Magnifying Clamp-On Desk Lamp

It's baaaccck...and parents everywhere are rejoicing!

What should be on everyone's back to school list?

One purchase that will keep on paying dividends the entire school year is a great desk lamp.

A good reading light will not only help prevent eye-strain and fatigue (especially in the first couple of months as a student’s eyes readjust to hours of reading and homework), it can also help create a more comfortable, stimulating study environment.

So, what make's a good reading light? We like adjustable desk lamp designs and pharmacy style lamps that focus the light down to books and papers.

Specialty desk lamps include models with built-in magnifiers, like the clamp-on model pictured above, LED desk lamps or other energy efficient desk lamps that use CFL bulbs. 

No matter what the style, place the lamp opposite a student's writing hand so that shadows don’t streak across their work. 

Pictured above: Magnifier Clamp-On Desk Lamp; Balance Arm Brushed Nickel LED Desk Lamp; Adjustable CFL Blue Accent Energy Efficient Desk Lamp.