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Who wouldn’t want more wealth, relaxation, healing and harmony in their life? If that’s your goal, you may want to consider incorporating Feng Shui design ideas in your home. Of course if you have the budget you may wish to hire a Feng Shui master to do a complete inspection of your home and offer ways in which you can improve the “chi,” or energy, in your home. Otherwise, there are some simple design touches and colors that can be implemented to begin changing the flow of your home’s energy and with it, your own prosperity and inner harmony.

Feng Shui Front Door

Have the color red at your front door. Whether you paint the entire door red or have a smaller touch of red like this wind chime, it’s a critical place to use the color. Because “Feng Shui” means wind/water, a wind chime would be a great design idea that introduces one of the earthly elements. Red is not only welcoming, but brings energy, fortune and luck in Feng Shui teachings.   

Feng Shui Colors

Here is a color chart that breaks down what some of the colors mean in general terms. It’s an easy first step to understanding how color affects your mood and your life. 

Feng Shui Living Rooms

One of the most basic teachings is to declutter your space. Relaxation is difficult to achieve if your home is messy and cluttered. Additionally it’s important to understand how shapes can define a room. Most Feng Shui masters will tell you to avoid sharp lines, edges and corners. They will not allow the energy to properly flow through a space like curves and circles. 

Round Mirrors

Gold-colored round mirrors are a great Feng Shui item. The shape works with the general principles and mirrors can draw in beneficial chi.

Contemporary Feng Shui Living Rooms

This living room is light, clutter-free, has round seating in yellow which promotes health. Another Feng Shui design trick is to always place your sofas against a wall.  

Yellow Lamps

This bright yellow round ceramic table lamp is an easy way to dip your toe into Feng Shui stylishly.

Home Office Ideas

The Feng Shui home office is clutter free, incorporates many round shapes, has a living plant (an earth element) as well as light. Even if you didn’t follow Feng Shui, common sense dictates that this would be an inspiring place to work.

Master Bedroom Decor

The Feng Shui bedroom should be calming, have two night stands, have a bed placed where it can be approached on both sides and not in the direct line of the door. Also, the room should have several levels of lighting that can be dimmed.

Green Bathrooms

This bathroom is painted the family friendly Feng Shui green. Notice the curves and circles, mirrors, and live plant all in harmony with water which is the primary element in a bathroom.

Table Lamps

Yes, it is an earthy Feng Shui green, but this curved green table lamp looks cute even if it didn’t promote Feng Shui teachings.

Asian Inspired Bathrooms

I had to include this bathroom because everything is covered in this room, from wood, plants, light, to curved elements and mirrors. The fabulous Asian aesthetic only makes it feel more authentic. While this bathroom goes all out, you can certainly start small and see how you like the changes. Again, the first thing you should do is clean house and what better time of the year to do that than spring.

Photos courtesy of Feng Shui and Beyond, Feng Shui Dana, Everyday Health, The Nest