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  • Unique Mirrors for the Bathroom

    hand mirrors

    The days of yawn-inducing mirrors for the bathroom are over! With so many unique mirror options available, it is almost effortless to revitalize your bathroom vanity area without breaking the bank. This phenomenal concept in the photo above, by California-based interior designer Faith Blakeney, relies primarily on flea market hand mirrors and velcro, and can be shuffled around as often as your mood changes. With such a small investment making a dramatic impact, you won't feel guilty splurging on a couple of modern wall sconces and hanging mirrors to complete the look.

    white mirrors

    Rather than fill your blank wall space with canvas or art prints, (which can mold and warp from the humidity) why not opt for an eclectic collection of romantic mirrors that double as artwork! Can you imagine seeing the reflection of that breathtaking chandelier in all those mirrors?

    Mirrored vanity

    Mirrored tub

    Mirrors don't have to be limited to eye-level in the bathroom. Try accenting your bathroom furniture and fixtures with mirrored tiles for a chic and glamourous look.

    coral mirror

    Don't forget about your kid's bathroom... look at the way this oversized vintage mirror brings this otherwise snoring bathroom to life. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to incorporate that bursting peach hue into my decor!

    unique bathroom mirror

    For the truly daring, go ahead and nix the mirror altogether. Opt for an inspirational message board instead! Not ready to ditch your reflection just yet? A glass writing pen lets you leave yourself a love note any day of the week without the committment.

    large bathroom window

    You might think that it takes a major, gut-wrenching home renovation to create a dream bathroom with an oversized window like the photo above, but guess again! A large, oversized window-style mirror can give you the look you desire - without breaking through your walls (and wallet!) 

    These are some of my favorite decorative mirrors from Lamps Plus. Which are your faves?

    lamps plus mirrors 1

    Left: Greenbriar Hardwood 35" Round Wall Mirror,  Right: Ivory and Gold Mosaic 32" Round Wall Mirror

    Lamps Plus mirrors 2

    Left: Uttermost Perching Birds Small 39 1/4" High Wall Mirror, Right: Howard Elliott Courtney 39" High Rectangular Hanging Mirror

    Lamps Plus mirrors 3

    Left: Uttermost Spring Branches 49" Round Wall Mirror, Right: Uttermost St. Stephan Distressed Wood 48" High Wall Mirror

    Lamps Plus mirrors 4  

    Left: Uttermost Ablenay Hand Forged Frame 37" High Mirror, Right: Howard Elliott Orleans 47" High Arched Wall Mirror

    Images: Design Sponge, After Dinner Design, The Lettered Cottage, 6th Street Design School, My Revelment, Mark Williams Design Associates

  • Outdoor Entertaining with String Lights

    Outdoor Entertaining and String Lights

    As the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer, I can't help longing for those warm summer nights when a pitcher of sparkling lemonade, blankets in the grass, and some mood-setting string lights are all it takes to strike up a memorable outdoor get together.

    It is no surprise that string lights have been used time and time again to create a romantic ambience, but did you also know that they can be used to frame and define your outdoor entertaining area as well as tie your decor together? Not to mention, they are a simple, inexpensive, and a non-permanent solution for outdoor lighting. Whether you opt for a subtle or dramatic display, there is no better way to sprinkle a little light into your outdoor celebration!

    Mini globes

    I love the way these mini globes look like fireflies buzzing through the trees...

    Dripping string lights

    ... and the way these lights appear to be dripping from the trees.

    DIY string light posts

    If your home is anything like mine - lacking in the large tree and patio cover department - you can still beautifully incorporate string lights into your decor while adding a wee bit of garden charm, to boot. All you need are 6- to 8-foot wooden poles, flower buckets, and garden gravel. Simply place the wooden pole upright in the center of the bucket, and then fill with garden gravel. I just adore the way the flower bucket was painted to match the sky blue folding chairs! To safely attach the mini lanterns to the poles, like in the photo above, try looping a plastic fastener strip through a screw eye inserted at the top of the pole, or attaching small hooks near the top.

