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  • The CFL Bulb Gets Color

    Red CFL Light Bulb

    CFL bulbs save energy and now they can save your next party by adding a blast of color.

    These guys come in a hot red and a yellow, and offer 8,000 hours of party-tastic lighting.

    Take a look in our light bulbs sort: ECObulb Red CFL Light Bulb or ECObulb Yellow CFL Light Bulb.


  • Color CFL Outdoor Floodlights

    We blogged recently about the color CFL bulbs that we have; see The CFL Bulb Gets Color.

    We also now carry color CFL floodlights for outdoor patio or porch use.

    Customer "bc" wrote to us about them: "I have been looking for these colored outdoor CFL floodlights for quite some time. Home depot and lowes do not carry these . I am glad I was able to find them. I will be ordering more for Christmas 2010. Good price with free shipping."

    CFL Outdoor Light Bulb

    We've got 'em in the following colors: red eco bulbyellow CFL flood bulb, blue CFL outdoor flood light, and a green CFL outdoor light bulb.

    Collect 'em all and go Green! 

  • Questions With: Flambeau Lighting

    Flambeau Lighting Chandeliers and Logo

    We recently caught up with the folks from Flambeau Lighting. Based in New Orleans, Flambeau draws on the vibrant art and attitude of the "Big Easy".

    Founder Joe McKearn and original designer Paul Gruer spoke about the unique style and artistry of their brand. Here's what they had to say:

    Q: Flambeau captures the spirit of New Orleans, what is it you love about this unique city?

    A: Paul Gruer -- What I most love about New Orleans is exactly that -- its uniqueness! New Orleans is known as "The city that care forgot". The unique is celebrated, and we love to celebrate! Few cities enjoy such a rich history, a blend of cultures, and love for the arts like New Orleans.

    Where else can you find world class restaurants, jazz clubs, antique shops and a strip club in the same block?!

    Q: How did Flambeau Lighting come to be?

    A: Joe McKearn -- The story begins in 2001. As a former maritime attorney and President of Dauphine Mirror Company, I was visiting designer Karyl Pierce-Paxton at her studio in New Orleans. While there, I noticed an incredibly cool table lamp sitting on an antique console and asked her where she had found it. She told me her best friend, New Orleans designer Paul Gruer, had designed and sculpted the piece for her.

    Karyl arranged for me to meet the artist, and shortly thereafter, I commissioned Paul to design a line of lamps for a brand new company created specifically to showcase his designs. I called it Flambeau Lighting.

    Q: Is there a traditional style of lighting, maybe even back to gas lighting, that informs Flambeau design?

    A: Paul Gruer -- There is no one style that influences my designs for Flambeau Lighting. It is a conscious and unconscious result of having lived in New Orleans and absorbed so many different influences that have melded together to become a style that's uniquely mine.

    The architecture, French, Spanish, Creole; the textures of the city, sophisticated Uptown, bohemian French Quarter; the constant energy -- they all inspire me to express myself exactly as I feel.

    Q: We love how Flambeau table lamps juxtapose unusual shapes and colors, and many are antiqued with subtle distressing. Where do these inspirations come from?

    A: Paul Gruer -- The finishes and colors of my work come from all around me. The shadows made as the noon sun shines through lace work balconies, sun bleached walls covered with jasmine, the bright neon of Bourbon street, the elegant courtyards with their centuries old secrets -- these are all part of what makes the Flambeau Collection.

    Q: What trends in interior lighting and design do you see emerging in the near future?

    A: Paul Gruer -- New trends for interior lighting are combining form and function in truly witty and unique ways. A table lamp is no longer just a lamp. It is a fun way to express individual style. It's that prefect piece of jewelry that completes a room. A bad lamp is like bad shoes, it can ruin a perfectly good outfit!!

    Q: How will the continued renaissance of New Orleans (punctuated by the Saints Super Bowl victory!) influence Flambeau's future designs?

    A: Paul Gruer -- One thing New Orleans does even better than throw a party is bounce back from a challenge. Nothing can keep our spirits down for long. The city becomes more vibrant everyday. For every loss there is a rebirth. The Saints showed the world that New Orleans is here to stay.

    Q: What's next for Flambeau Lighting?

    A: Paul Gruer -- Flambeau Lighting will still be the same fun, unique collection it has always been. Every room needs a bit of fun and that is Flambeau.

    Thank you so much Paul and Joe! Be sure to browse our whole collection of Flambeau Lighting.

