Decorating for Halloween with Sandra Espinet and Skeletons

Halloween is here!! Ok it is not here yet, but it is coming up very quickly and I need to get my costume ready. I always struggle with fun ways to decorate for Halloween when you don't have little ones. My good friend and interior designer, Sandra Espinet, shares some quick and easy tips for decorating for Halloween. She has some great ideas that I will be trying out this year. Thanks Sandra!

Decorating for Halloween with Sandra Espinet and Displaying Candy

#1: Displaying Candy: An easy and pretty way to display candy is to fill different sizes of clear glass apothecary jars.

Halloween Pumpkin Coolers

#2: Pumpkin Cooler: If you cut off the top of a pumpkin and carve it out you can use it as a cooler for drinks or to store candy.

 Halloween Cake

#3: Halloween Cakes: Cakes are not customary for Halloween, but you can bake one yourself (even with a cake mix!) and easily use it to decorate by using colored icing and adding a Halloween creature to the top.

Halloween Skeleton Cookies

#4: Halloween Cookies: Halloween inspired cookies are not only a great way to capture the holiday spirit, but you can also involve the whole family by decorating them together. You can make icing with just sugar, water, and food coloring and even use the rolls of cookie dough if you like.

Halloween Cupcakes

#5: Festive Cupcakes: Inexpensive store bought cupcakes can be instantly transfored into Halloween treats by adding a little Halloween character on top. If you don't have any characters, you can always find an image you like online, cut it out, tape a toothpick to the back and voila, a customized Halloween cupcake!

10 Halloween Decorating Tips and Dress Up Skeletons

#6: Dress up Skeletons: Spook up your yard by laying dressed up skeletons against trees, on stairs, or next to the door. You can tie rags and make them look like mummies or dress them up in old clothes - they are skeletons, they will look creepy no matter what.

 Halloween Goody Bags

#7: Goody Bags: Easily make Halloween goody bags for your friends or your extra special trick-or-treaters. Purchase gift bags and add Halloween themed decals and ribbon to them.


#8: Missing a costume? Paint your face or use makeup to make your eyes look scary and you will become part of the decor. This also makes for a fun party activity.

#9: For a twist on giving out Halloween candy, gather your trick-or-treaters to break open a pinata filled with sweets. It is a lot of fun and looks festive.

#10: Create a spooky mood by lighting black candles of different sizes and placing them at different levels. Around Halloween the candles are pretty inexpensive and you can find them in drug and grocery stores.

Images: Courtesy of Sandra Espinet