    DIY string lights and paper cups

    Another great way to show off your style and creativity, while adding the perfect finishing touch to your decor, is to create your own party lights! Cut a small "X" in the center of a paper cup, wrap with your favorite craft paper, and pull the bulbs through the centers until the sockets are all the way through. Voilà! A simple and fun project with a ton of charm! 

    Paper bag string lights

    Here is another playful and simple DIY string light project with colorful paper bags by Martha Stewart.

    Dramatic string light display

    Which string lights are your favorite for entertaining?

    Images: Apartment Therapy, OnceWed, StyleMePretty, Martha Stewart, Hey Gorgeous,  Pretty Stuff

  • Feng Shui Design Ideas

    Zen Interiors

    Who wouldn’t want more wealth, relaxation, healing and harmony in their life? If that’s your goal, you may want to consider incorporating Feng Shui design ideas in your home. Of course if you have the budget you may wish to hire a Feng Shui master to do a complete inspection of your home and offer ways in which you can improve the “chi,” or energy, in your home. Otherwise, there are some simple design touches and colors that can be implemented to begin changing the flow of your home’s energy and with it, your own prosperity and inner harmony.

    Feng Shui Front Door

    Have the color red at your front door. Whether you paint the entire door red or have a smaller touch of red like this wind chime, it’s a critical place to use the color. Because “Feng Shui” means wind/water, a wind chime would be a great design idea that introduces one of the earthly elements. Red is not only welcoming, but brings energy, fortune and luck in Feng Shui teachings.   

    Feng Shui Colors

    Here is a color chart that breaks down what some of the colors mean in general terms. It’s an easy first step to understanding how color affects your mood and your life. 

    Feng Shui Living Rooms

    One of the most basic teachings is to declutter your space. Relaxation is difficult to achieve if your home is messy and cluttered. Additionally it’s important to understand how shapes can define a room. Most Feng Shui masters will tell you to avoid sharp lines, edges and corners. They will not allow the energy to properly flow through a space like curves and circles. 

    Round Mirrors

    Gold-colored round mirrors are a great Feng Shui item. The shape works with the general principles and mirrors can draw in beneficial chi.

    Contemporary Feng Shui Living Rooms

    This living room is light, clutter-free, has round seating in yellow which promotes health. Another Feng Shui design trick is to always place your sofas against a wall.  

    Yellow Lamps

    This bright yellow round ceramic table lamp is an easy way to dip your toe into Feng Shui stylishly.

    Home Office Ideas

    The Feng Shui home office is clutter free, incorporates many round shapes, has a living plant (an earth element) as well as light. Even if you didn’t follow Feng Shui, common sense dictates that this would be an inspiring place to work.

    Master Bedroom Decor

    The Feng Shui bedroom should be calming, have two night stands, have a bed placed where it can be approached on both sides and not in the direct line of the door. Also, the room should have several levels of lighting that can be dimmed.

    Green Bathrooms

    This bathroom is painted the family friendly Feng Shui green. Notice the curves and circles, mirrors, and live plant all in harmony with water which is the primary element in a bathroom.

    Table Lamps

    Yes, it is an earthy Feng Shui green, but this curved green table lamp looks cute even if it didn’t promote Feng Shui teachings.

    Asian Inspired Bathrooms

    I had to include this bathroom because everything is covered in this room, from wood, plants, light, to curved elements and mirrors. The fabulous Asian aesthetic only makes it feel more authentic. While this bathroom goes all out, you can certainly start small and see how you like the changes. Again, the first thing you should do is clean house and what better time of the year to do that than spring.

