:
    A wild frontiersman!  As a kid growing up on a family farm in North Carolina, I was always digging up arrowheads, fishing, camping and hunting. I wanted to be a wilderness trapper or guide that would take me to the famous and exotic destinations of the world – Alaska, Africa, the Yukon, etc. 

    Obsessed With:
    Art!  I love collecting art from fellow wildlife artists, and I always look forward to getting out in my studio and creating.

    Best recent gift:
    Can you believe a re-gift?  My longtime friend and fishing buddy of 40 years, Carson Smith, recently found a watch that was given to me in 1968 as a member of the North Carolina State Liberty Bowl football team. Carson managed to locate the watch, have it repaired, and presented it as a surprise graduation gift for my son.

    What’s next?
    I’m excited about my new collaboration with my fiancée, Toni Rae, herself a recognized interior designer and metalsmith.  We are working on new art projects and designs for the rustic home which I hope to introduce this coming spring. Stay tuned…much more to come!

July, 2009