    Post Update June 6, 2011: Flambeau Lighting has posted a YouTube video highlighting their Spring 2011 line. Click below to view. (Sorry, but this video is no longer available on YouTube.)


  • Blog Round-Up - Good Reads

    For your weekend enjoyment, here are some interesting recent posts about LAMPS PLUS (and a couple that are not).

    More Apartment Therapy...The Grand Tour - In Baltimore, WBAL-TV co-anchor Donna Hamilton writes about decorating her daughter's new apartment using (among other things) one of our Moderne table lamps.  

    At-At Walker Lamp - if you're a Star Wars fan you'll get this fun prototype lamp by design group Lifegoods. Thanks to the blog designmilk.

    LED Lights Made for Squeezing - oddly disturbing squeezable LED lights by Dianna Lin. Thanks to blog Gizmodo. For more designs, check out our LED lighting collection

    Under $100 Bookends - our cute cast iron Owl bookends were included in a Design*Sponge post.

    Glory in Green: It's a Color Too! - Blogger Nicolet muses on the color green and features a Babette Holland Tiger Green table lamp.


  • Happy Valentines Day

    In the spirit of amore, here's a TV commercial LAMPS PLUS had produced years ago but never aired.

    Have a lovely (and well-lit) Valentine's Day!


  • Go Anywhere Mission Lantern

    As hard as it is to imagine in some parts of the country, Spring and Summer will be here soon. And that means cool drinks on the patio, cookouts, and outdoor living.

    This neat little light will make your nights a little brighter. Battery powered, it's super lightweight and portable, weather-resistant, and comes with a long-lasting CFL bulb.

    Use it at home or take it with you on the road camping for a dash of style. Mission Black and Bronze Fluorescent Lantern.

     Post Update 9-5-14: We're sorry, but this item has sold out and is no longer available. For the newest in energy efficient designs, browse our collection of LED lighting

  • Will the LED Take Over?

    LED Light Show Ceiling Light at LAMPS PLUS

    Interest in LED lighting and the LED light bulb market is picking up and Fortune Magazine has a feature on it this month: The Light Bulb Goes Digital.

    Their article provides an overview of the industry for anyone interested in  technology changes in lighting. 

    Personally, I refuse to take sides in the Team CFL/Team LED debate, but who can't get behind energy efficient lighting? It saves everyone money and conserves energy.

    Interested in cutting-edge LED lighting? Check out our LED Light Show Ceiling Light that's pictured above.

  • American Lighting Association Training Seminar

    A Lamps Plus Training Course

    Did you know Lamps Plus employs the most American Lighting Association (ALA) certified lighting consultants in the industry?

    It's true, and we're adding more as we speak.

    Here at corporate headquarters this week, Lamps Plus sales associates from around the country are training to becoming ALA certified lighting consultants.

    The course covers all aspects of lighting, from technical specifications to design best practices.

    Associates stay informed on changes in lighting technology and learn the latest in lighting applications. 

    We do it several times each year to ensure we maintain the best sales staff in the business.

    It's another way Lamps Plus is the best place to shop for lighting and more.

    Talk to one of our highly trained associates in person at one of our stores, or call 1-800-782-1967.

  • LAMPS PLUS Labs Presents "The Closer"

    A couple of the younger staff members who work at Lamps Plus thought it would be fun to start a project called "Lamps Plus Labs".

    The idea is to make little grassroots video clips related to what we do here.

    Our first one is called "The Closer" and features a designer who is struggling with his next LED desk lamp design. 

    Drawing a blank, he goes out into the world for a stroll, and we see that he's become obsessed with closing objects.

    After his outing, he comes back to the drawing board and has an "ah-ha" moment of insight with closing that leads to a neat design, the Z Folding LED Lamp.

    Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

  • Lighting for Nighttime Weddings

    Indian Wedding Procession with LED Lights

    Over the weekend, a friend asked me about lighting for a backyard wedding. Then I stumbled upon the intriguing photograph of an Indian wedding procession below:

    Photo by Kevin Frayer is courtesy the Associated Press and

    So how do you create a romantic atmosphere at an outdoor evening wedding?

    LED String Lights

    String Lights are a great choice since they are made to be hung outdoors and don't require a maze of extension cords to cover a large area. You can leave them up at the end of the event for backyard barbeques, etc.

    Multi-Color Beads Swag Style Mini-Pendant

    As another option, crystal is a classic go-to for romantic lighting.

    Our crystal swag chandeliers are under $130 and easy to install.

    How would you decorate a wedding? Leave a comment and let us know!

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