    Photos courtesy of Feng Shui and Beyond, Feng Shui Dana, Everyday Health, The Nest

  • Redecorating Using Tufted Furniture

    Living Room Design

    Tufting is a design element that may have a place in your home when you next think about redecorating or adding a new piece of furniture to the mix. Using tufted furniture is a way to add visual interest to furniture that may otherwise look like a giant sea of fabric. Tufting also keeps upholstered furniture from looking lumpy over time. Heaven knows I could use some tufting on my old carcass! Tufting is no longer the darling of stuffy old men’s clubs or Grandma’s dainty dressing table stool. Tufting can be very modern, as I will show, and has been revived by the interest in Mid-Century designers such as Mies van der Rohe.

    Bold Pillows

    This contemporary living room is awash in soothing and bold colors done in an interesting color-blocking design. While crisp, geometric shapes seem to dictate the placement of color, the sofa cushion and back would have seemed dull and too large a shape without the use of tufting.      

    Minimalistic Living Room Design

    Sticking with a monochromatic color palette can also make the traditional art of tufting seem modern, fresh and new again. Contemporary lighting fixtures like this also ensures that the room looks up-to-date. 

    Dining Room Design Ideas

    While I do love a clean and modern look, you know after reading my posts that I am a sucker for traditional preppy design as well. Here is a traditional dining room that introduces a cheerful color scheme and elegant tufted upholstered chairs. Tufting will actually keep the chair back more comfortable for you while seated for long periods of time.  

    Decorating with Wing Back Chairs

    Chairs of all kinds can be tufted...hurray. They can be a folly like this excessively styled and large-scaled wing back chairs, or as basic and everyday as your kitchen bar stools

    Tufted Headboards

    Headboards are a popular tufted item too. Here is my issue with tufted headboards...I wish DIY shows would stop telling people they are easy to make at home. They’re not, and I’ve tried. You need to be really handy to make them look good. Naturally I would have somebody do it for me because I have no faith in my abilities. If you want it to look professional, hire a professional. This deep cobalt headboard is HOT.

    Soothing Bedroom Color Ideas

    Here is another version, but much more soothing in tone. Notice how both bedrooms have gourd-shaped ceramic

    Modern Tufted Ottomans

    Next to headboards, benches can look amazing when tufted. Similar to some sofas and chairs, benches can loose their shape without tufting. This contemporary bench is so chic and modern. The tapered leg makes it feel slightly 1950s and would look perfect with a sputnik chandelier.

    Feminine Bedroom Design

    This tufted bench is totally feminine and works perfectly in this soothing boudoir. The Lucite legs makes it feel ethereal and the fabric makes it restful. Naturally when you plop down to take off your Louboutin shoes you need something beautiful for the tush, and I think this tufted bench delivers.

    Photos courtesy of The Zhush, Bogle Street, Vogue, Atlanta Homes Magazine, Frank Roop Photography

  • The Unconventional Contemporary Cottage

    Modern Kitchen Design

    I’m all for a cozy cottage, but please don’t make me look at “distressed” furniture and tiny floral print bed skirts! There is a way to keep cottages quaint, but modern. The unconventional contemporary cottage is easy to achieve and I promise it will still retain a casual and comfortable feel with natural elements and a down home charm. Frankly, it’s all in the repurposing of familiar textures and design. The image above is a great example. This cottage kitchen has warm wood walls and counters, a rustic bench and rough metal wall light, but hung on the wall is contemporary artwork instead of the traditional floral print you might usually see in a cottage getaway. 

    Cottage Interiors

    This sunroom is still traditional but introduces bold, geometric patterns versus the old fashioned “sweet” country prints usually found in a sunroom. Additionally, the color black has been ushered in as a primary color. Using black paint is a modern way to update wicker. Black is also used on the shutters and remote control classic ceiling fan instead of the very predictable country white.  

    Modern Cottage Dining Rooms

    A modern approach to an old classic like gingham, is to blow it up big! This room still has a cottage feel but it’s fresh and modern. Graphic pattern, like the red rug above is seen here in the bold blue wall treatment and the other geometric elements like the bent beechwood bistro dining chairs.

