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We blogged about the debut of our new line of Candice Olson lighting last week. Candice is a fixture on HGTV with her show Divine Design, and we found these videos from her show online at the HGTV website. You can see the way she uses lighting in her rooms and check out her unique sense of style.

POST UPDATE: We've got a lot more about Candice Olson and Divine Design. If you liked this, you might enjoy some of our more recent posts. You can find them here: 

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  • I'm at home watching candice's show and pulled up this blog on the computer. I really enjoy her show. She seems to have a more upscale view of decor. Many of the TV interior design stars seem to base thier designs on trendy colors and items which will be out of vogue next year. I wondered why no one on TV uses antiques in thier decor. Is it too difficult and/or time consuming to find the right items? Her taste (Candice) seems to support an inclusion of antique items. Does she use vintage and antique elements in her own home? Mention of her views on antiques somwhere, sometime in an episode would be interesting. I just went to Europe on a quest for antique items and I realize that finding the right item is a matter of luck and hard searching. I went with the tour group EuropeAntiqueTrip check out thier website if you can. Well, back to the TV to watch the rest of her show!

  • Thanks for the comment, Rima.

    Well, we can't guarantee the she’ll be able to answer personally, but you can find contact info for Candice and Divine Design at

    If you're in the Toronto area, apply to be on the show! If not, get inspired by watching Divine Design and browsing our collection of Candice Olson lamps.

  • hi candice..i watch ur show and i wish i could have some of ur ideas so i could make them in my house...because im so so so far away from if you could send me ur email so i could send u some pictures for the place ....please

  • Thanks for the comment, Lisa. We can't guarantee that Candice will be able to answer you personally, but you can find contact info for her and Divine Design here:

    Good luck with your design project!

  • I have just purchased a large home.  I have decided to have the main floor renovated.  This includes, and not limited to, the kitchen, the fireplace, the staircase, all trim and opening up of walls to create an open feeling.  I was wondering if Candice provides services other than being on her show?

    My family room is the room in which I will require a great deal of help with.  This includes the design of a new fireplace, possible pocket doors and orientation and suggestions on furniture, cabinets....

    Please let me know.

    Thank you


  • Hi Candice are my favourite interior designer ever!!! Every project you tackle I am always left in such awwwwww as you do the upmost spectacular job and it usually matches what I imagine to accomplish. I would love if  you could help me with my ensuite bathroom reno and bedroom reno and I just think you are the only person who can help me accomplish what I truly want and need. Your talent is the most highest quality I have ever seen and I would love to know if you do projects for people if they are not on your show and if you dont how do you get on your show? I always hesitate to go with a designer as I feel I may be dissapointed with the outcome but with you I am in total confidence that you will make my dreams come true. I hope this will be a reality.

    I think you are brilliant Candice and definitly one of a kind. You are just amazing.


    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi Frances,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. You'll find a link to a place where you can contact Candice Olsen above.

    Best of luck with your renovation project!

  • Dear Candice,

    I watch every show you are in! You are a great designer!  On one episode you used this wonderful moving solar system in the client's foyer.  And every since that day, I have been on a quest.  Now that you have your own line, could you incorporate movement into some of your fixtures like that of the moving solar system?  I think there are a lot of people like me, who like something different than the normal in our spaces.Be Blessed,


  • Hello Candice: Thank you for all your shows! I have a question about getting rid of echoes. In my living room I have 18’ ceilings and it’s full of furniture and some wall hangings. Please help Ill do what it takes to get rid of the echo.

    Thanks in advance.

    Ken Peel

  • Thanks for the comment, Ken.

    Room echoes can be caused by a variety of things, from the actual size and shape of a room to hard surfaces like wood paneling or tile floors.

    In your case, you have really tall ceilings. We're guessing that you also have bare wood or tile floors.

    To dampen the room echo try putting down a large area rug. Drapery over window openings can also help, as can floor pillows and decorative pillows for your furniture. Basically, the more items you have in the room to absorb the echo sound the better.

    Though we can't guarantee that Candice will be able to answer you personally, you can find contact info for her and her Divine Design show here:

    Good luck with your project and let us know how it turns out!

  • I have always said she is genius at incorporating lighting in her designs!  A lot of people have some taste and style, but her lighting technique takes everything to a new level.  She is the BEST designer on HGTV.  Glad to find this blog.  Candice and Lamps Plus?  A perfect pairing!

  • Jeanie - we agree, we love what Candice does. We should be adding some new lighting designs from her in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

    You can view all of our Candice Olson lighting designs here:

    Thanks for reading and commenting!


  • Hi, Mary - your best bet is to check the Divine Design website. Look for the episode or show guide. There should be a list of products featured in each episode; hopefully you can find the hideabed that way.

    Here's the show address:

    Let us know if you track it down. Best of luck!

  • Question about appropriate height for mini chandeleirs...for over bed in bedroom?  Any tips?