The Angle's house was inspired by local barns

Interior designers Eliot and Alexandra Angle, fell in love with Cape Breton Island, in a remote corner of Nova Scotia. They built a wood-shingled house inspired by local barns with a nod to the spare Scandinavian aesthetic.

Notice how the ceiling light does not disrupt the view

The 2,400-square-foot shingled cottage is all views and the landscape dictated the way the house looks inside as well. In a recent New York Time article Ms. Angle said, “We designed this house based on the color palette of the land and sky. There are 10 different shades of blue, gray and green.”  To maximize the view of the land and sky, the chic ceiling light was hung higher than normal as to not disrupt the view.

Swing arm lighting frees up the night tables

They say that the house isn’t finished yet - this summer, they plan to break ground on a second structure with guest quarters and an office - but the gradual pace suits them. “Unlike projects for clients, when I have a year to be 100 percent done,” Ms. Angle said, “this one can take time."


Even though they talk about not being finished,  I think they have already created some great ideas.  Here are a few of my favorites that can work in your home too.


In the above image,  functional swing arms lights were used instead of traditional table lamps which frees up space on the night tables.

Unify objects by color and theme

This a great example of how to unify objects through theme and color.  Notice how the color rhythm of the light beige coral picture on the wall is also repeated in the color of the coral on the desk and then again in the straps of the stools.

Maps make for great mementos

Next time you take a trip, buy a local map.  They make for great mementos and can cheer up a lonely hall way.

What has your interior been ispired by? 

 Source: New York Times

 Images courtesy of: Tony Cenecola