    Simple Cottage Dining Room

    Here is another example of a new way to view the cottage dining room. I love the modern approach to the classic Windsor chairs and the Mid-Century design touches like the ceiling light bring the room into a modern state of mind. The chairs are thoroughly forward-thinking in the lower back design and simple legs. The contemporary wool rug wall hanging is the perfect counterpoint to the white walls.  

    Kitchen Design Layouts

    This contemporary cottage kitchen uses classic materials, but in new ways. Old school marble counters are fashioned into a crisp island and classic brass, as seen throughout the room like in the kitchen pendant, has been forged in a crisp design for the drawer pulls. This juxtaposition of materials and design make the space warm yet young in feel.

    Country Bedroom Ideas

    Ye olde brass bed just got a face lift, or at least a shot of Botox! If you like the look of a brass bed why not consider a new finish such as chrome as seen here. 

    Trundle Beds

    I bet you never thought about a trundle bed in a cottage. Cute right? I love how they have used classic wood paneling, but in a contemporary color scheme and laid on the horizontal, not the expected vertical scheme. Small touches that shake things up a bit.

    Country Bedrooms for Boys

    So simple, but so effective. Who knew simple plywood and swing arm desk lamps could create such a modern and playful cottage boys' room.

    Bathroom Sinks

    Here are cottage materials used in an almost “downtown” design. This modern use of timber as a wall treatment is beautiful, or at least I think so. Again, we see natural materials used in a new way. Brass fixtures are wall mounted and spill into a carved granite bowl on top of a slab of wood with an exposed bark apron. It’s as if a walk in the woods has become a Tribeca-Style loft - genius.

    Photos courtesy of House and Home

  • Tips for Using Pinterest to Organize Your Decorating Projects

    Organize home decor projects with Pinterest

    If you're a home decorating enthusiast or a DIY aficionado, chances are that you're familiar with the visual bookmarking site Pinterest. It's not only a great place to bookmark, or "pin" photos and images you like (perhaps of cats doing funny things, or cupcake recipes you're dying to try), but it can also be a practical place for visually planning and organizing your decor ideas. As an interior designer and avid pinner, here are my top tips for using Pinterest to organize your decorating projects:

    Gather inspiration images that capture the general look and feel you want for your space(s). Start broad, and pin whatever you're attracted to. After a while you should notice patterns emerging that will help you define your style. (For example, the Interior Interest board above by design blogger and HGTV personality Erin Loechner has a consistent theme of white walls, light colored woods, and graphic black accents. Yours might not be so clear, so look carefully for themes and elements that tie your images together.

    Pinterest boards for design inspiration

    Create a separate pinboard for each room. Define each space that you want to decorate, and create a new pinboard for each one. This will help keep your ideas clear and separate, since your baby's room will probably have a much different look than your formal dining room.

    Pin directly from the source. I can't emphasize the importance of this enough! When you're visiting a store's website, click through to a specific product page so that you're also capturing the direct link of the item you're after - this ensures that you have a link back to the original product when it comes time to purchase. Knowing where to find the product you've pinned will avoid the headache of searching for hours for "that cool end table I found that day on that one site". Make sure that the URL for that specific project is in your browser's URL bar (see below) - not just the URL of the website's homepage or product sort page. (Also, install Pinterest's Pin It bookmarklet in your web browser to make pinning super easy!)

    Pinning a product from a website

    Make notes on your pins to keep your ideas organized. Pinterest allows you to add a description on your pins, and a comment on everything you re-pin - use this space not only to tag your pins with helpful search information for other pinners (ie. "blue lamp") but also to make notes or reminders for yourself. For example, "This blue and white table lamp is perfect for the dining room sideboard! Buy 2" or, "Get 4 of these white photo frames and group them above the sofa".

