On July 15th the seventh and final installment of the Harry Potter series, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2”, arrives in theaters.  Be you a fan or not, the mastery of Academy Award–winning production designer Stuart Craig and his team have provided inspirational designs.  In a recent Architectural Digest article, he provided glimpses into the brilliant scenery that will be lighting up the screen for the finale. Using these glimpses as inspiration, I have chosen a few key Lamps Plus pieces which will help you recreate some of the Harry Potter magic in your home.  

Banks Reflect Wealth and Grandeur

Craig and his team designed the bank to reflect wealth and grandeur. “Banks are traditionally symbols of stability,” he explains. “I know that recent history undid all this, but that is the intention in bank architecture—to convey this feeling of reassurance, of stability, of solidity. So our banking hall, like any other, is made of marble and big marble columns. And it has great strength.”

Wealth and Grandeur

3 key items to bring some Wealth and Grandeur into your home.

1. Start with this grey velvet club chair with a contrasting black welt.

2. Add a glamorous crystal chandelier. . 

3. Mix in an intricate marble bistro table.


One of the showdowns takes place on a catwalk. “This long central catwalk gave us the opportunity to stage the confrontation very theatrically” explains Craig. 

Inspired by the Catwalk's Wood Beams

The catwalk is composed of natural aged wooden beams which colors lend itself to this set of 4 key items. 

1. The natural aged wood is mimicked in the weathered wooden lamp

2. Smooth linear lines of the beams are reflected in this sleek modern sofa

3. Subtle pillows reflect the deep tan hues.

4. Add a luxurious looking area rug brings the entire palette together.

The Weasley’s Shell Cottage

The seventh Harry Potter movie ends on the beach outside the Weasley’s Shell Cottage. “I try to find a logic for whatever the set is and somehow I felt it was wrong for [Shell Cottage] to be too whimsical, too fanciful,” says production designer Stuart Craig. “So this cottage has a logic. If you really wanted to build a house on the beach, what would you do? Well, you would use local materials."

Nature Inspired

Local natural materials were the inspiration for Shell Cottage.  Our grouping of 4 starts includes:

1. A scenic painting that elicits the calm of the sky,.

2. Add texture, like that of the rattan lamp shade on the three light chandelier reminds me of the roof of the house.

3. Use natural materals - the linen cotton seat of the driftwood oak finished settee is reminiscent of the sand.

4. The upholstered storage ottoman has a similar tone as the steps leading to the house where it all ends. 

So there you have it,  a few ideas on how to create the Harry Potter magic in your home. 

Resources: Architectural Digest and You Tube
Photography by Jaap Buitendijk