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Recently I had the pleasure to chat with Michelle Adams, Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Lonny Magazine. If you haven’t heard of Lonny, it is a bimonthly online magazine that focuses on lifestyle and home décor. Lonny highlights extraordinary interiors, innovative bloggers, and the latest market finds.

They have been featured in Vanity Fair, The New York Times just to name a few and have highlighted design luminaries from around the globe. Now, onto the interview-

What was the inspiration for Lonny?
My business partner and I founded Lonny in fall of 2009 at a time when nearly the entire shelter magazine category had been wiped out by the recession. The folding of industry staples such as House & Garden, Vogue Living, domino, Blueprint, Cottage Living, etc. left a huge void and more importantly left hundreds of thousands of loyal readers looking for the accessible inspiration that they once enjoyed. So we decided to take a stab at bringing some of that inspiration back, but we realized that step one would be to change the business model since the former print model is so expensive to maintain. What we soon realized is that not only does the online model save us money, but it also connects us to a worldwide audience and allows our readers to shop the pages at a click of a mouse.

What makes a digital magazine, like Lonny, different from the traditional hard copy magazine? Do you approach topics in a different way?
Lonny is essentially a print magazine, except that it's published online! We produce and edit the magazine the same way a print publication is produced: we attend press previews to gather information and discover new products, we photograph our features for regularly occurring columns, we have an art department, writing staff, editorial team, photographers, etc. The only difference is that rather than sending our InDesign files to a printer, we upload them to our online platform. Being online offers the reader an enriched experience through interactive features such as videos, pop-up text, and hyperlinked products.

As an editor, you must come across a lot of products. Do you have a favorite type of lighting?
Yes, indeed I do come across a lot of products! In terms of lighting, lately I've been really into mid-century styles with clean lines. I'm also a sucker for table lamps with classic lucite or crystal bases and simple black shades- they're timeless and work with any decor style.

What is the first thing readers at home should consider when thinking about lighting?
Balance. Be sure that all corners of a room have equal and adequate lighting. When in doubt, buy a pair of lamps that you love since you can always use them to flank a sofa, console table, bedside tables, etc.



Mirror Table

What do you see as the next emerging home décor design trend?
Overall, I think that people are paying more attention to the look of their homes than ever before. With the explosion of blogs and online magazines in the past couple years, people now have easy access to inspiration and practical pieces to help them get the look. In terms of specific styles, the trend in general is a more sophisticated home with hints of glamour. Mirrored surfaces and furnishings are hugely popular, nailhead trims on upholstered furniture, menswear inspired fabrics and cleaner lines all around.

Since you all have been publishing for a while now, what other digital trends are you seeing in the interior design/ blog/ home decor world?
The idea of an online magazine has become quite popular, and it's exciting to see the different titles popping up all over the world! Furniture manufacturers are also starting to turn their catalogs into magazine style formats as well, with hyperlinked products and editorialized content that takes the reader back to their website for purchase. Manufacturers in both home furnishings and fashion are also "editorializing" their websites with daily blogs and features that feel more like magazine-style content than a typical blog post. Overall, the trend is to act as a curator of style- be it for customers, blog readers, or magazine readers- since the eyeballs exist and it's simply a matter of capturing them and keeping them coming back for more.

Modern White Chair Photo

Can you tell us about your goals for Lonny or any projects in the works that you are excited about?
We're excited about so many things! Lonny is ever-evolving as we strive to keep up with our evolving readers and the changing styles in the market. Our goal is to stay ahead of the trends and continue offering our readers aspirational style at attainable price points. We're shifting our focus in 2012 to continue developing our website and mobile capabilities, and hope to incorporate video home tours and floor plans to give our readers an even better sense of the spaces that we feature. As for short-term projects, we're excited about our 2011 holiday gift guide (we're putting the finishing touches on it as we speak!) as well as a holiday entertaining story and a living room makeover feature.

Thank you Michelle can't wait to see the what you some up with next. We all are really enjoying Lonny here at Lamps Plus.

If you're like me and need a Lonny fix in between issues, stop by the Lonny Blog.

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