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  • Tips for Turning Back the Clock Tomorrow

    Daylight Savings Time Clock

    Don't forget ... clocks go back tomorrow, November 1st, 2009, at 2am.

    As Daylight Savings Time ends, energy bills get bigger in part because people keep their lights on longer throughout the winter months. As we turn back the clocks, here are a few tips to help turn down your energy bills.

    - Replace high wattage bulbs with lower wattage bulbs. Changing from a 100 watt to a 75 or 60 watt version makes a real difference in energy savings. Better yet, make the jump to a CFL bulb or, better yet, an energy efficient LED bulb.

    - Use dimmer switches where you can, and consider "occupancy switches" which automatically turn lights off when you leave a room.

    - Outdoor lights with timers or photocell sensors light your yard more efficiently. Check out models with dusk-to-dawn operation and motion sensors.

    - Place floor lamps in corners so two walls reflect the light back into the room. This is an easy way to create a brighter atmosphere without having to turn on extra lights.

    - Your landscape lights will be on longer each night, so be sure your system is as energy efficient as possible. Consider using solar landscape lighting where practical.

    Enjoy an energy efficient winter!


  • Fleur-de-who?

    Fleur de Lis Finial 

    One theme you will constantly see in home furnishings is the fleur-de-lis. has over 100 items listed that feature this emblem.

    Actually you'll see the fleur-de-lis everywhere else you look from the Boy Scout emblem to the Da Vinci Code.

    This symbol has a long history and a variety of interpretations. It is featured on ancient pottery, textiles, coins, flags, clothing, jewelry and architecture.

    The French words "fleur-de-lis" translate into "lily" and the symbol itself has the look of a highly stylized flower.

    Its symbolic history has imbued this simple shape with a powerful legacy. 

    The fleur-de-lis was adopted early by French Kings which featured the symbol on royal seals, banners, and jewelry as an emblem of their sovereignty. Joan of Arc carried a flag into battle which featured fleur-de-lis within the insignia. 

    French postage stamps as well as the emblem of the city of Florence feature a fleur-de-lis and carry the theme through to modern times.

    Iron fence posts often have fleur-de-lis finials as a defence against intruders.

    Just keep your eyes open, you'll notice this ancient beauty everywhere!

  • Flower Power Chandelier

    A pendant chandelier is a great way to add pop to a room. This new design certainly does that, with its sphere of pop art aluminum flowers and colored glass centers.

    This would like great in a kitchen area or even in a child's bedroom. Go flower power! 

    Blossom Sphere Pendant Chandelier.   

    Post Update 7-3-11: Sorry all, this product is out-of-stock at this time. We'll leave an update if it comes back online, or you can contact our customer service department for additional information.

  • Safer with Security Lighting

    An Outdoor Wall Light Provides Safe and Secure Lighting

    Outdoor lighting does more than just add curb appeal. Exterior lighting with special security features helps keep your home and outdoor spaces safer and more secure.

    Fixtures with motion sensors turn on or get brighter when motion is detected. Lights equipped with dusk-to-dawn operation turn on when the sun goes down thanks to light-sensitive photocells.

    Browse our large selection of outdoor security lighting.

    Click here for models specifically featuring Dusk-to-Dawn or Motion Detectors.


  • Eco-Friendly Teak Towel Rack

    Besides attractive graining and an appealing light color, teak is sturdy and naturally weather resistant. That's why we love this teak wall shelf and towel rack for the bathroom. Plus, this eco-friendly design is repurposed from castoff teak wood. Sustainable and so stylish!

    See more of our sustainable designs and eco-friendly products here.

    Post update 5-20-11: Sorry folks, this item is sold out at the moment. We'll update this post should it come back in stock. If you'd like more information, please call  one of our lighting and decor specialists!

  • LED Lights on the Eiffel Tower