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  • Adventurous Kids Rooms and Forts

    Kids Room and Red Fort

    Being a kid has to be one of the greatest times in our lives, when play is the most important task of the day. Growing up I loved building forts and creating my own fantasy play area on a Sunday afternoon. Designing a kids room is so much different than designing any other space in the home. 

    Boy's Room and Ship

    In a child's room, you can let your creativity go completely wild. How about a ship mounted to the wall in a boy's room (as featured above)?! I don't have kids yet, but I can imagine the excitement of designing a really imaginative space for a child. 

    Kid's Treehouse Bed

    Even as an adult, I would love to have my bed situated in a treehouse and read ghost stories at night. I love how the room (featured above) is still glamourous with chandelier lighting.

    Kids Room and Teepee

    If building a full-on ship or treehouse is out of the question, incorporating a simple teepee into a child's space can add hours and hours of enjoyment. I don't know what it is about forts, but I just love them!

    What is the most creative element you have included in your child's bedroom?

    Images: The Slow Life, Ohdeedoh, The Party Bunting Store, Ohdeedoh

  • Bedroom Lighting Interview with Interior Designer Jeff Andrews

    Jeff Andrews Bedroom Design

    You probably know interior designer Jeff Andrews from his projects with celebrity clients such as Ryan Seacrest, Khloe Kardashian, and Michael C. Hall of Dexter. I have been following his work for years and love his unique interpretation of spaces. We were very fortunate to be able to interview Jeff. He shares his inside tips on bedroom lighting below. Right after some more gorgeous pictures!

    Jeff Andrews Bedroom Design

    Jeff Andrews Bedroom Design

    Jeff Andrews Bedroom Design

    Lamps Plus: Do you have a formula for selecting light fixtures for the bedroom?

    Jeff Andrews: The style of the house and design scheme I am developing have a great deal to do with the fixtures I select. I like to consider the light in the room from existing ceiling fixtures, recessed cans, etc. I always take into account the proportions of the room and how much light is needed in every area. 

    Lamps Plus: What are different ways to incorporate bedside lighting?

    Jeff Andrews: Table lamps, swing arm sconces, pendants or some combination of all make for great bedside lighting options. Directional sconces used with table lamps give people a choice between ambient and practical task lighting as well.

    Lamps Plus: What are your thoughts on using a chandelier in the bedroom?

    Jeff Andrews: Love! The style has to complement the overall room scheme - not overpower it. Also, a decorative ceiling fixture should never be the main source of light for a bedroom.

    Lamps Plus: If the bedroom has recessed lights, how do you add drama through other light fixtures?

    Jeff Andrews: Add ambient lighting from several different sources such as table lamps, floor lamps, and sconces. Change the existing trims in the recessed light fixtures to wall washers to accent artwork and other key elements. Also, always make sure all the lighting is on a dimmer so you can control the mood.

    Lamps Plus: How does lighting affect the mood of the bedroom?

    Jeff Andrews: Lighting affects the mood of a bedroom as it does in all is the key to creating ambiance and changing the overall atmosphere of a space. Good lighting can also make you look better. That is a great thing in the bedroom!

    Lamps Plus: When using bedside table lamps, do they have to match?

    Jeff Andrews: Not necessarily, but I prefer it - symmetry and balance help create harmony in a room.

    Lamps Plus: What are your top 5 favorite bedroom light fixtures from the current Lamps Plus catalog?

    Jeff Andrews:

    1. The Possini Euro "floating rectangle LED plug-in wall light" is a nice combination light for those who like to read in bed.

    2. A nice swing-arm wall mounted option is the Possini Euro "chrome plug-in swing arm lamp." Its understated yet elegant design would work well in almost any decor.

    3. The sleek design of the "raindrop chrome finish mini pendant lights" are perfect for a modern interior. I would use two on each side of the bed at staggered heights for an interesting and contemporary look.

    4. The lines of the "bronze finish moderne table lamp" are contemporary and chic, which is the perfect choice for a guest bedroom and the finish looks good with almost anything.

    5. I love the "animal print ceramic urn table lamp" because it combines a classic shape with a texture and color of vintage ceramics.

