Nashville Style

ABC’s hit show Nashville and creating Nashville style in your home are both fabulous guilty pleasures. If you’re not totally familiar with the plot, let’s just say it’s a tale of two strong country performers, one old school and elegant and the other a sexy crossover fresh face. 

Both characters live in a world of big business, entertainment and style. If you studied the interiors associated with each woman, a pattern emerges. Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) the established star exudes a traditional Southern look while Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) the sassy newcomer is surrounded by a more playful, sophisticated vibe.

Rayna James Bedroom

Rayna’s bedroom is a sea of sumptuous fabrics, tassels and fringe befitting a Nashville style country legend. Deep hued fabrics and traditional furnishings rule the room. Traditional table lamps seem fitting to this space. I can actually see or would suggest over-the-top dramatic chandeliers for this room. The fabric headboard, or tester is so rich and deep that the reflective qualities of a chandelier creates the perfect balance.

Shopping List: John Richard Gold and Red Velvet Accent Pillow, Wildwood Celadon Classic Urn Table Lamp.

Interiors From ABC's Nashville

Juliette’s space is much more modern, hurray! The cool color tones and shimmering surfaces create a feminine and sexier backdrop for the rising star. These colors are on-point for current trends and highlight the difference between both singers. Is one on the rise as the other falls? Don’t be too sure. Don’t you love a juicy evening soap, especially one with so much Nashville style?

Shopping List: Decorative Blue Damask Pillow With Hidden Zipper, John Richard Crystal Pyramid Table Lamp.

Photos: ABC.