Style Illuminated Blogger Lesley Myrick Talks Collage Art

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Lesley Myrick and Collage Artwork

Today, I am really excited to interview interior designer, Lesley Myrick. Lesley is also an incredible collage artist and I have had the pleasure of getting to know her in the office over the last few months. Lesley's collage art is so inspirational that I wanted to ask her a few questions about incorporating personal art in your home.

Interior Designer Lesley Myrick

LAMPS PLUS: When did you know you wanted to be an interior designer/graphic artist?

LESLEY MYRICK: I knew I wanted to be an interior designer for just about as long as I can remember. When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I decided that I wanted to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom. Of course, I was too small to push it around on my own, so thankfully my very supportive dad stepped in and did the heavy lifting for me. From then on, my love of design, decorating, space planning, and organizing only grew. By ninth grade I was choosing my classes based on an art and design emphasis and pursuing a diploma in interior design was the next step.

On the flip side, I didn't know I wanted to be a graphic artist until it just sort of...happened! In my early twenties I started playing around with mixed media and collage art and fell in love with the process. I also began blogging and out of necessity I started tinkering around with web design and web graphics to customize my blog. Friends and acquaintances began approaching me to design logos, album artwork, wedding invitations, web graphics, and custom artwork, and the "art and design" side of my business was born. I've always been the "creative type" and I think this avenue is just a natural extension of the talents I feel so blessed to have been given.

Lesley Myrick and Giclee Lamp Shade and Collage Art

LAMPS PLUS: You first started your design career in Canada. How is the design style different in Canada versus the United States?

LESLEY MYRICK: I can't speak for all of Canada and the United States, but I've worked in both Toronto and Los Angeles and there are definitely differences in their design worlds. Interior design in Toronto is a little more refined - chic, sophisticated, tailored, and classic. Los Angeles certainly has that too, but I've found that there's more of a desire here for something different - designs that are quirky, creative, and eclectic.

Lesley Myrick and Collage Art

LAMPS PLUS: I love your collage art! What inspires each piece?

LESLEY MYRICK: Well, thanks! I'm constantly on the lookout for interesting materials to use in my collages - scrapbook paper, vintage books, maps, magazine clippings, found ephemera and the materials I've collected definitely inspire the design. I also love words, quotes, and typefaces, so a great quote or fantastic font can spark an idea for an art piece.

LAMPS PLUS: What are a few tips for how to incorporate collage art into your home?

LESLEY MYRICK: Since creating collage is all about layering, I loved the layered, collected look for displaying it. Grouping frames in a gallery style display is perfect - a cluster of small frames gives the illusion of a larger piece of art and it's a great way to mix art and family photos in a relaxed way. I also love simple displays that have charm - above my sofa I've tacked up a length of twine that I casually clip artwork to.

LAMPS PLUS: What are some ways to add personal art to your home when you are uh...not artistically talented?

LESLEY MYRICK: The appeal of collage art is that it's simple and you never have to start from a blank canvas, you're taking existing elements and rearranging them to create something new and beautiful. Keep your eyes open for pretty textures and surfaces and play around with layering two or three of them. For exmple, a vintage book page with a cutout shape from a colorful magazine page glued on top is elegantly simple, but rich in texture. Trust your gut. Go with what feels good. And then frame it - you just made art, baby!

Lesley Myrick and Collage Artwork

LAMPS PLUS: When designing a space do you select the artwork or furnishings first?

LESLEY MYRICK: I always select the furnishings first. Once the big pieces are in place, it allows you to see where wall art will fit best, as well as lighting, and home accessories. I usually have an idea of what artwork I'd like to use and where, but I don't start pounding nails into the wall until I know the main furniture pieces are in place and the space is functioning and flowing well. (Although admittedly, I'm impatient and sometimes just want to hang something up to feel a sense of accomplishment!)

Giclee Table Lamp and Collage Art at Lamps Plus

LAMPS PLUS: What do you love most about the Giclee lamps?

LESLEY MYRICK: I love that you can mix and match different shades and bases to create a look that really "clicks" for you. The paley white base on the Silver Baroque Giclee Paley White Table Lamp is my favorite - the glossy candlestick style is so chic and looks expensive!

LAMPS PLUS: Because you are constantly perusing the Lamps Plus catalog, you have had the chance to see a wide variety of our products. What are 3 cool light fixtures that you just love?

LESLEY MYRICK: We've got some modern lighting with fabulous design lines. I love the fact that these fixtures have such beautiful curves and angles that they're stunning in simple white - no color or embellishment needed. Even though I adore color and pattern, I have a weakness for the classic elegance of black and white.

Eloise White Wire Table Lamp at Lamps Plus

Eloise White Wire Table Lamp

Robert Abbey Delta Lily Table Lamp at Lamps Plus

 Robert Abbey Delta Lily Table Lamp

Tetra Collection Tiffany Style Large Chandelier at Lamps Plus

Tetra Collection Tiffany Style 4-Light Large Chandelier

Images: Lesley Myrick

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  • Lesley is the most creative, talented and artistic people I know. I'm proud to say I have several "Lesley Myrick" originals in my home!

  • I agree with Beth. Lesley is super rad. I am the proud owner of a Lesely Myrick original and I have three of her prints in my kitchen. She also designed all of my wedding stationary and it did a fantastic job of was everything that I envisioned that it could be :)

Style Illuminated Blogger Lesley Myrick Talks Collage Art