    Contemporary wall lights

    Possini Euro Floating Rectangle LED Plug-In Wall Light (featured above, left) and Possini Euro Chrome Plug-In Swing Arm Wall Lamp (featured above, right)

    Jeff Andrews' Favorite Contemporary Lighting

    Raindrop Chrome Finish Mini Pendant Light (featured above, left) and Bronze Finish Moderne Table Lamp (featured above, right)

    Animal Print Table Lamp

    Animal Print Ceramic Urn Table Lamp (featured above)


    Images: Grey Crawford, Edward Duarte, Lamps Plus

  • DIY It! Five Easy Patio Set-Ups


    A simple patio is easy to set up and incredibly rewarding.  No other room can make workday worries melt away like a patio.  It's that special combination of being outdoors and the creature comfort of sitting with drink in hand that make patios the best seat in the house.  These five simple patio set-ups bring outdoor lounging within reach.  With a helpful buddy, each of these looks is achievable in just a day.

    Easy plants:

    Buying outdoor furniture and accessories are easy, but what about the plants?  Black thumbs could stick to easy-to-grow plants like succulents, ivy or small ficus trees.


    Throwing in a daybed makes the patio instantly welcoming, inviting you to nap or sit.  Add the side table and the low maintenance plants highlighted above, and the patio's done!

    If there is already a low wall in your space, an easy way to create seating is placing a bench foam seat cushion on top of the wall.  To create a conversational seating plan, one loveseat or sofa placed perpendicular to the wall will create an L-shaped floor plan.  To create the U-shaped floor plan shown here, place two loveseats or sofas perpendicular to the wall.

    Outdoor dining sets are one of the most space saving strategies for outdoor seating.  This bistro set takes up very little space and seats four people.

    Cabanas are wonderful.  The soft enclosure creates coziness and comfort in an outdoor setting.  This low-cost cabana is made of plumbing fixtures from the hardware store.  For a more refined look, paint with gloss or satin finish paint afterward.  Here are the step-by-step directions from Sunset.

    Tropical vacation themed patios can take you away to another place.  Bamboo furniture is lightweight and easy to transport, so it's easy to pick up pre-owned options around town. A good source for bargains is Craigslist, Penny Saver or your local used furniture store.
    (Image credit:  Sunset.)
  • Tablescape Ideas for Summer Dinner Parties

    Tablescape Design

    I love dinner parties with a group of friends! Preparing the meal and setting the table is a lot of fun. When having guests over it is not enough to just set the table, I love to design a tablescape. There are so many different ways to create a unique presentation. 

    Pink and Black Tablescape

    Flowers are a great accent to any table and can add a touch of color. Be sure to purchase an appropriately sized bouquet to fit the table. The flowers should never overwhelm the table by leaving little space for dishes. Candles set the mood and add a pleasant scent.

    White Tablescape

    I like to set a semi-formal place setting with a table linen, cloth napkins, full set of dinnerware, and two sets of glasses. Even if the dinner is informal, I love the presentation of a complete place setting. Take your time and have fun with your own tablescape design!

    Images: Luxe + Lillies, Weddingbee, The Decorista

  • DIY It! Magnetic Flowers for Fabrics and More

    I love good DIY projects that are both fun and functional.  This project involves faux flowers, which are lovely but always make me hesitate because of their maintenance.  Every spring, I'd see beautiful executions of silk flowers on curtains, lamp shades, and tablecloths but always walked away, wondering how they'd be washed or properly dusted. 

    This project from Martha Stewart takes all these concerns away, making faux flowers removable in a snap!  Each flower is fitted with a magnet and its mate, making the flowers removable for cleaning, or for switching up your palette or style for the season.  Now, I can have my cake and eat it too.

    I rate this project:  Easy. 

    How to:

    1. Gather these supplies:  faux flowers, fabric glue, mini magnets and scissors.
    2. Cut off the stems of the flowers.
    3. Use fabric glue to adhere magnets just above the raised center of the flowers.  The larger the flower, the farther off-center you should glue the magnet so that the flower will sit flat.
    4. "Stick" the flowers to any thin surface, like curtains, lamp shades and tablecloths, by placing a second magnet on the reverse side, thereby "sticking" the magnets together. 

    This project would look great on lamp shades.  For the best effect, regardless of the project you choose (tablecloth, curtain or lamp shade), make sure the surface is simple.  A patterned surface could look too busy with faux flowers.  Here are some simple lamp shades from Lamps Plus for this project:

      1. Cream Fabric Drum with Brown Trim Shade.  $64.91
      2. Platinum Grey Dupioni Silk Lamp Shade.  $39.99
      3. Taupe Fabric Drum Lamp Shade.  $29.99
      4. Off White Fabric Drum Shade.  $24.99



            Gerbera daisies are an easy option because they lie flat and come in a variety of colors.  These are from Afloral.

            Happy crafting!

            (Images:  Lamps PlusAfloral, Martha Stewart)


          1. 5 Design Tips From Hotels to Transform Your Home

            Hotel room at Aloft

            I love to travel -- maybe it is because I grew up in a military family where we moved all the time.

            For me the trip starts as soon as the ticket is booked or the route is mapped. I start researching the places which might be of interest. I ask for suggestions from friends via social media. However, my favorite part is searching for interesting places to stay. 

            Over the past several years, the larger hotel groups have started off-shoots from their major brand; Aloft Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott, Element Hotel and Holiday Inn Express just to name a few. It seems that they have created these to compete with the smaller, upscale boutique hotels.  

            These new brands are delivering a very similar modern, often urban-inspired design with special attention to the guest experience, but at more affordable prices.  I find these rooms filled with great take home ideas. Here are a few of the most memorable: 

            Courtyard's wallpaper wall

            Wallpapering one wall can create a great focal point in a room. A great tip in small spaces, like most hotel rooms, is to enhance the visual height. 

            In this instance at the Courtyard by Marriott, wallpaper was used to accentuate the headboard wall and as a way to tie the room palette together. Sconces free up the table top space.  

            Monochromatic palette at the Element

            Using a monochromatic color palette, the Element Hotel by the Starwood Group created a sophisticated mood.  You can do the same in your space.  I love the way every inch counts -- from the corner sectional and built-in cabinet to the ottomans (which can be used as additional seating). 

            The space is designed for maximal appeal and function. The pendant light helps set more of a homey feel. 

            Headboard inspiration from Holiday Inn Express

            The Holiday Inn Express created a dramatic effect using an oversized headboard.  This  idea would be great  in any bedroom.  The use of swing arm lights is functional and in this case adds a whimsical touch. 

            Placing a small table between the beds provides function and an opportunity to add a touch of color with a table lamp.

            Here are 5 tips that will help you get that hotel inspired look:

            • Keep clutter to a minimum. 
            • Utilize a fun and unexpected color palette.
            • Layer your window treatments – hotels use black-out fabric then layer a drape or sheer in front.  You can do the same, or try sheers under your drapes to create a layered look.
            • Keep bedding to solid neutral colors and add accents with pillows and a throw.
            • Use oversized and dramatic artwork as seen in the top photo from Aloft Hotel.

            Images courtesty of Aloft Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott, Element Hotel and Holiday Inn Express respectively. 


          2. DIY Inspiration: Party & Wedding Decorations

            Your wedding will very likely be the biggest party you'll ever throw.  Add a bit of creativity -- and rein in your pocketbook -- by making your own decorations.  You'll be surprised.  Most of the time, it's as easy as buying an ordinary glass vase.

            The key to successful DIY wedding decorations is using items that have these characteristics:

            1. Bold color.
            2. Graphic lines with high contrast.
            3. Whimsical or entertaining.
            4. Large size.
            5. Mood or atmosphere.


            The bold color of fruit in the clear glass vases makes a strong impact.  For this style, the taller the vase, the better!

            These branches work beautifully because of their bold lines and the high contrast created between them, and the white blossoms, vases, and the light colored wall.  If the walls were dark, this look would still work great.  Just make sure to paint the branches a light color, like white, pastel, or even metallic.

            It's wonderful to see old-fashioned embroidery hoops used in a new way.  The paper or fabric mounted in the wooden circles is sheer, making them dual sided.

            This stack of plastic animals is fun, totally unexpected and creative.  This centerpiece works because of the large bell jar.  Without it, the effect would have been chintzy.

            Aah, the classic floral centerpiece.  Its elegance will never go out of style.  I included it here because these flowers are faux!  Yes, fresh flowers are lovely, but they can get expensive.  Don't hesitate in using some well-made paper or fabric flowers.  They are beautiful, classy and can be used repeatedly.  Make sure you use ceramic vases for this project, not clear glass.  (The flowers shown here were made of paper.)

