Vineyards Lighting provence France

Never have I ever been to such a magical place as Provence, France.  Everything about it was beautiful, peaceful and enchanting.  From amazing culinary experiences to beautiful design, my time spent in Provence will not soon be forgotten.  Here, I am offering up some tips on how to bring the magic of France to your own home by using traditional lighting as the French do.

Cobblestone sconces provence france

The village of Eyragues where I stayed was one of oldest in the area.  Iron was very prominent in the small villages.  Large, old outdoor wall sconces dotted the cobble stone streets and many of the restaurants had iron bistro sets flowing down the sidewalks.  Lighting in the region, both inside and out, was mostly made of beautiful cast iron with intricately curving lines.  The masculinity of the iron juxtaposed with the femininity of the scrolling detail is very characteristically French, and was extremely well preserved and displayed throughout the Provencal countryside.

Provence France Streets Food Decor Architecture

Outdoor Lighting Sconce Chandelier Provence France

1.Scrolled Tiers Bronze Chandelier  2.Quoizel Dury Century Silver Pendant Chandelier  3.Old World Antique White Sconce  4.Bellisimo Collection Outdoor Wall Light   5.Copper Bronze French Wire Torchier Floor Lamp

The magic of Provence is in the simplicity of the lifestyle.  Antique style reigns supreme in this idyllic country side, perfectly preserved and enhanced throughout the centuries. By bringing a bit of Provencal lighting into you home, you will find your space instantly captures the essence of the famous French countryside.

All Images: Allison Rosenberg