Dwell on Design Logo

Dwell on Design opened today at the Los Angeles Convention Center and I was eager to walk through and see some of the new products on display.  These are my HOT picks from the show. 

Molo Wall System Photo

Molo modular walls enable you to create an additional room or change the shape of a space in minutes. Accordion-fold paper walls can be shortened, lengthened, or even made into arcs and circles.

Solar Shutter

Generating a little solar power is now easier than ever—in fact, it’s as easy as installing a window shutter. The PV Solar Shutter features solar cells set in the louvers which collect power from the sun and use a grid-tie inverter that channels the power directly into the home’s electrical system.

Reveli Shelving

The beauty of Riveli lies within its ability to transform into any number of functional shelving layouts.  Because each shelf pivots independently of the others, you can quickly and easily customize it to your own space…making it uniquely you and a great place to display all your stylish home décor.

Xplory Stroller
One interesting feature of the Stokke Xplory Stroller allows you to that elevate your baby to the height you prefer, it can even be used as a high-chair when you go to restaurants.  It is innovative, stylish and comes with lots of extras.

In-Wall Loudspeaker

Sound has never looked so good!  I love technology but with it comes all the wires and the time spent to make them visually appealing. Amina's Sound Unseen Loudspeaker is plastered in-wall (or in-ceiling) and reproduces high definition sound with zero visual impact to the room. You can paint right over it too!  These would pair really well with chic energy-efficient sconces. By the way, can you spot the speakers?  They on either side of the TVs and in the kitchen ceiling.

Which of these HOT picks from Dwell on Design can you use?

Tomorrow I will be going to some of the stage events. One of which features Kathy Ireland and Angelo Surmelis on the DESIGNINGreen Leaders panel.  Make sure to check back tomorrow for more insight into the show.