    Follow pinboards of stores, interior designers, and magazines that fit with the vibe you're after. You might discover products and ideas that you wouldn't have otherwise found on your own. On the Lamps Plus Pinterest page, we pin inspiring interiors, some of our favorite products, interviews with interior designers, and current design trends to inspire and encourage your decorating projects.

    How to search on Pinterest

    Take advantage of Pinterest's search and sort features.Type your keywords into the search bar to find specifically what you're looking for (like "modern chair", above), or use the drop-down menu at the top of the page (it's the little down arrow next to the word "Everything" on the Pinterest homepage) to sort pins into categories like Home Decor, Art, Design, etc.

    Don't be afraid to edit your boards. Don't like that sofa you pinned anymore? Delete it! (Or if you're on the fence about it, perhaps move it to a new board titled "Alternative Options".) Keep your boards clean and uncluttered, with only necessary pins to avoid the dreaded "re-decorating overwhelm". This will help keep your focused when making decorating decisions.

    Readers - what are your tips for using Pinterest to organize your decorating projects?

    Images via Lamps Plus, Erin Loechner, and Lesley Myrick on Pinterest

  • Oasis Club House Owner Chats About Argentina and Apartment Design


    South America Luxury Travel and Design

    Help me welcome our new traveling blogger, Allison! She will be visiting many different countries over the next few months and documenting the best designs from each location. Today she is interviewing the owner of the Oasis Club House in Buenos Aires. Take it away Allison...

    When I found out I would be returning to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with my husband for work, I could not pass up the opportunity to catch up with my friend, and founder of Oasis Collections, Parker Stanberry. We chatted about everything from designing South American vacation properties to the ultra chic, members only Oasis Club House.

    LAMPS PLUS: What brought you to Argentina in the first place?

    PARKER STANBERRY: I had been in New York for 8 years and I felt I should go live internationally at some point in my life. I was planning on staying for 6 months, like a lot of people say when they first come down here… 

    LAMPS PLUS: How did the conception of a design-centric vacation rental agency come about?

    PARKER STANBERRY: Along with investors, we purchased about 15 units and restored and decorated those units. After a few years of exploring the market, I began to reach out to existing property owners to create a network of individually owned properties that were exceptionally designed. We thought there was a market for a boutique hotel chain-like portfolio of rental properties around South America.  

    South America Vacation Rentals

    LAMPS PLUS: How would you characterize your design aesthetic?

    PARKER STANBERRY: I think I could characterize my aesthetic as taking a cue from the uses of the property, what was it before, and what it has going for it. If there is a place that has exposed brick walls and is on the darker side, and it is never going to feel bright and modern, then go with that. I never come into a place and say this is exactly what I want, it's about working with what is there.  

    LAMPS PLUS: What would you say would be your design "calling card"?

    PARKER STANBERRY: I like to include one bright pop of color, either through a painted wall or a large piece of art. I generally like to keep the furniture and the flooring in a muted, neutral palette so I bring character through the accent color.

    South America and Modern Design

    LAMPS PLUS: What was the biggest design challenge with the Club House?

    PARKER STANBERRY: We had to completely remodel the outdoor space. It was a gently rolling grass backyard, so, along with LA based designer Jon Padgett, we added in multiple levels to create more separation between the areas. We built the pool so that you could see across the top when seated below. We added in the tile flooring and steps, built the bar, carved out the shelving for the back bar, built the parilla (a staple in Argentina, it means barbecue) and built outdoor bathrooms from a storage room.

    South America and Luxury Pool

    LAMPS PLUS: I notice a pop of burgundy around the Club House. What was the inspiration behind that color choice?

    PARKER STANBERRY: A lot of times white and dark colors, like black or blue, are standard so we wanted to do something a little different. We used burgundy on the bar stools and the sofas on the terrace are in a burgundy velvet. The terrace is a transitional room, it is an outside space but the furniture is typically indoor furniture, so we used the burgundy to tie the spaces all together.

