Well, almost everyone.

DuPont has released its annual Automotive Color Popularity Report, and around the world silver is the winner. It's following closely by black, gray and white.

How boring is that??

A full 82% of global car-buyers are choosing some shade of grayscale. Americans are a touch more colorful (see chart above), choosing a "non-color" 71% of the time. Red is the most popular "color" this year followed by blue, with the two of these amounting to just 20% of new cars purchased in the States.

Are we becoming more color conservative? Less anxious to express ourselves in colorful sheet metal? One compelling argument is that toned-down tones like black and silver command higher resale value, meaning used car buyers seek out simple shades, too.

Check out this photo. It's an album cover for the band Best Coast, and we're guessing it was taken in the early to mid 70s. Look at all the blues, greens, browns and oranges! Color galore. Ahhh the 70s.

This trend has played out in interior design, too. Remember our post on Super Neutrals? People are dressing their homes with calmer, more conservative color choices. So what's to come? We're glad you asked! Stay tuned for an upcoming post on Color Trends for 2011.

What do you think ... Will your next car be eye-catching orange or understated silver?

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