Tropical Bedroom Decor

Sultry summer days make me think of how welcome stylish tropical bedrooms would be at night. Now, I’m not professing the “tropical” look of the old Three’s Company, TV set, but rather a design that is timeless and saturated with color. If you think about the bedroom above, everything is neutral except for the shell print and shell encrusted night stand. Trust me, the nightstand is not kitsch, rather, it reminds me of classic Palm Beach decoration. The clear glass lamp has the quality of water and clearly can work in any color scheme.

Clear Glass Table Lamps

This clear glass lamp is similar in style. Elegant and unobtrusive, it’s the ultimate decor chameleon.     

Casual Tropical Rooms

Yes, this room offers the full tropical experience, however the basics are classic no-fuss design at its best. This is the kind of relaxed design that you can’t destroy. An outdoor ceiling fan is the perfect touch to get those gauzy curtains to flutter like the trade winds.  

Coastal Style Bedrooms

Welcome to the Bahamas - at least that’s how it looks. I’m a huge fan of using the same fabric all over a guest room. Everything here speaks tropical bedroom from the bright colors to the use of a bamboo theme in the furniture as well as fabric.

Tropical Colored Table Lamps

This yellow ceramic table lamp echoes the lamps in the bedroom above. Yellow would work with most other colors in the tropical color palette, so it’s a safe choice.

Aqua Blue Bedrooms

I thought I would show you that even a high rise condo can achieve the tropical bedroom look. Mix some crisp whites, bold color, trellis and bamboo styled fabric and voila, a trip to the tropics. Naturally it doesn’t hurt that the bedroom has a balcony so that the introduction of outdoor space and outdoor furniture outdoor light fixtures adds to the allure of a vacation getaway. 

Images: Coastal Living