    Red and White Outdoor Area

    South America Vacation Rentals and Modern Room

    LAMPS PLUS: I love how you converted the garage into a warm and comfortable bar, will you tell me a little bit about the renovation of this space?

    PARKER STANBERRY: The other big project aside from the outdoor space was the garage, which we use as our wintertime bar area. We had to build out the floor, ceiling and walls and we covered the walls in velvet curtains. We found the bar at the Mercado de Pulgas (Flea Market) and customized it to the space.  

    LAMPS PLUS: I notice the lighting of the converted garage bar is different from the rest of the house.

    PARKER STANBERRY: We chose to have the space dimly lit, with recessed lighting around the edges and drum pendants over the pool table. We further accented the dimly lit space by picking out vintage furniture and accents and mixing them with custom pieces.

    South America Luxury Travel and Moody Lounge

    LAMPS PLUS: Why did you choose to decorate the Club House in the style that you did?

    PARKER STANBERRY: One of the things I don't like about design in Buenos Aires is the idea that anything "high end" needs to be ultra modern and minimalist. Since the club house used to be a home, we wanted a more comfortable, vintage feel with polish.

    South America and Oasis Club House

    LAMPS PLUS: How did you address lighting in the Club House?

    PARKER STANBERRY: There is a different feel in the Club House than in a home. You are going for softer, mood lighting. We have all the lights on dimmer, so we can turn them down at night and outside we utilize candlelight and hanging string lights. We added all the hanging lights and floor lamps inside, but the track spotlights were already here. The owners of the property hang their Warhol series here, so they had the lights installed to accent the paintings. We are also working with a couple of local art galleries to have rotating paintings featured as well. It's a great way to incorporate local artists into the design.

    South America Luxury Travel and Design

    South America and Modern Outdoor Design

    Keep an eye out for Oasis Collections properties coming to Miami and New York within the next few months. If you have vacation plans in the future, it is an excellent, ultra design-conscious alternative to a hotel.

    Thanks Parker!

    Images courtesy of Adrien de Bontin, Esteban Lobo, Oasis Collections

  • Tiny Lamps in House Beautiful

    Tiny Lamps in House Beautiful and Lamps Plus

    We were absolutely delighted last week when we saw our Pewter Candle Light Pedestal Lamp featured in the tiny lamps roundup in House Beautiful! They are perfect for illuminating snug spaces and are flat-out adorable. Now these teensy weensy lights are making headway in the most unsuspecting places, including kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.

    Mini lamp in the kitchen

    Bringing a mini table lamp into the kitchen can serve many purposes. Not only is it a more decorative and non-permanent solution to under-cabinet lighting, but it also evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, which is exactly how the kitchen should feel.

    Mini crystal lamp

    This stunning miniature crystal lamp brings a romantic, feminine quality to this bathroom vanity while softening the look of the distressed vintage wall cabinet.

    Tiny lamp over a stack of books

    Tiny table lamps can also be quite playful when paired with a stack of books like in the image above. Where are some interesting places you would use a tiny lamp?

     Images: Apartment Therapy, House of Turquoise, Shambolic

  • 8 Tips on Styling a Bookshelf

    Vintage camera on a bookshelf

    Between my love for art and design books and my husband's ever-growing collection of grad school reading material, it's safe to say that we have a lot of books. With the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of books we've collected, it's easy for our humble white bookshelf to look cluttered. However, thanks to a few tips and tricks, we've transformed it into a stylish space where we can enjoy and appreciate our collection. Here are my top 8 tips on styling a bookshelf: 

    DIY wallpaper on a bookshelf

    Colorful books on a bookshelf

    1. Group books by color. This is the number one piece of advice I can offer! Arranging books by color helps things flow, creates visual harmony, and just looks great. (Bonus points if you take it one step further by arranging those colorful stacks in rainbow order.)

