Ornate Chandelier Photo

Recently I was asked my opinion on the debt ceiling.  As a designer, and obviously expert on timely issues affecting the U.S. Treasury, I immediately said it should be covered in gold-leaf!  Needless to say I received blank stares and will never be asked an opinion that requires a cerebral answer from any of my friends.  

Gold leaf painted ceiling

Undaunted, it did get me thinking about designing ceilings and if one could actually go into debt during the process.  Ceilings are often neglected, usually painted white and remain a place where, if lucky, a kind homeowner will install some interesting recessed can units.  What wasted potential!   As you can see, ceilings don't need to be white.  In fact, they can become amazing works of art such as this gold leaf painted ceiling on the reverse side of glass.   

Sistine Chapel Photo

And while I’m sure doing a full “Sistine Chapel” would put most of us into serious debt, not to mention displace entire families during the process, there are many great ceiling lighting solutions for those who do not want to commit to gold leaf, housing and paying for Italian Masters or tackling an electrical project.  What about Paint?  

Turquoise blue wall and ceiling

Because it’s summer, why not try a turquoise blue?  The cheerful color is crisp, cheerful and is sure to enhance your ceiling without costing a fortune.  It’s a great backdrop for classic antiques as well as contemporary art. 

A turquoise sofa

I know it may seem odd to randomly discuss seating when musing on about ceilings, but let’s face it, some folks would no sooner paint a room than wait in a long and hot line to visit the Sistine Chapel.  So I have a solution.  May I suggest a summer-inspired turquoise sofa so that you can spend lazy summer days staring at your white ceiling? 

Photos thanks to TraditionalHome.com, Beyond Forgetting Creative Commons, Kemble Interiors via Habitually Chic.

Room Scene courtesy of Casasugar.com, Beautiful Living via House of Turquoise.