            Candles immediately convey mood and elegance.  This understated look was created using elements from nature, including sand and white rocks.


            (Images:  My DIY Wedding Day, Martha Stewart Weddings.)

          3. Lighting from the AIA Spring Home Tours

            Hirshberg Residence from the 2011 AIA Spring Home Tours

            Hirshberg Residence (featured above)

            Last Sunday was AIA Los Angeles' (American Institute of Architects) Spring Home Tours in Santa Monica and Venice. Every year they host two architectural home tours in Spring and two tours in Fall. The AIA Los Angeles tours first started more than 12 years ago touring homes in Hancock Park, Venice, Brentwood, Santa Monica, etc. The common theme among all the homes is featuring unique and progressive designs by Los Angeles architects.

            I toured four very different homes including a home built around the owner's Islamic faith - Mohammed Residence. It included a prayer room and a washing niche to clean your hands and face before entering the prayer room. Another one of the homes, the Hirshberg Residence, featured a basement recording studio.

            Along with studying the architecture and design, I paid particular attention to the selection of light fixtures used in the space. Typically in powder rooms, you find recessed lights or wall sconces. I love the unique hanging pendant in the bathroom featured above.

            Hirshberg Residence from the 2011 AIA Spring Home Tours

            Hirshberg Residence (featured above)

            Mohammed Residence from the 2011 AIA Spring Home Tours

            Mohammed Residence (featured above)

            The Bocci glass pendant chandelier lights were used over the dining room table in two separate residences. I love how the round pendant chandelier really accents the shape of the table below. 

            Hirshberg Residence from the 2011 AIA Spring Home Tours

            Hirshberg Residence (featured above)

            Hirshberg Residence from the 2011 AIA Spring Home Tours

            Hirshberg Residence (featured above)

            I would never have thought to have a floor lamp next to a window, but in the evening it creates a nice reading or lounge area. I love the fixture itself; tripod lamps are one of my favorite types of lamps.

            If you like the look of the Bocci pendant lights, below are a few similar clear glass hanging lights.

            LBL Sophia Clear Glass Monopoint Pendant (featured above, left) and Cheers Seven Globe Satin Nickel Mini Pendant (featured above, right)


            George Kovas Clear Glass 6-Light Pendant Chandelier (featured above, left) and Encircled Crystal 12" Wide Halogen 3-in-1 Pendant (featured above, right)


            Images: Bethany Nauert

          4. Company Talk - Trend Spotting with Lamps Plus' Tina Craig


            During a recent weekend outing to Remnants of the Past, a vintage and antique show in Central California, company buyer Tina Craig was struck by an emerging trend. 

            “Items at the show had a very romantic and feminine look. Accents included weathered household items that had a patina of age; bins, baskets, old bottles, containers and so on.”  

            Remnants of the Past Photo

            As a lamp shade buyer, Tina is always on the lookout for new ideas. She finds inspiration in everything -- fashion trends, traveling, local flea markets, even yard sales.

            Of this vintage chic trend, Tina notes, "You might say that this is a reemerging trend. It's using things from the past, an old idea, but with a very targeted range of color and texture. 

            In the photo above, for example, the rosette on the pillows, the use of foreign script, and the weathered wood off the bookshelf are all details that capture the look." 

            As I was writing this I noticed that some fashion designers were adding these flourishes to their clothing lines, too. 


            The group shot of lamp shades seen below is on trend. 

            Notes Tina, "For some time now we've been selling shades in soft shades of white, tans and browns. Many of them have rustic fabric accents or flower embellishments."

            The rosette flower lamp shade seen in the center of the grouping has been a huge hit. 

            French Script Hexagonal Lamp Shade

            Other lamp shades can be used as well. This chandelier clip-on shade has a French script that adds a turn-of-the-century vintage global feel to a room (without having to pay for an expensive trip!)

            Raw Edge Linen Blend Drum Shade

            Raw edges or unconstructed detailing on this shade adds a warm, lived-in feel without having to wait years to achieve it.

            Do you like that weathered wood headboard as much as I do?  Well, these tray boxes can help recreate that mood while providing great storage.

            What’s coming for the Fall for lamp shades? Tina did mention that embellishments and “bling” will play a key factor, so stay tuned!

            Photo sources: Remnants of the Past and Squidoo.


          May, 2011