Modern Coastal Decorating - Dining Room

Coastal chic decor celebrates the elements of coastal life with an upscale flair. The look is refinded, simple, clean and contemporary.  If you enjoy the peaceful feel of the seaside, you will love this décor! Here is how to Get The Look: Coastal Chic in 5 Steps.

Coastal Chic Color Palette

1: Color Palette
The Coastal Chic look is dominated with blues and greens found in the ocean.

Ivory Area Rug

2: Walls and Floors
Floors are smooth surfaces of tile or refined wood.  Walls are painted in lighter shades of the sea, like blue, green or sea foam. Coastal Chic wall art consists of elements of sea life.

Crystal Cascade and Silver Shade 17 1/2" Wide Pendant Light

3: Lighting
Lamps and chandeliers have an upscale contemporary design with strong used of glass, crystal and chrome.  The design can be freely mixed by using a common finish.

Zuo Fox Trot Silver Dining Chair

4: Furniture & Fabrics
Achieve the Coastal Chic look by using modern furniture with straight clean lines.  This will allow the accessories and lighting to take center stage adding drama to the room. Faux metallic leathers and snake skin wrap chairs and console tables add a dimension of luxury.

Shell Decorative Object

5: Accessories
Shells, coral and other sea life are recreated in modern materials with novel finishes.

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