Interior Designer Kishani Perera Shares Creative Ideas for Designing a Unique Space

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Interview with Kishani Perera

I met designer Kishani Perera a few weeks ago. I love her personal style and her eye for putting together interiors. Kishani is not afraid to mix up styles and step out of the box to create a unique space. I asked Kishani to share some personal insight on creative ideas for designing a unique and personal space.

LAMPS PLUS: How would you describe your style? 
KISHANI PERERA: Very eclectic - a mix of high and low, reclaimed with refined, ordinary with ornamental
LAMPS PLUS: Where do you find inspiration for your projects? 
KISHANI PERERA: The inspiration really comes from the client - I take their goals for the space and run with it!
LAMPS PLUS: What is your favorite paint color? 
KISHANI PERERA: I love shades of grey 
LAMPS PLUS: How do you involve your clients in the design? 
KISHANI PERERAI involve them through constant communication. From collaboration on initial inspiration, to approval on specific textiles and pieces of furniture, they participate throughout the process.
LAMPS PLUS: What is the biggest challenge when designing for clients? 
KISHANI PERERAThe biggest challenge is clearly communicating your vision for their space so they feel comfortable and excited about the project. 
LAMPS PLUS: What is the most common decorating mistake people make? 
KISHANI PERERAThe most common mistake that I see all the time is purchasing rugs that are far too small for the space!
LAMPS PLUS: What are three must-have accessories? 
KISHANI PERERAThree must-have accessories are great toss cushions, lots of books (old or new), and unique, decorative containers, whether just for looks or for function.
LAMPS PLUS: What are creative ideas for making your home your own?
KISHANI PERERAI love personalizing thing and adding unique touches to every home.
Creative Ideas and Plastic Room Divider 
KISHANI PERERA: In this apartment where budget was a concern, but style was a must, we added a plastic room divider on top of a plain white shower liner to add interest and character. The pattern of the beads accentuated the Deco era tiles and the overall look of the bathroom without breaking the bank.
Creative Ideas and Mixing Art
KISHANI PERERA: Can't splurge on expensive art? Create your own artistic display by framing a collection of personal photos and mixing it in with small paintings or prints, such as the ones featured. Some of which were even purchased on eBay.
Creative Ideas and Add a Shock of Color
KISHANI PERERA: Want to liven up your grownup space without taking it to the extreme? Add a shock of color in an unexpected place. In this very chic and sophisticated living room, we lacquered this Chinese coffee table in an electric blue. It created a distinct feature and add a much needed youthful energy to the space.
Creative Ideas and Alternative Bulletin Board
KISHANI PERERA: In this gorgeous home office, the client required a space to display notes, reminders, photography and other sentimental items. In lieu of the traditional and somewhat mundane bulletin board, we purchased a vintage dress form and used it in its place. The piece served the same function while flowing with the feminine vibe. We additionally created a fantastic conversation piece!
Creative Ideas and Religious Shrine
KISHANI PERERA: This client was anything but conventional! She had an affinity for religious artifacts and memorabilia, which we infused throughout her home. She had one room that served as a guest quarters on occasion that just seemed to lack personality. Our solution was to find an antique shrine and fill it with the client's artwork and curios. Instant character!
Creative Ideas and Life Size Family Tree
KISHANI PERERA: The idea of an ever evolving, extremely personal art installation seemed like the perfect solution to liven up the living room of a creative young family. They had recently discovered an artist who worked with vintage and unique woods from around the world. We collaborated to design this life size family tree which proudly displays family photos, mementos, and other whimsical elements - such a special way to document their growing family!  
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  • The luxury home accessories you use to create the finishing touch are simply beautiful.

  • I liked the arrangement of wall pictures outside the bathroom. Question for Kishani, what's your philosophy when it comes to hanging wall art? Any tricks or tips on what to avoid?

  • hi maria! the main trick for me is that the collection has some sort of cohesion, even if only obvious to you. for example, in the grouping above, which is in my home, i collected a group of images that reflected anatomy. being obsessed with my dogs, they're virtually a part of my very make up, so theyre a part of my anatomy,  so i mixed in their pics with drawings, illustrations and posters of human scientific illustrations along with one insect. sort of random, but make sense to me! it could be a musically themed grouping, outdoors, children, family, abstract, etc. the grouping could also be grouped based on color themes as well!! hope that helps!

Interior Designer Kishani Perera Shares Creative Ideas for Designing a Unique Space