Blue Cut-Out Back Adjustable Bar or Counter Stool

Is your decor dripping with style? (Don't worry--this isn't going to be an idiom/pun assault.) A new line of barstools ups the ante with a liquidy look that recalls CGI effects in movies like T3 and The Matrix.

Before, it was cool to have computer animation that looked real; these days it's cool to have real things that look like computer animation. Who knew?

But it's not all eye candy; the practical advantages here are many:

There are no sharp edges to bonk elbows.

A convenient gas lift allows easy custom-tuning to your bar or counter height.

A built-in swivel lets you sit and spin. And a shiny chrome footrest lets you sit up high without risking foot-dangle.

Get them in a range of colors. Smooth move!

 Post Update 12-3-12: The design shown above is no longer in stock. Use the link above to browse our latest designs, or check out our selection of blue barstools for more styles.