Breakfast Nook Photo

Dining rooms are getting used less frequently and a lot of the meals are now being eaten in the kitchen either at the island, breakfast nook, or a casual dining table in the kitchen. I have always liked the look of a built-in nook with bench seating. It becomes a more permanent fixture and part of the kitchen design. 

A bench and table create a nook

Another great feature about breakfast nooks is that it can be a space saver as seen in the first image. If you have an unused corner in the kitchen, then you may have just enough space for a small bench and cafe table. 

Chair added to nook

The breakfast nook can also include more than bench seating. Adding a stylish dining chair or two on the other side of the table gives it a more formal feel. 

Built-ins benches

Aren't you dying over this built-in seating area! The loose cushions and pillows make it comfortable for long romantic dinners.

Graphic letttering

What breakfast nook is your favorite?

Images: Desire to Inspire, Lonny Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge