Minka Aston Court 24One of the most respected names in the lighting industry, Minka-Lavery is part of the Minka Group of companies (which also includes Minka Aire ceiling fans). The Minka-Lavery lighting collection centers on ceiling lighting and wall lights featuring strong, elegant designs. We spoke with company rep Tim Titus about the company's line and some of their new designs.

Q: Minka-Lavery product is known for its exciting finishes and details. Describe some of the workmanship that Minka-Lavery offers. 

A: At Minka Lavery, we've long taken a leadership role in exploring multi-step finish accents. For example, we are very proud of our hand-applied finish process. The process accentuates a base color with subtle highlights and accents. We then customize unique glass treatments for each and every fixture to complete the look.

Q: What’s a hot look for you right now in home lighting?

A: We are finding that design styles are trending towards clean, transitional lines. This is accomplished with sophisticated, delicate lines accentuated by graceful transitions and soft silhouettes. While dark finishes dominate our offerings, we see a trend towards lighter, more subtle styles.

Minka Knotted Iron 9 1/4Q: Which of your new designs do you think captures this look?

A: The trend toward graceful lines and clean profiles can be seen in pieces from the Knotted Iron collection.  The Aston Court ceiling light designs are a good example of the lighter, more graceful styles customers are looking for.

Q: What’s next for the Minka Lavery lighting collection? 

A: At Minka Lavery, we continue to challenge our design team to be imaginative and creative. We are dedicated to listening to our customer's wishes for cutting edge design with unique and artful finishes that compliment today's homes. Look for more innovative transitional designs, as well as energy efficient looks from us in the near future!

Thanks, Tim! View more designs by browsing our collection of Minka Lavery lighting.