Prince William and Kate Middleton Photo

The English monarchy is the most famous in the world, and Prince William and Kate Middleton are a new breed of royalty for the 21st century.  It'll be interesting to see what influence they'll have on Buckingham's style.  If Middleton's revamped vows are any indication of what's to come in the palace, then I'm all eyes and ears!  She did away with the famously traditional "obey" thy husband and swapped it out for the modern "keep" thy husband.  Nice.

The young royal couple will one day face the daunting task of making Buckingham feel homey -- merging its magnanimous tradition and history with their young taste.  If ghosts are real, they have some powerful predecessors to please, as they change the carpets and wall colors.  Will the Green Drawing Room soon be turquoise?  Monarchs of past centuries may roll in their graves.

Here are some of Buckingham Palace's best rooms.

Buckingham Palace White Drawing Room Photo

The White Drawing Room is classically beautiful, even if it is ornate.  Imagine having to dust all the details in this room!

Buckingham Palace Grand Staircase Photo

The Grand Staircase is formal and grand with it's perfectly symmetrical layout and decor.  The only thing I would change are the crimson carpets.  The redcoats would absolutely disappear in this room.

Buckingham Palace Green Drawing Room

The Green Drawing Room.  The scale on the tall chandeliers is incredible.  (Tip:  Look at the chairs on the ground, then quickly look up at the chandeliers to get a sense of their huge size.)

Buckingham Palace Blue Drawing Room

The Blue Drawing Room.  For a room that's called blue, it definitely needs more.  The color blue was simply made to be royal.  (By the way, who needs a treadmill with this room?  There's enough room to run laps.)

(Images:  Steven Meisel, The Royal Collection.)