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  • Mini Chandelier Hanging Tips

    Mini Chandelier Decorating Photo

    On a previous post, reader Karen asked this about mini chandeliers: "Question about appropriate height for mini chandeliers...for over bed in bedroom?  Any tips?"

    It's a good question, so we thought we'd share some of our response.

    For starters, mini-chandeliers are a great idea for the bedroom. They offer glamour and glitz (see our crystal mini chandeliers for extra bling), but on an intimate scale appropriate for the bedroom space.

    Mini chandeliers are commonly installed to the overhead junction box of the bedroom. This box is normally located in the center of the room where a flushmount ceiling light would go.

    Bedroom Lighting Idea

    The problem is, this location is dead center in the bedroom. So if you use this spot, go with a mini-chandelier that's not too high, something around the neighborhood of 15 to 22 inches. Leave a foot or so of hang height so you don't bonk your head.  

    To hang a mini-chandelier centered over the bed, I’d suggest using a swag chandelier instead. They install on hooks, can be easily adjusted for height, plug into any wall outlet (no wiring hassles!), and can also be used over a bedside table in place of a table lamp. 

    Thanks for the question, Karen! See this post for the full reply.


  • Track Lighting Techology on the Desk

    LED Desk Lamp


    I'm definitely digging this desk light design which features track lighting technology. The head attaches magnetically anywhere on the length of the pole making it infinitely adjustable. Three LED bulbs in the bullet head offer bright light and energy efficient operation. This desk lamp only uses 4 watts of energy!

    The perfect modern addition to your workspace, this task light will help you get "on track". Ahem, sorry.

    Check it out: Adjustable Magnetic Arm LED Desk Lamp.

    Post Update 12-12-11 - this item has sold out. We'll leave an update here if it comes back in stock.


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