Redwood Tables

Can we consider wood in its raw state as a design must? All of a sudden I am obsessed with natural wood in home decor. If you really think about it, almost every piece of furniture we buy for our homes is composed of wood. Some of it is manipulated to become a table or chair, some made of chips and pressed to be fashioned into shelves, but rarely left alone for us to enjoy its raw, natural beauty. It’s true that it is hard to find exceptional natural wood furniture that can look elegant, but when you do, wow. I’m not sure if I can call this glorious piece of wood a coffee table, but here goes... isn’t this coffee table a wonder to behold?

Wood Coffee Tables

This organic and knotty wood coffee table has a lighter feel because of the metal legs. Don’t be put off by a great piece of wood just because you don’t know what to do with it. Remember you can always add legs and voila! I love how they have paired this table with refined, yet still organic elements such as the leather daybed and kilim pillows.

Unfinished Wood Tables

Here is a more bohemian version of the natural wood table. When left unpolished and unwaxed this table becomes more of an eclectic statement in this living room. Each item tells a story and is interesting on its own. The lesson here is to be unafraid when decorating. Unless you are afraid of cats...

Contemporary Bedroom Design

A great way to use a natural piece of wood if it doesn’t offer a flat surface is to add a glass top. These nightstands are perfect in this room. Again, the organic materials reinforce this choice. The soft furs and fabrics as well as the light, paper shade bedroom ceiling lights counterbalance the hardwood tables.

Garden Benches

The worn patina of this natural wood bench could certainly tell stories. The beautiful, organic lines on this seat reminds me of the branches of a tree, the kind that you climb and sit upon as a kid during summer. Now, when the thought of climbing a tree gives me the shakes, I can pretend I’m being adventurous, but fell much safer and close to terra firma.

Wood Benches

Although this curved wood bench may not come straight from nature, it still offers an organic feel when it comes to comfortable seating.

Bedroom Benches

Here, simple wooden planks have been fastened together to make a bedroom bench. Again, by simply adding legs to wood you can create something chic for very little money.

Wood Table Lamps

This highly burnished wooden table lamp gives the feel of an organic piece of wood, but maintains a practical use at home. I love wood table lamps for a bedroom or cozy side table. I’m not sure if it’s that I have lived too long in cities, but the tactile nature of a beautiful piece of wood feels soothing and always healing.

Photos courtesy of The Brick House