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  • Apartment Therapy Lamp Roundup

    Lite Source Kito Orange Table Lamp

    Blog Apartment Therapy has included some of our table lamps in a post about reasonably priced lamps under $75 bucks.

    They like the White Moderne Droplet Table Lamp...

    ...the Retro Wood Ovals Table Lamp Base...

    ...the Kito Orange Table Lamp (gotta love the orange!)...

    ...and the sleek Hajur Black Table Lamp. 

    We like 'em all; great choices!

    Find your own design to love in our table lamps collection

  • Exteriors Magazine Likes Our Outdoor Lights

    Bellagio Collection Outdoor Wall Light

    Exteriors magazine, a special publication by Better Homes and Gardens, recently featured designs from our outdoor lighting collection. 

    John Timberland Bellagio outdoor wall light and an energy efficient Jessica McClintock outdoor hanging light got the nods.

     Check them out, or see our entire collection of outdoor lights to find curb appeal of your own.

  • Lytegem Desk Lamp

    Lytegem Telescopic Persimmon and Gunmetal Desk LampLytegem Telescopic White Finish Desk LampLytegem Telescopic Black Finish Desk LampThe Lytegem desk lamp is a little beauty that was designed by Michael Lax back in 1965 and is now part of the permanent collection of New York's MOMA.

    The high-intensity lamp is great for reading, and you've got to love the space-age retro look.

    It comes in three colors, white, black and persimmon.

    Post Update 3-1-10: These have sold out and are no longer in stock! We'll let you know when we get them back in.

    Don't miss any of new desk lamps designs, including energy efficient LED desk lamps.

  • Safer with Security Lighting

    An Outdoor Wall Light Provides Safe and Secure Lighting

    Outdoor lighting does more than just add curb appeal. Exterior lighting with special security features helps keep your home and outdoor spaces safer and more secure.

    Fixtures with motion sensors turn on or get brighter when motion is detected. Lights equipped with dusk-to-dawn operation turn on when the sun goes down thanks to light-sensitive photocells.

    Browse our large selection of outdoor security lighting.

    Click here for models specifically featuring Dusk-to-Dawn or Motion Detectors.


  • Fleur-de-who?

    Fleur de Lis Finial 

    One theme you will constantly see in home furnishings is the fleur-de-lis. has over 100 items listed that feature this emblem.

    Actually you'll see the fleur-de-lis everywhere else you look from the Boy Scout emblem to the Da Vinci Code.

    This symbol has a long history and a variety of interpretations. It is featured on ancient pottery, textiles, coins, flags, clothing, jewelry and architecture.

    The French words "fleur-de-lis" translate into "lily" and the symbol itself has the look of a highly stylized flower.

    Its symbolic history has imbued this simple shape with a powerful legacy. 

    The fleur-de-lis was adopted early by French Kings which featured the symbol on royal seals, banners, and jewelry as an emblem of their sovereignty. Joan of Arc carried a flag into battle which featured fleur-de-lis within the insignia. 

    French postage stamps as well as the emblem of the city of Florence feature a fleur-de-lis and carry the theme through to modern times.

    Iron fence posts often have fleur-de-lis finials as a defence against intruders.

    Just keep your eyes open, you'll notice this ancient beauty everywhere!

  • Ed Begley Jr. on Lighting

    Ed Begley Jr Photo

    Actor and environmental crusader Ed Begley Jr. talked to Residential Lighting magazine about the difference energy efficient lighting can make in your home. 

    They've also posted an short excerpt from his new book, Ed Begley, Jr.'s Guide to Sustainable Living (available at Amazon). 

    Read all about it: Sustainable Lighting With Ed Begley Jr.

  • Kathy Ireland Throws Out First Pitch

    Kathy Ireland Throws Out the First Pitch

    Kathy Ireland was on hand at Dodger Stadium last night to throw out the game's first pitch. With help from "pitching coach" Tommy Lasorda, Kathy got game two of the divisional series underway. 

    The Dodgers won 3-2 and now head to St. Louis to try and finish off the Cardinals. First pitch is at 6:07pm Saturday night. Go Dodgers!

    Sports fans, browse our selection of sports-themed lighting and decor.

    Photo thanks to Sports Illustrated.

  • Watching the Clock

    Howard Miller Retro Ball II Wall Clock


    Wall clocks were once a common home decor accent; think of the retro atomic clock in the kitchen.

    Clock watching is back in style now with fluid contemporary clock shapes as well as traditional wall clocks straight out of a romantic bistro. 

    Use them in your home decor for their abstract shapes and visual qualities...and, oh yeah, they can tell you the time, too!

    Above is one of our favorites, or find your own in our wall clock assortment. 

  • Little Monster Desk Lamps Scream for Halloween

    Little Monster Black Bendable LED Desk Lamp

    Get in the Halloween spirit with the Little Monster desk lamp.

    These furry creatures feature flexible necks, and the LED light can be powered by batteries or USB. Oh, and they come in non-Halloween colors, too.

    More great orange and black stuff to share ... stay tuned!!

    For now, browse more energy efficient LED desk lamps here.

  • Using Orange While Avoiding the Halloween Curse

    Browsing the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens, I noticed an homage to orange. "Cozy orange," they said, "combines the heat of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Use it wherever you need a burst of creative energy." As long as you don't pair it with black, you'll avoid the Halloween "curse."

    Orange paint livens up an office or bedroom, and choosing a shade with some brown in it will tone down the "shock factor." Plus, there's a trend this year towards orange bedding. Start with a pillow or a throw.

    Check out this orange floral throw pillow, a retro wall clock, and a super-hip table lamp from celebrity designer Jonathan Adler.

    For more orange, check out our orange table lamps sort

    Speaking of Adler, he's a big fan of using orange to spice up home decor. I recommend you re-visit last October's post on his fabulous Ten Commandments of Chic.

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