Feng Shui Garden Fountain Tips

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LAMPS PLUS friend and Feng Shui expert Shelley Sparks gave us the following tips for using water and outdoor fountains in your garden. Shelley, a licensed Landscape Architect for more than 25 years, began by talking about the importance of water in the garden:

"Using water in the garden is an important Feng Shui principle.  Water is traditionally is thought of as the blood of the earth and deeply rooted in the philosophy of balancing an environment.  Because of its associations, water can offer harmony, balance, and prosperity to your property and life. 

Before you adopt a water feature or fountain be sure you are willing to maintain and care for it.  It does require cleaning and replacement of water as it evaporates. 

Choose a water feature that reflects your taste or the architecture of your home so that it really fits with you. 

If you want to increase the benefits of the fountain, add a light that shines on the water. 

One of the best locations for a water feature is near your front entry where it can welcome all of the best luck into your house.  Be sure the water pours toward the front door to invite the good luck in."

Good ideas! Have a question for Shelley? Leave a comment and we will get an answer for you!

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  • Thanks for the feng shui tips, having a garden to your very own home is a good thing  because it do help a lot. And good thing there are feng shui tips to help us.

  • Thanks for the comment, ZG. From what I understand, it's important to include all of the five elements of Feng Shui (namely, water, earth, fire, metal, and wood) in a garden design.

    Using a decorative garden fountain is a wonderful way to introduce the water element into your outdoor garden space.

    It can also be used to incorporate earth (with a stone fountain) and metal (many of our fountains have metal accents or basins) into the overall garden design.

  • I like your tip to choose a water fountain that reflects my taste.  My garden is a little eccentric, so I shouldn't have a problem finding a unique water fountain to match.  I'm wondering where I can find fountains for sale though.  Thanks for the post!

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your question.

    You can find all of our fountains using this link, www.lampsplus.com/.../fountains or click on Home Decor and then Fountains using the top navigation.

    Happy shopping!

  • This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that water fountains require come cleaning and maintenance. My husband and I just moved into our first house, and I'm excited to redesign the landscape to make it feel like my home. I would really love to have a fountain in the garden, and I'll definitely be fine with doing routine maintenance and cleaning, if that's what it takes. Thanks for the great post! 

Feng Shui Garden Fountain Tips