Your wedding will very likely be the biggest party you'll ever throw.  Add a bit of creativity -- and rein in your pocketbook -- by making your own decorations.  You'll be surprised.  Most of the time, it's as easy as buying an ordinary glass vase.

The key to successful DIY wedding decorations is using items that have these characteristics:

  1. Bold color.
  2. Graphic lines with high contrast.
  3. Whimsical or entertaining.
  4. Large size.
  5. Mood or atmosphere.


The bold color of fruit in the clear glass vases makes a strong impact.  For this style, the taller the vase, the better!

These branches work beautifully because of their bold lines and the high contrast created between them, and the white blossoms, vases, and the light colored wall.  If the walls were dark, this look would still work great.  Just make sure to paint the branches a light color, like white, pastel, or even metallic.

It's wonderful to see old-fashioned embroidery hoops used in a new way.  The paper or fabric mounted in the wooden circles is sheer, making them dual sided.

This stack of plastic animals is fun, totally unexpected and creative.  This centerpiece works because of the large bell jar.  Without it, the effect would have been chintzy.

Aah, the classic floral centerpiece.  Its elegance will never go out of style.  I included it here because these flowers are faux!  Yes, fresh flowers are lovely, but they can get expensive.  Don't hesitate in using some well-made paper or fabric flowers.  They are beautiful, classy and can be used repeatedly.  Make sure you use ceramic vases for this project, not clear glass.  (The flowers shown here were made of paper.)

Candles immediately convey mood and elegance.  This understated look was created using elements from nature, including sand and white rocks.


(Images:  My DIY Wedding Day, Martha Stewart Weddings.)