Looking for a neat accent light or a fun gift? Try these battery-powered LED Cordless Desk Lights.

They are great for hobby work or using next to a computer. And their compact size means you can pack them away for traveling or take them with you on a road trip.

From now until February 28th you can get three for $15 with free shipping.

Check 'em out: Set of 3 LED Adjustable Neck Cordless Desk Lights.

POST UPDATE 7-1-10: We are no longer selling this desk lamp as a set of 3, but you can but them one at a time. Here's the new product page: LED Adjustable Neck Desk Lamp. Or click this link to view more LED desk lamps.

POST UPDATE 12-3-12: Sorry, but this design is officially sold out! Use the link above to browse our current LED desk lamp collection.