Equestrian Chic Interior Decor Ideas

Today, falling leaves and cooler weather seem to influence my interior decor ideas. Equestrian chic is what I’m dreaming about, almost to the point of a weird obsession. Believe it or not, I can get myself up on to a horse and not totally embarrass myself, and naturally I loved Downton Abbey, but was I born to the landed English gentry? Sadly I was not. So what gives? I suppose Equestrian interiors are cozy, slightly worn and all about comfort - and who doesn’t like that?

The green living room above is divine. It’s begging me to curl up on the sofa with a single malt whiskey. If you wanted to make it even cozier, try popping deeper colored lamp shades on the traditional wall lights. Capturing this warm green hue can be achieved with this Celadon Tall Green Porcelain Urn Table Lamp (no longer available).  

English Style Interiors

 Hunting Horn Brass Plug-In Wall Sconce and Dogs Velvet Square Throw Pillow (items no longer available)

To the hounds! Naturally I would never advocate hunting, but everything hunt-related when it comes to decor is so fabulous and timeless. Shiny brass lighting never goes out of style and who wouldn’t want a loyal hunting dog? If it’s good enough for the Royal Family and the Grantham’s, it’s good enough for me.

Hunting Inspired Pictures

Horse Head Antique Brass Finial

Equestrian chic decor naturally revolves around the notion of English sport and horses, however no need to go overboard. Perhaps just a playful antique brass finial to top a decorative table lamp is all you need to make a decorative equine statement.

Photos: Tartan Scot, Habitually Chic.