Celebrity Interior Designer Kenneth Brown Reveals the Key to Successful Design and More

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Kenneth Brown's southern charm and laid-back personality puts homeowners at ease which creates a fun hands-on creative process. Hailing from Louisiana, Kenneth's masterfully blends warm Southern hospitality with clean Southern-California lines.

His unique creations reflect his belief that comfort holds the key to successful design. His direct collaboration with his clients allows them to put their own personal stamp on their homes. WIth clients like Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Kristen Bell, Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra (just to name a few), how could anyone disagree?

Kenneth Brown Design Living Room

You may have seen Kenneth Brown in Oprah's "O" magazine "Live Your Best Life Tour" or on The Today Show, Tyra, CNN, iVillage Live, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America and Fox Morning news. You may have even read about him being one of the top 100 designers in House Beautiful and Western Interiors. Kenneth Brown definately has his pulse on what is happening in the design world. Recently I was able to catch-up with him and ask a few questions.

If you spurlge on one decorating item, what should it be?
A great sofa!  Besides your bed, a sofa is the second most used piece of furniture in a house – make it a place you can relax and feel like a million dollars lounging on it.
What is your favorite item in your home that you didn’t design?
A chair I had in my room as a kid. It is the only piece of furniture that has stayed with me through the years and 12 houses I’ve lived in! It is currently being re-upholstered in hot pink with orange trim to go into my daughter’s new room.

Kenneth Brown Bedroom Design Picture

Lamps Plus Table Lamps

What advice can you provide to someone having a hard time selecting lighting?
Take a photo of your room and print it out. Then print out photos of your top four light fixtures. Take these photos to your office, or somewhere that is not your home, and hold up the different fixtures next to the room photo. This elementary process will help you see the room with fresh eyes and help make the right decision.
Most asked question by fans?
After the initial, “you’re so much taller than I thought” I’m usually asked “how do I get on your show to do my house?” Then I have to explain that the shows repeat and that we are no longer shooting. 

Red Storage Ottoman

What is one “trick of the trade” that you implement in your designs?
Every room needs something red in it.  It doesn’t have to be large – a small dose goes a long way to add a spark of interest to your room. Consider things like pillows, throws, wall art or even an ottoman. All of these can be added or changed out rather easily and will add a great pop of color.
What is the best design advice you ever received?
To be flexible and roll with any changes that come your way. It is hard to keep design in a box as there are many moving parts to a project, especially construction related. When you let go, you’ll be amazed at what creative solutions flow your way.

What's next for Kenneth Brown?
My latest venture has taken me back to my home state of Louisiana. More details to come soon.

That sounds very interesting. Thank you for your time Kenneth.

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  • This long time fan really enjoyed this interview and can't wait to hear more about Kenneth's future plans now that he is back home in Louisiana.  There must be inspiration every where he turns in Louisiana!  Wishing Kenneth nothing but the best!

  • Thanks Lamps Plus for the great interview with my FAVORITE designer!!  I'm always interested in hearing Kenneth's thoughts on design -- and also personal items in his life too like his recent move back to Baton Rouge!  :)

  • Hi Carol,

    Thank you for your comment. I too can't wait to hear more about his future plans.  I am sure that whatever it is, it will be a great success.

  • Hi Linda,

    I am glad that you enjoyed the post.  Thank you for the comment.  

    You might also enjoy this post about Sarah Richardson, www.lampsplus.com/.../summer-inspiration-sarah-s-cottage.aspx

    Again, thank you.

  • Thanks Michael.  Yes, Sarah is definitely my #2 favorite.  Maybe it's because Kenneth and Sarah are not only wonderful designers but they both have warm and down to earth personalities.  Makes them great for television.   I know I sound like a broken record but I miss seeing Kenneth's personality.  We need him back on TV or somewhere where everyone can enjoy his fun personality as well as his great design ideas.   Sarah has been so fortunate to have so many shows.  That's Canada for you -- more open to bigger budget shows.  :(

  • Kenneth - Always really enoyed your show and your decorating style! I look forward to reading more about you in the future. Hope to see more of you soon! BTW, what house is that room scene from? Thanks!!! :)

Celebrity Interior Designer Kenneth Brown Reveals the Key to Successful Design and More