Organized art studio

A home office or creative workspace is quickly becoming an essential room in today's home. Whether used as an office for a freelance business, as a creative space for craft projects, or as a homework station for kids, having a dedicated space for productivity helps everything function and flow in the best way possible! Here are my favorite tips for creating a workspace that's organized, practical, and beautiful:

1. Work at a practical desk. Determine what your needs are, and invest in the proper desk. Would a large desktop enable you to spread out and work more effectively? Does having filing cabinets within reach make managing your business easier? Will multiple drawers for storage keep your craft clutter at bay? 

Desk with bookshelf

2. Customize a unique workspace.  If you can't find the workspace and storage pieces you need, it might be time to get creative and customize your own! This two-person homework station is brilliantly simple - a dining table is cut in half and mounted to a freestanding shelving unit.

Armoire desk

 3. Close the doors on clutter. Even when organized, a desk can look busy and visually cluttered. A large armoire desk with doors enables you to quite literally, "close the doors" on your workspace. An armoire like this is particularly beneficial when the room needs to serve two purposes, such as a bedroom and office.

Offices with white furniture

4. Introduce bright white furniture. Lighten up a heavy, traditional office with light and bright furniture. A more modern take on the home office, a workspace like this is cheerful and inviting - whether you're using it for scrapbooking or accounting.

Colorful desk accessories

5. Organize with colorful accessories. Gone are the days of drab, industrial office supplies! Since you're going to need a desk lamp, clock, and filing system anyway, choose decorative home accessories to add some personality to your workspace.

Home office with chandelier

6. Make your space beautiful.  Why not have a luxury pillow on your desk chair, fresh flowers in a vase, or even a crystal chandelier in your office? It's the little details that give your office a personal touch and turn it into a space that you'll want to stay up late and work in.

What's one thing you've done to create the home office or creative space of your dreams?  

Image credits: One Little Word, Better Homes and Gardens, Oh Happy Day,, Decorpad, and Decor8.