holiday home decor

Did anyone else miss the memo that Thanksgiving is around the corner? It seems to come more quickly every year. But this time around, I'm hosting so I better hop to it!

This is my current Thanksgiving moodboad. It features some of my favorite Thanksgiving decorating ideas.

I'm loving the look of rustic tables. Keeping things a bit more informal gives you room to play {and be a little less than perfect!}. It also is a great way to make everyone feel at ease. 

Be it with mix and matched furniture, little DIY details or just a whole lot of candles in wine bottles, you can make your holiday table festive but not fussy.

country dining room

I'm always partial to a great farm style table. It'll serve as your foundation for many great fetes. Pull in a contrasting material like cream leather or white linen dining chairs.

And we all know the secret to creating a good mood is the lighting. I love stylish chandeliers that let off a soft glow.

You can ensure your guests can see with your lovely candlelit tabletop. Cheers to a warm and cozy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed some of my Thanksgiving decorating ideas.

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