Bold Christmas Colors

Christmas tradition dictates we design in red and green, but bold Christmas colors can be so refreshingly fun. Who says we can’t add pink, purple and turquoise into the mix? What’s the worst thing that can happen? You get a lump of coal in your stocking? You’ll live.  

Fun Christmas Decorations

Let me just say how much fun it was to compile these wacky pictures of playful Christmas decorations. Unconventional ornaments can really put a smile on your face and work beautifully when thinking about modern living room ideas for the holidays. The best part is that they can be a jumping off point for design elements throughout your house. 

1. Think about whimsical candy colors when trimming your tree.

2. Why not play off existing colors in your rooms when decorating for Christmas.

3. Carry over your colorful ornaments to nearby home decor.

4. Smaller tabletop trees can be turned into affordable works of art.

Colorful Lamp Shades

1. Cotton Blend Hot Pink Lamp Shade.

2. Cotton Blend Orange Lamp Shade.

3. Cotton Blend Purple Lamp Shade.

4. Cotton Blend Turquoise Lamp Shade.

Unique Christmas Decor

Bold Christmas colors don't have to be limited to holiday decorations - they can have year-round staying power! Jewel-toned home accessories can act as the inspiration for holiday decorations and gifts, but are stylish in both winter and summer.

1. An unconventional wreath bedecked in unexpected color.

2. Purple Bijoux Table Lamp.

3. Holiday gifts no longer need to be adorned with red and green details.

4. Peony Purple Circle Rings Ovo Table Lamp

Photos: Paloma81, Katiedid, Decor8, Casa Sugar.