Energy Smart LED Light Bulbs from G.E.

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GE Energy Smart LED White Glass Medium Base Bulb

For all you energy watchdogs out there, G.E. has a new line of LED bulbs called Energy Smart. You can find them in the light bulb section under the G.E. brand. These are reasonably priced  for LED light bulbs and come with free shipping.

Like all LEDs, these are super energy efficient and have a long, long bulb life. If you have a hard to reach fixture or ceiling fan that you don't want to be changing bulbs on all the time, these are a perfect solution.


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  • Do these bulbs fit into standard light sockets or is "medium base" a smaller size?

  • Hey LED-Guy: the short answer is "yes", the bulb used to illustrate the post will fit standard light sockets.

    The long answer is that a "medium base" bulb is just another way of saying that it's a "standard" base light bulb. Just to confuse matters even more, these M-medium base bulbs are sometimes called "E" or "Edison base" light bulbs. Nothing's ever very simple when it comes to bulb terminology!

    The GE Energy Smart bulbs come in a standard base, a candelabra base, and a GU-10 base. There are a couple of different wattages for the standard base and candelabra base bulbs. Thanks for the comment!

  • These bulbs look amazing something to replace those darn CFL's and i can dim it right?

  • Good question. I can't tell from the packaging if these are dimmable or not. Can these be used with a dimmer?

  • Jack and Deanna -- Thank you for your questions regarding dimming.

    I spoke with our resident bulb expert and he reported that, unfortunately, these bulbs are not compatible with standard dimmers.

    According to Hugh, LED lighting was originally geared toward commercial use. As LED technology continues to develop for consumer use, we will start to see dimming capabilities.

    Stay tuned ... we try to report the latest in lighting technology, and this is an area we'll definitely be keeping an eye on.

  • whats the best recomendation for indoor resessed CFL flood light replacement..narrow beam??

  • Hi Marty, thanks for the question. If you are looking for a narrow beam indoor flood light bulb to replace a CFL, we'd suggest this GE LED design:

    This is a narrow flood LED light bulb that uses only 10 watts of power. Only downside is that you can't use it with dimming devices.

    Let us know if this is what you had in mind. Thanks!

  • I recently saw dimmable LEDs with standard bases - screw in - at Sam's Club. I've also read about them in various places online. Comments?

  • Hi Gina, thanks for your comment! Dimmable LED light bulbs, with standard screw-in bases, are making their way onto the market. We carry a few of them, and have more on the way.

    Here's an example:

    The one thing to look out for is to check the fine print on the LED bulb to make sure it will work with your type of dimmer. Most of the new dimmable LEDs will work with current dimmers, but if you have an older dimmer or plug-in dimmer, they may not be compatible. So always check the fine print, and be prepared to update your dimmer if necessary.

Energy Smart LED Light Bulbs from G.E.