    2. Get organized with bookends. Contain your books in style with bookends. Not only do they keep your stacks of tomes orderly, they're also a great way to infuse your bookshelf with a little personal style (whether that be your penchant for puppies, your adoration of architecture, or your soft spot for sports).  

    3. Leave space. A little breathing room on a shelf is a good thing. Don't cram your shelves too full, unless you're going for the "eccentric librarian" look.

    4. Remove dust jackets. Dust jackets on hardcovers are designed to protect the books while on display in the store. Once the book is yours, you're free to take that cover off and appreciate the chic hardbound book beneath.

    Magazines on a bookshelf

    5. Go horizontal. Mixing vertical rows with horizontal stacks adds visual interest and a dose of personality. These horizontal stacks also provide a great platform to accessorize on.

    6. Personalize it! Bookshelves don't have to hold just books! My collection of vintage cameras is showcased. I sometimes display rings and necklaces. I love the look of white ceramic vessels among the busy titles. Treat your bookshelf as a display, as a vignette, and make it lovely to look at. (Bonus: use spray adhesive to attach wallpaper to the inside back of the shelf - it makes even a plain white bookshelf look special.)

    7. Don't forget the top. That underappreciated shelf on top is just dying for a little attention. Although it won't be the first thing that people see, it's a great place to highlight a little something special.

    8. Change it up. Have fun! Move things around. Swap out accessories. Treat your bookshelf as an ever-evolving work of art and appreciate how your mundane reading material brings a solid dose of personal style to your space.

    Accessories on a bookshelf

    Images courtesy of Lesley Myrick

  • Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise Shares Office Design Tips

    Office Design and Vanessa De Vargas and Turquoiser

    Designing your office can be one of the most important rooms you can design, since most of us spend a good amount of our time in an office environment. I am so excited to introduce Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise who shares office design tips in today's Monday designer interview. She is such a talented designer with an incredible eye for color, texture, and materials.

    LAMPS PLUS: How would you define your style?

    VANESSA DE VARGAS: A mix of vintage and modern

    Vanessa De Vargas and Blue Office

    LAMPS PLUS: What inspires your design?

    VANESSA DE VARGAS: Fashion and textiles, movies, and old vintage home decorating books

    Office Design and Bookcases

    LAMPS PLUS: I love all your office designs! How is designing an office different from designing other spaces?

    VANESSA DE VARGAS: Actually it's very similar since most offices are very personal. Most of my clients spend alot of time in their offices, so they want it to feel like an extension of their home.

    Blue Table Lamp and Office Design

    LAMPS PLUS: What are the lighting requirements in an office?

    VANESSA DE VARGAS: Overhead, task, and reading lights

    Designing the Office and Artwork

    LAMPS PLUS: How do you balance function and aesthetics in a workspace?

    VANESSA DE VARGAS: Function always comes first, then finding the right decorative pieces that fit its purpose

    Office Design and Flowers

    LAMPS PLUS: What are a few tips for selecting the right desk chair?

    VANESSA DE VARGAS: Does it adjust, do the arms get in the way? Does it have a cushion?

    Office Design and Lighting

    LAMPS PLUS: What is your advice for putting together a space plan for an office when it is a shared space and requires two desks and workspaces?

    VANESSA DE VARGAS: Put tham back to back or push them against the wall to create as much room as you can in the space.

    LAMPS PLUS: What are your two favorite desk lamps from Lamps Plus?

    VANESSA DE VARGAS: The Robert Abbey brass desk lamp and the Seeri double shade table lamp

    Robert Abbey Alvin Antique Brass Book Desk Lamp at Lamps Plus

    Robert Abbey Alvin Antique Brass Book Desk Lamp

    Seeri Double Shade Table Lamp at Lamps Plus

    Seeri Double Shade Table Lamp

    Thank you Vanessa!

    Images: Courtesy of Vanessa De Vargas

April, 2012